Fully Titanium Prototype (I’ve Been Holding Out On You..)

This may shock you…

The prototype in the pictures below is around a year old!

Yes, I’m serious. I’ve been testing this prototype off and on for a loooooong time now.

Here’s the story:

I wanted to provide countersunk screws with it (so it would be super pocket-friendly). However, I just tried some of the custom screws from the Rabbit key-holder on it, and it’s looks and performs VERY well.

The problem with countersinking the titanium screws is that I need to ship allen/hex keys with it. I don’t mind this – but it just adds another level of complexity. I really like the idea of just using coins (or whatever else you’ve got laying around) to open-and-close the screws.

My confession:

This key-holder is a lot like others that have come on the scene over the last year or two. As a result I’m not super-excited about it’s originality – although I can say it is:

  • Fully-Titanium (…yes, every single part of it apart from the o-rings)
  • Custom “Big Slot” Screws (…so you can use coins to open-and-close it)
  • Can Accept Any Key Length (…because of the “offset” design you can add any sized keys you like)
  • Can Hold Anywhere From One or Two Keys Up To Twelve or Fourteen (…you can also add USB Drives, etc.)


Any thoughts on this design? …would LOVE to here ’em! ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. Oh …and the blurred-out parts of some of the images may or may not be an almost-finished Kickstarter prototype about to be launched in the next few weeks! ๐Ÿ˜‰








  • David Brass says:

    Much prefer Rabbit, less bulk.

  • Peter says:

    I like it – but you know what would set it apart from everyone else?

    A chain (small links) but long enough to go from the keyring into your pocket to a small carabiner you can attach to a belt loop. Similar to the old chains for a pocketwatch (running to the vest pocket).

    Titanium chain of course.

    Now THAT would be something.

  • Sven says:

    Hi Magnus

    In comparison to other key holders of similar design I definitely prefer your design. Before your rabbit project I assisted the Keyz Project on Kickstarter but your prototype looks much much better. But I think I will prefer the rabbit once it arrives here.
    And as always I see that you have week thought about the real day usage of your key holder, meaning that you cash put it on a split ring which the keyz is not able to do… You are my grandmaster of optimization ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m eager to see your project x coming to life.

    • Thank you Sven.

      Yes, it’s a lot larger than the Rabbit for sure. Probably why hesitant to release it …and why I was itching to get the Rabbit out as soon as possible!

      Oh, and you’re gonna love “Project X” …put it this way… I have four pre-final prototypes I use EVERY DAY and I KNOW I will have them for the rest of my life! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rory dela Paz says:

    I think if you don’t carry that many keys, then the Rabbit is probably the answer. But if you need to carry more keys, then this prototype fits a need. The only thing is, there are already at least two products out there that are similar, the KeyZ and the KeySmart. But yeah, adding something to this so it can be attached to a carabiner or this: http://www.maxpedition.com/store/pc/KEYPER-p203.htm, would make it a little bit more enticing!

    If you do go through with this, maybe certain sites like this one: http://everyday-carry.com/ – can compare these types of key holders with the end result that you might get more publicity/business if that’s what you want.

  • David Smith says:

    glad you went with the rabbit. as said above prefer the less bulk. not that i don’t like the design its just the rabbit is much better!

  • Joe w says:

    I like it, like the Sven above, I helped fund the Cineik kick starter, however it is a royal pain to use, very fidgety. You have to get your finger right in to push the key out to use. It looks like your design wouldn’t suffer from this problem, a big plus.

    To help me decide if I really like it, a video of how to use it and how fidgety it is would be nice. Just by looking at your design I can already tell you it is significantly better than the Cineik!
    Let us know what you think of it Magnus, you are the only one who has actually used it. What is your experience with it?

    • Yeah, I never found any trouble accessing the keys at all (have done a lot of testing on it over the course of a year).

      I have a few final prototypes cut (although, truthfully, they are past the prototype stage) – so I can easily grind and finish a few of them and offer them for sale.

      Might do that sometime in the next few weeks…

  • Randy says:

    Skeletonize it!
    – at least a little bit.
    Titanium will still be tough.

  • Peter Caldwell says:

    I like both! The Rabbit is compact but this one holds more keys. Both have their place.

  • Moose Man says:


    All of the units comparable on KS use an add on attachment for the split key ring. This takes up space, why not offer two designs with the split key attachment point built in and one that’s an attcent?

  • Bill Hochreiter says:

    Magnus, Hi, I agree with several of the other people in that I would like to see it skeletonized a little bit, maybe with a design?, and also the option of a titanium chain clipped to a carabiner that would attach to a belt loop with the keys being in your pocket. That would be a neat idea. Or just a carabiner with a titanium chain and a split ring as a future project? I think I would use the rabbit for when I carry a few keys but if I need to carry more keys, your new idea would definitely get used and be useful. Hope that helps.

    • Definitely do-able! However, would need to perhaps run a mini-crowdfund campaign to guarantee a minimum number of orders.

      This design was purely waterjet/laser cut …but if I went all the way with the CNC route then this changes the game entirely and some incredible things would be possible!

      Will see what I can come up with over this weekend…

  • esse says:

    Just found this awesome site!
    idea… perhaps an additional plate with pocket clip?

    And when can i buy it?

    • I’ve had a decent amount of interest in this tool

      …so I’m starting to think about producing it (albeit
      with various improvements).

      Also — and you’ll like this — I did get a pretty
      cool clip made for it …but I lost it! ha-haa

      A clip will almost certainly be part of the
      final design!

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