I Just Backed THIS Kickstarter Wallet…

Okay, I’ll admit to this…

When I first saw this wallet on Kickstarter – I didn’t say to myself, “This is THE wallet I’ve been after!”.

Because, as you probably already know, I’m in the process of designing my own wallet (getting there slowly but surely) – and so I’m hanging on for the “ultimate” wallet to be made by myself …if that doesn’t sound too big-headed :-D.

Here’s the thing:

I backed this wallet right away for three reasons…

#1 – Super-minimalist (more on the money-clip end of the spectrum to be brutally honest)

#2 – Made by Mike Bond (I have two of his other Kickstarter project products and they were well thought out and well made – two things often missed on Kickstarter projects)

#3 – It’s ridiculously cheap …in fact, it’s at such a low price, I kinda feel like I’m stealing :-P.


A little “insider secret”: The main video on the Kickstarter page is not that great in demonstrating the wallet …the second video down the page is a little better …but if you scroll to just past half-way down the page then Mike shows you an excellent video on the wallet (and that is the video you want to watch because the wallet really proves itself there).


Oh, and regarding ‘#3‘ from above:

This wallet is actually called The $28 Titanium Wallet – how cool is that? Very cool indeed.

One last thing…

The reason the wallet can be $28 is because of the funding level. It’s got a relatively high funding level – because, as Mike says, this is what it takes to produce such a wallet at that price point.

As I type this it’s around 67% funded.

Cutting it close …but I’m crossing my fingers (because, very selfishly, I REALLY want one!)

Click here to check out “The $28 Titanium Wallet” right now.


$28 Titanium Wallet

  • Brad says:

    Thanks for that Magnus, Mike needs a boost. I hope he funds! I’ll be anodizing for him today, so hopefully that will help.

  • Herbert says:

    I’m also backing this, and i’m very curious how yours will look like!

    • B Alan Eisen says:

      I usually back Mike’s projects. Excellent work! Of course I pledged for the wallet. I also want to see Malcolm’s wallet. 2 wallets won’t kill me. I now need a Titanium chain for them.

  • Y says:

    Excellent write up Magnus so nice you all help one another, I also want this to fund as they make a nice gift.
    Look forward to the tweezers providing they are fine enough to pluck eyebrows 🙂 you have to consider us ladies as well as the men.

  • Mike Gallwey says:

    I too am backing Mike’s wallet and hoping it get funded as I want one real bad.

  • Mike Bond says:

    Magnus — You’re awesome! Thanks. definitely seeing a bump. Also, super excited to get the hookup mini clips, they look fabulous. Let us know the next time your in Hawaii, I want to buy you a beer!

    • You’re welcome Mike!

      It’s a great little design. In fact… it’s actually the first wallet I’ve Backed on Kickstarter (I think).

      My first impression was not shock and awe …but, as I came back and looked at it again and envisioned actually using the wallet …then the simplicity and function finally gave me the, “ah ha!”

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