Bicycle® Playing Cards… (Can You Help Me?)

If you know anything about Bicycle® playing cards, then I wonder if you can help me out

The post I made yesterday showed a prototype titanium playing card holder.

And the response was incredible…

So, I’ve taken it off the “back burner” and brought the project to a higher priority.

Oh, and not only that – but I’ve redesigned it significantly and it looks like a titanium wallet will be able to evolve from this playing card holder …or perhaps they will be created together.


Anyway, my questions about Bicycle® playing cards are as follows:

1) Are they a standard size? (i.e. I bought these cards here from Kickstarter – and I want to know if they are the same size as all the other Bicycle® playing cards on Kickstarter and elsewhere)

2) Is a deck of Bicycle® playing cards the same thickness?


That’s pretty much it.

Believe it or not, but I’ve done a lot of searching online to find the answers to the above questions – and I simply cannot find the answers (which I still find hard to believe).

I was going to join a playing card forum and ask there – but I thought I’d ask you as I get the feeling there are a few playing card enthusiast who have also bought my products. 🙂

Thank you in advance!

  • MikeM74 says:

    Hey Magnus,

    There are different sized cards. Bridge cards are smaller, then Poker cards and Standard cards are the norm. Depending on the paper they use ( linen, premium, casino grade), you will have a little difference in thickness. Bicycle 808s are the most popular. They changed the name of the size from Poker to Standard. If you stick with them, they are the universal playing card. Hope this helps. I have a huge collection of playing cards so let me know if you need to know anything. Also look up to see an example of the most popular cards right now.


  • William says:

    This is a whole new card game for me, as I thought all playing cards were the same size?

  • Tambob says:

    +1 for Bicycle 808s. I like that the holder is screwed. Even pressure distribution over the whole deck of cards is crucial to keeping them flat. Some of my card clips do not do the job as well as others. But the screws should do the trick.

  • Joe says:

    Mike covers it pretty well, if you go withthe standard, most popular size you won’t go far wrong as that is what most people play with. In regards to thickness, even the most thick of paper wont create a discernable difference so the ONLY thing you really have to worry about is the size of the cards.

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