EDC Card (Kickstarter project)

It’s not often I do this…

But, I’m sure you’ll find this of interest.

It’s similar to the prototype I wrote about in this post a couple of days ago – but it fulfills a different purpose/need than I was aiming for.

Yes, I know, it’s not titanium… *the crowd gasps*

But, the Creator makes a very good case for not using steel. So good in fact that I pledged for it. It’s called the EDC Card.

Click Here to check out the ‘EDC Card’.

It’s pretty cool…


EDC Card Kickstarter


Like I said – it’s not titanium.

But it’s pretty well designed by the look of it.

The only bit I’m apprehensive of is ‘Open Hex Drivers’ part – not sure how much grip it’s going to have. But I’m curious to give it a go.

Oh, and it looks damn good too. Which is always important I reckon.

  • Fran says:

    Magnus…GO FOR IT!! Your other pieces are so innovative and solid. I’ll get a couple for gifts (and one for myself, of course!!

  • Helen marshall says:

    love the look it and can’t wait to get the hands on it,
    I like the open hex, I can see that being fine, the retention thing is I don’t understand the o-rings

  • Joe says:

    Looks like a square PacMan

  • Steve says:

    Hi Magnus,
    I already have a similar product called the wallet ninja … still not that impressed with it, now add titanium and well it would be more interesting.
    Just my thoughts.

  • Steve says:

    The only problem I see with this is that it’s not airport safe, so it’s in the big bags in the hold.

    That’s the ONLY problem. This is just purfect.

    Keep coming up with these ideas.


  • Tyler Lacor says:


    The Cha-O-Ha EDC Card is TSA compliant, so no worries at the airport!

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