“Anyone Else Miss Their Old, Childhood Toys?…”

Where did they go?

I’m talking about all the “old school” toys I used to see when I was a kid.

As you know by now I love Lego (and so “help” my Son with his Lego as an excuse to play with it :-P).

Here’s the thing

There was another toy I played with when I was young – I never owned this toy but my cousin did.

The only way I can describe it is: there were long, plastic strips of ‘track’ that would snap together where you could run small toy cars down it.

It was such an awesome toy because it was so simple and you could make different tracks and do jumps and things with the cars.

I thought, “I’ll get this for my Son”, but…

I couldn’t find it anywhere! I mean, I could find similar toys (i.e. Hot Wheels), but they were really “fancy” and you could only make one track with it.

So, just as with THIS Rabbit project, I had to make my own!

Here’s what I did

I cut up strips of very thick paper and then marked, creased and folded these strip – BINGO!

They worked like you wouldn’t believe! For the rest of the day (and I seriously mean the ENTIRE DAY while stopping to eat occasionally) my son and I built ramps, jumps, slides and so on.

The funny thing is…

It’s unbelievable how much fun can be had out of making something so simple.

Here’s some “action shots” below for you.

Cheers – Magnus (and Julien)

P.S. Julien is the Orange car and I’m the Blue car










  • Sven says:

    Hi Magnus,

    I know what you mean. The toys were called “Darda Bahn”, a German invention which I loved !!
    Here you can buy them today: http://goo.gl/ehZU3t

    But I have to say that your DIY racetrack has something more special and your son seems to love it 🙂

    I would recommend to just buy one or two of the Darda cars for the beginning. They are incredible (like you know).
    Good luck in obtaining the stuff you need and enjoy “helping” your son with this, too. :))

    • Sven, yeah that’s the kind of thing …I can’t remember it exactly as I was only about 5 or 6 years old …so about 25 years ago!

      I’ll take a look at the Darda cars as the car’s were’ using right now are really heavy (the old school Matchbox cars!) and bend the cardboard we’re using.

      I could buy the tracks …but to be honest it was pretty awesome making them from scratch with cardboard!

  • I know were you talk about. When I was a kind we had that to, but you could not use it outside. We adapted the cars we were using (destroying the car and rebuild them with “wood wheels). We than used them outside. Build our own “off road” track (meaning driving it through the garden ;-)) and had a lot of fun.

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