A Real “FREAKY” Titanium Prototype

You know it’s funny…

Quite often, you have a bright idea …you make it come to life …and it works out just as planned.

Then there are other times when — even though it makes perfect sense in your head — you bring it from idea to it’s physical manifestation …and it’s kinda different.

Actually, scratch that, it’s waaaaaay different!

Today I’m going to reveal one of these such “ideas”.

Feast your eyes on what I’m tentatively calling the “Pincer™”:


Cogent Pincer

Cogent Pincer

Cogent Pincer

Cogent Pincer


Yes, you got it, I merged tweezers with HookUp™ clip!

Here’s the thing…

Even though this design currently kinda freaks me out …I think it’s starting to grow on me a little.

I’d really like to hear your thoughts on this …because, well, a lot of what I create (and don’t create) comes from direct feedback from YOU.

I’m serious (hell, the Rabbit™ key-holder concept was born out of Backer comments during the ViperFish™ project).

One last thing…

It performs very well! I’ve had it on my key-chain for the last few weeks.

  • Harald Hanche-Olsen says:

    I like it, but like you I do wonder how well it works in practice. But if you say it works well, I am willing to take your word for it.

    Thouhg I wonder if just the tweezer with a hole in the back for a split ring would work as well.

    Which brings me to a second point: I wonder if the split ring on the hangkey is going to be too small to hook a number of hookup clips. Will I find myself wishing for a larger split ring? I can barely stand the thought of getting a steel one to go with all that titanium …

    • The tips of these “Pincer” tweezers (if I produced them properly) will be different to the pictures – this is just a rough prototype.

      Also, I can absolutely confirm four or five HookUp clips can fit comfortably on the titanium split-rings (I have had five on my own key-chain for a few months now).

      You should be fine with the 18mm split-ring. However, I will be offering larger ones soon too!

  • Jeremy says:

    When can I order one?????????

  • Mike says:

    I need a set of those. How much $?

  • Kat says:

    How fine is the tweezer tip? I’m always looking for a convenient-to-carry pair, but they need a fine tip which won’t come out of alignment. Ideally also needs to have a slanted tip (which is my personal preference – to each their own). Interesting design though!

  • Sherman Tsao says:

    I think that they look really great, but am curious how well they work and what length you will make them. Regardless, am very interested in ordering one.

  • Herbert says:

    It looks a bit crazy but they will be away in no time, no matter how many you have got!

    • Thanks Herbert …always appreciate your comments!

      • B Alan Eisen says:

        I have another idea for your clips. Instead of that cool tweezer put a threaded stud on it. That way I can use one to attach objects to a line or attach the clip to bungee cord or 550 para-cord. I also am interested in how much weight the clip can hold up.

        • Thanks for the comment Al. I am currently working on a prototype clip with a larger hole in it (it should be able to handle paracord fine …but not sure yet how strong the clip would be …will get back to you on this).

  • Katherine says:

    I think it would be great for hiking or camping, especially with my splinter-prone grandson. But like Kat, I would like it to have a finer tip and slanted would be better.

  • In case anyone missed one of my comments above about the tweezer tips…

    The tips of the tweezers in the above pictures should be ignored for now. This is just a prototype and so I have done no work on the tips.

    Should I produce these then the tips will properly designed and machined (actually I have already designed tweezer tips).

    Thank you for the comments – most appreciated.

    Receiving comments, emails and private messages is one of the most valuable things for sure …it’s where a lot of my ideas come from (and also what stops me from doing ideas that won’t work). Thank you!

  • Engels Wilson says:

    I like the idea and I think you need to fusion the hookup clip with more things.

  • Mike McArthur says:

    I want one please

  • Michael says:

    Is there ever a chance of a reproduction of the tweezers without the integrated clip?

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