Easter Sale (Plus NEW Prototype)

​Before I continue - let's have a quick (but little late) Easter Sale:

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​I'll pull this coupon down fairly soon - so you gotta be quick!

​Easter Sale now over.

Now, onto today's blog post:

We've been making the CandyCan "XL" recently ...and they typically sell out within an hour whenever they go on sale.

​But here's the thing...

​I don't like having these limited numbers for sale to be honest (which is why I typically crowdfund ...so everyone has a chance).

The problem right now is that our cnc machine just can't make stuff fast enough. We're absolutely maxing it out. Long-term we're hoping to get another milling machine. But, short-term, all we can do is make what we can and offer it.

​In saying that...

NEW Titanium CandyCan™

​Here is a new design I've been playing with...

​IMPORTANT: This design is not finished. There are some details not yet added - but this should give you the rough concept 🙂

​I don't have final dimensions - but, roughly, it would be around 60 to 70mm (2.3 to 2.8") outside diameter ...and perhaps around 8 to 10mm (0.3 to 0.4") internal depth.

​Truthfully, I really like the shape - but perhaps it's not for everyone. If you have any thoughts on it ...then fire away!

Back In Stock...

We've just recently made more PillPots™ and they are now all in stock on the website and ready for shipping (I've had a number of emails recently asking for these):

​Original CandyCan™ Production

​After the hugely successful Kickstarter crowdfunding project (over 900 CandyCans™ to be made!) - production has started!

​My machinist was going to make these - but we've decided to make them in house ourselves. Part of the reason for this was that we totally blitzed the machining of the TiWallets™ over the last couple of weeks and all pre-orders have been shipped (note: we now have them in-stock and ready-to-ship right now).

​In terms of the CandyCan™ production...

I spent this last Easter Weekend designing and making the fixtures for holding and machining the CandyCans™.

Here's what some of that looks like... (making three different fixtures in total)

​Start with a chunk of aluminium:

​Design and simulate the machining of one of the fixtures:

Put it in the vice and ​"clean up" the aluminium so I know it is dimensionally correct:

​Nice clean pallets ready for turning into actual fixtures:

​Time to drill some holes:

​Test just one position on the fixture and mill a CandyCan™ base to make sure it's going to work:

​Machine the rest of the pallet:

​Did some filming of the process (which I will post later) - and this is how I do it:

​Milling one of the other pallets:

​First pallet loaded-up and ready for Op1 (that's short for "operation #1"):

​...and that's all I have for the machining of the CandyCans™ right now.

​More photos (and video) will come soon.

And that's all I have for you today - thank you!

  • Robert Ferguson says:

    Whenever I see a can like this, I think of how much will it hold. This looks minimal. It’s not something I would buy, but it does look cool. I like the pill pots better because they’re more practical.

  • B says:

    Thanks for the post, Magnus. Would be great to have grooves on the containers for better grip.

    How is the key holder idea going? Any chance we will see it on kickstarter? Blog post on that perhaps?


  • Mike K says:

    Interesting design but needs to be substantially deeper – like twice what you describe.

  • Evin says:

    I don’t think there would be a lot of interest, but I’d really like nice medium sized carabiner. Tired of the crappy ones that break on me from a large home store

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