CandyCans, Wallets and Knives

​Been a while since the last blog post...

​Things have been going both well and not-so-well recently (and you're going to hear all the "dirty little details" of this today :-D).

First up...

Flixx Knife Blade Issues (Again!)

​Yes, we're STILL struggling with machining of the blades on the Flixx™ Friction Folder Knife.

​In the last blog post I showed a photo that pointed out we were getting "dots" in the plunge line of the blade. I cannot seem to stop this happening.

​So, this last weekend I spent some time coming up with a new fixture to hold the blade so we can machine vertically (as opposed to sitting the blade horizontally and machining it with the tip of the end-mill only).

Take a look at this photo:

​The idea with the fixture above is that it will be held in the milling machine vertically just like it is shown here.

​Although difficult to see... the blade is actually tilted back at 4.5-degress (this allows us to skim the end-mill across the face of the blade and get the nice bevel you see in the above photo).

So far it seems to work. And, if it does work, then it will speed us up hugely. Fingers crossed!

Wallet Production Going GREAT (woohoo!)

​The production of the TiWallet™ - Titanium Wallet has been going really, REALLY well.

​This last week we managed to get almost 100 wallets machined without too may issues. For a couple of days they were coming off the milling machine consistently and passing quality-control (i.e. me checking each one myself :-D) with flying colours.

Not only are they machining well ...but they've been going through the tumbling processes without too much drama too.

It's awesome to have things going well ...because, truthfully, that rarely happens. So when it does I take time to soak it in and appreciate it!

Here's more wallet blanks about to be machined (they are a range of colours because we stress-relieve them in the kiln before machining):

Back In Stock...

​It's great to have products that sell so well that we're quickly out of stock...

BUT, it's actually not that great at the same time (because we get email requests, we have to keep updating the website, etc.).

​We've just got the new "V3" TiTweezers™ - Titanium Tweezers back in stock again.

Also, we're mostly in stock again of the Titanium PillPots™ (but, we're finding it kinda tricky to keep these in stock as they are fairly popular). We don't have all the PillPots™ in stock right now ...but we do have most of them:

​The NEW CandyCan™ "XL"

​Last week we produced a bunch of the new CandyCan™ "XL" ...and they sold out pretty damn fast (within an hour if I recall).

The production of them is going fairly well - if a little slow because they take so long to make!

​On our cnc machine it takes almost 1.5 hours to machine (which, compared to a bigger and fancier milling machine is a helluva long time!).

​Here is a photo of the titanium water-jet cut blanks ready to be heat-treated:

​Next we heat-treat these titanium billets to stress-relieve them for machining - and they turn a rather fetching blue:

​We then do MORE sanding of the surface as the heat-treat tends to leave surface marks that don't come out in the tumbling process:

​Finally it is onto the cnc milling machine to remove an obscene amount of material:

Yes, we do these one set at a time. The base and lid are done together ...and then we flip them over and do a few more operations to chamfer the other sides. I'll get a video on this soon.

In terms of tumbling/finishing the CandyCan™ "XL"...

Below is a photo of the partitions we had made up for the large tumbler. We already have partitions - but they are not working well for us because the media would go from one compartment to another ....but would not come back again (which resulted in some compartments being empty of media and others being packed full - which is bad!):

​I designed and had these new acrylic partitions (not the best material - but it was a "proof of concept" really) made of the weekend ...and they are working really well.

The idea was that the media could flow easily between compartments. And, amazingly, the media does flow and all compartments maintain the same level of media. It's nice when you have an idea ...and it actually works. Rare. But nice. 🙂

One more thing...

We have just done another short run of these new CandyCan™ "XL" - and they will be shipping in the next few days:

​I have just opened the order page for the ​CandyCan™ "XL" right now - but, again, they will sell out fairly soon (so my apologies in advance if you miss them).

Click here to check them out.

Titanium Keyholder (prototype)

​Take a look at this prototype keyholder:

​Yes, I know, it's a little beat-up and scratched (and the screws are not a proper fit) - but if you can ignore that for now that would be great. 😀

​I've been carrying this keyholder on me for over a year now - here are a couple more photos:

The screws are custom-made and Grade 5 Titanium (because, I must confess, they are similar screws to the ones I designed and made for the Flixx​™ - Titanium Friction Folder Knife).

