It Turned Out To Be Fake!

Yep …I got scammed again.

Truthfully, I knew what I was getting myself into.

And, even more truthfully, I knew it was fake before I bought it.

I’m talking about this:


Yes, you got it, I managed to get my  hands on a fake HangKey (you can, of course, buy the genuine one here).

I’m sure you can tell which on is fake in the above photo, right?

In case you can’t…

It’s the one at the back that has no beveling, no machining of the outside, a raw-look and a poor finish on the flat surfaces …oh, and it might not even be Grade 5 Titanium – it feels a lot more “bendy” than it should. And, predictably, this fake version was way cheaper than the real HangKey.

In fact, I can’t even produce my own original HangKey for less than the fake one is being sold for.

Now, I’m not having a rant or anything. Nope. There is a reason I’m showing you this.

And here’s why:

By comparing my own HangKey to this “wannabe” HangKey it’s a fantastic opportunity to show you what it takes to make a HangKey.

The best part about this fake HangKey is that they got the shape right. Good job on their part. Because, if there is a part they needed to get right, it’s the shape (because I spent a LOT of time developing that shape).

However, even though they got the shape right, it all kind of went downhill from there. They seem to have just given up.

…they left raw cutting marks and never CNC machined around the outside (so it looks damn rough!)

…they never did any beveling (which means it’s going to wear away the edge of your pocket!)

…they never prepared the surface of the titanium before cutting (the surface has a rough, sanded feel to it!)

…it’s around 20% larger than the original (this is weird because I provide the exact dimensions on my website!)


And this is the most frustrating part:

They did a poor job of ripping me off.

I’d much prefer if they had put more effort into it (yeah, I know, that probably sounds weird).

But here’s “the big secret”…

All the parts of production they missed out were the most difficult and most expensive (wow, what a coincidence! :-P).

The titanium itself is not the most expensive part …and the cutting is relatively cheap too.

But the preparation of the titanium sheet, the cnc-machining, the beveling and the tumbling …this is what separates the “wannabes” from people who do it right.

All these additional processes involved in the production of a genuine HangKey is where the hidden efforts and hidden costs are.

In other words…

It’s only possible for these people to sell their fake HangKey for such a cheap price because they only do the cheap and easy parts of the production process. It’s the only way they can sell it for such a low-ball price.

These people know, for sure, if they even attempted to produce an exact copy of the HangKey (including cnc-machining, beveling, etc.) …then it would cost them 5x …or 10x …or even more than what it currently does with their minimal efforts.

I feel sorry for people who manage to discover the fake HangKey before finding the genuine thing. They’re getting an inferior product. And that bothers me.

On the plus side… once they eventually discover the real HangKey …they’ll hopefully realise the value in investing in the genuine article. 🙂

Oh, one last thing…

A big THANK YOU to those of you who emailed me to highlight the fake HangKey (I received a number of emails within a period of a few days).

  • Florian Ladwig says:

    well you know of course that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery 😉

  • Bent says:

    I like your very high standard product
    I use the key clips daily and marvel at the design and quality

  • Dana says:

    To impossibly high standards, Cheers!

  • RyanTV says:

    There will always be copycats and none of them do it right! That’s why their items are so cheap. It drives me crazy to see R&D being ripped off wholesale – it is like Hyundai and Kia just fully ripping off tech and design R&D of Mercedes, BMW, and Audi and plopping it in their cheap chassis.

    We buy stuff from you because we know the care you take in developing and manufacturing your items! Keep up the good work and don’t spend your time or energy worrying about what the people are doing in your rearview!

  • Robert says:

    They may have been so frustrated at finding “Sold Out”, every time they attempted to purchase a HangKey on your site, they decided to make their own 🙂

  • Bill says:

    People are greedy. How unoriginal to ‘sort of’ copy for profit.

  • Steve says:

    Titanium is just a colour in some Chinese makers vocabulary, not necessarily a metal. Plus they probably knocked out a hundred thousand of them in a week. Shame is, there are some Chinese makers doing decent, original stuff.

  • Wilson Magalhaes says:

    Me arrependo muito por não ter adquirido blue ou Golden hangkey. Eu uso, diariamente, com muito orgulho e satisfação. Considero seu produto “estado de arte”. Muito obrigado.

  • Patricia says:

    Every piece I have ordered from you is like a good piece of jewelry. It just feels right in my hand. Real works of art have a good vibe – the copies never . Thanks for your careful attention to the details.

  • Paul says:

    Hi Magnus,

    Very sorry to hear this. I’m glad you can stay positive despite the actions of these con artists



  • Christopher Percival says:

    I have a pair of these fake hangkeys on my utility belt. I only just stumbled upon the real deal. I have your 2.0 TiTweezers and I frequently use them and the fake hangkeys to demonstrate to people the difference between ‘titanium’ and Titanium.

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