The washers that slip between the keys are phosphor-bronze (yes, the same washers that going into the Flixx knife I mentioned above).

Like I said...

I've been using this for a year or so (but only upgraded to these new screws recently) and it's been great.

There are a whole load of other keyholder on the market - but this one is my take on it.

​Thinking about making this - do you have any thoughts?

  • Roland says:

    Hi Magnus,
    I love the idea of the keyholder. And I’ve been on kickstarter and indiegogo when there were keyholders as projects. But unfortunately (or luckily for you) they were so tiny, so that they could not be used for keys in Europe. Looks like our’s are a bit longer than the usual ones in the US. So is my office-key almost 7cm in lenght and there are a view others too, while the shortest one is still 6cm…
    Last question or idea… how many keys would fit into the holder? Right now I have to use 12 keys on a daily basis – so that’s the number I would need…
    But all in all – once again a GREAT IDEA !!!
    Greetings form Vienna/Austria

  • Nicolas Georjon says:

    Hi Magnus, I like the idea also.
    It could be great to have something to attach/secure this to his bag for example. An idea will be to have a plate with a hole in it, that could be included the same way than a key and can be used to attach it in a bag.

    In the serie of titanium idea, have you thinking of making bracelet ?

    Like this :

    Or better like this :×300/bij2009362452579/rw/bracelet-jonc-homme-cable-acier-inoxydable-bijoux.jpg
    (the braided could be only an aspect and no necessary a real braided metal thing)

    Still following you from France, Love your stuff !!!


  • Rocco says:


    Great insight into all the projects!
    Re the key holder, it could be cool.
    Issues with known products of the same concept (‚knife-like‘/folder-type):
    – keys don‘t stay put (Friction-issue)
    – screws losen up, constant re-tightening necessary
    – variability of thickness of system/amount of keys
    – length, just as Roland pointed out

    If these issues would be considered, it would fly and despite me owning a competitors titanium key holder, making me invest in a better one….!-)

  • Raul says:

    I like your idea of a Ti keyholder. I carry a titanium V2 KeyGrip (from Raven) that has a Ti thumbscrew post that allows for quick adjustments on the tension to the keys without any tools. I think you could try working/offering two versions, one with keys pivoting on both ends (longer, thinner), and another where they only pivot from one side (shorter, but gets thick with more than 4-5 keys). I prefer the shorter ones, with keys pivoting on one end, and with 5 keys the units is actually very good and fairly compact.

  • Jack says:

    Like the idea of the key holder. Looking forward to hearing more about it. Personally don’t need great capacity, so smaller works for me.

  • Robert says:

    Finally! A simple keyholder made of titanium. The one thing I would ask is to have a method of attaching large key fobs (for cars) so everything is kept together for those interested in doing so

  • Pyao says:

    Yeah I have yet to find the perfect key holder. Often times the posts are too thick to accommodate the smaller keyholes for a lot of keys. Variability for 4-12 keys is a must and I agree with the comment above, a better solution for car key fobs and other keychain accessories like the hookups, flashlight, toothpick. Stuff you want to carry, but ends up making a minimalist keychain bulky again. But if anyone is OCD enough to think through these things, it’s you Magnus!

  • Herbert says:

    Hi, i like the idea of a keyholder, be sure it does not have any sharp edges and covers enough of the keys so they don’t rip holes into the pockets where you carry them. More greetings from Vienna/Austria – and consider the larger keys Roland below mentioned.
    Thanks for your good work!

  • Bert says:

    Yes, the key holder please. I like the Keybar but its just not polished to the Magnus extent.

  • Alan says:

    I like the idea but I only carry 2 keys so if you’re gonna’ do this please make it possible for your holder to hold as few as 2 keys, thanks. I like the idea above from Raul where you have 2 versions one having keys pivot from only one end, that would work wonderfully for me. Just a thought. Thanks for making such great products.

    Alan from Phoenix, AZ (USA)

  • Patrick says:

    This Key Holder is so nice 😍👌, i hope you make more of them or send me the prototype 😂…Your York is amazing 💪

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