Titanium “Hangman” Prototype…


NOTE: Someone kindly pointed out there is already a tool called the “Hangman” by well-known tool-maker Peter Atwood. I will change the name as I don’t want to overlap …got any ideas on a name for this tool? 🙂


It’s in the tumbler right now

I’m talking about this prototype I call the “Hangman”:

Super-Minimalist "Hangman" titanium key-dangler. From 3.5mm thick titanium - so it's got a nice "chunky" feel to it.

Super-Minimalist “Hangman” titanium key-dangler. It’s got a solid, “chunky” feel to it …while remaining super-compact and very, VERY minimal. Maximum pocket-friendliness!

Like I said — I have a handful in the tumbler just now ‘breaking the edges’ (that’s a “technical term” — which makes me sound more sophisticated than I actually am — for describing the process of giving the corners and edges a nice, subtle roundedness).

I took a picture for you just before I turned the tumbler on:


As you’ve probably noticed…

The main “clip” part of these are straight from the design of the Rabbit Key-holder.

I’m been carrying my Rabbit key-holder with me for many months. My favourite part is the pocket-clipping feature – and so these Hangman clips are basically just an excuse to re-use this concept.

Also, after designing a few multi-feature products (like the Rabbit and ViperFish) …I wanted to try a single-function concept for a change.

First impression (before tumbling) is …well, it’s got that “x-factor” that I try to make part of anything I make. I also love the subtle “chunky” feel to it.

Once they’ve been tumbled I’ll update you…

  • bindibadgi says:

    It seems to me that you could make a hybrid which is basically a pair of tweezers which can be used as a pocket clip. Obviously there would need to be a hole down near the pinching end of the tweezers, for hanging a keyring (like on the Hangman). Perhaps the tweezers would have to be somewhat smooth to protect the pocket, but it could work!

  • Laszlo Szidonya says:


    these look great, but you may want to consider changing the name, as Peter Atwood has a tool with the same name:

  • John Luker says:

    Hmmmmm. It sort of looks like a fish head. Might call it the “Super Guppy”. Come to think of it the profile is sort of like one of NASA’s planes.
    Put me down for one when they’re available.

  • Jon says:

    just make the hole as a hex bit drive hole then it can become a wrench

    • Hey, you know Jon, I hadn’t really considered that. However, I could perhaps make a hex version (so I can still keep this one single-function). Will try a bit of designing later today… Thanks.

  • james lewis says:

    I had a dog named Hank once, we called him Hanky. With a couple of extra letters, it could have been HangKey! I’d buy that.

  • William says:


  • Michael W. says:

    Would the usefulness be improved if you added a second and/or a third hole? To separate keys or whatever your EDC is.
    I also like the Guppy name!

    • Yes, possibly. I’ll see if I can have a play around with my CAD software tonight… should be possibly to see how it might work with, say, three separate holes.

      • Michael W. says:

        Just to complicate things for you, I’m thinking I would want that hole perpendicular to the way you have it now so a key on a split ring would lie flat in the pocket.

  • Chim says:

    How about “Mantis”? The profile reminds me of the raptorial forelegs of the order Mantodea, and it’s in keeping with the animal-themed names of the previous two installments.

    • Nice. I like the “Mantis” word anyway – it’s a great word …would be cool to use it.

      Although, here’s something you probably didn’t know…

      I didn’t plan to have an animal theme for previous products. Well, obviously I did with the ViperFish (it was the whole concept).

      But, the Rabbit… well, I just thought it looked like a rabbit by the time the design was tweaked and fine-tuned (or maybe it’s just me that sees it as a rabbit).

  • Joe w says:

    I really like HangKey,it perfectly describes this tool. I’m drawing blanks on name right now.

    Also, do I sense another surprise product seeking like the tweezers?? My detective work suggests you have made approximately 40 of them

    • Yeah, I’m liking the HangKey name as well. Good detective work for sure …when I look at the picture I only see just over 30 – but, yes, 40 have been made.

      This run of 40 is the first time I’ve made them. So will need to do load of testing before I can think about releasing any.

  • Bill Hochreiter says:

    I’ve got a few names: Clip, Hanger, HangIt, Hang Clip, Alligator, Gator, and Croc. That’s enough for now. Great design! Good luck with this.

    • Thank you Bill! How about a mix of what you’ve offered… the “GatorClip” …got a nice ring to it – although, when I think about it, it kind of clashes a little with the design/concept… Hmmm.

      • Bill Hochreiter says:

        I like the GatorClip! To me the opening, because it is long and narrow, looks like the mouth of an alligator or croc and it sounds cool as well. The serrated edge looks like it could be the teeth except it is on the outside and not the inside of the tool so it could also be taken for the bumps and ridges of the gator’s skin. Good luck with whatever you come up with and know that I will back you on Kickstarter or where ever to add it to my collection.

  • Bill Hochreiter says:

    Magnus, let ne know if you ever do another run of the tweezer design that you recently ran a small number of. I was unable to get in on that due to timing issues and busy schedule. I had been looking for a good tweezer for a while as most of the ones I use for removing splinters are uneven, don’t grab securely enough or get bent over time due to cheap material. Thanks

  • Alex Yu says:

    “Clipphanger” or “cliphanger” as a play on cliffhanger?

  • Tom C says:

    I like HangKey but have to say it looks like a pelican!

  • David Smith says:

    Love this design be good for my work keys and can keep my rabbit seperate. I’ll take 2 🙂

    • Thank you David. I’ve been doing a bit of real-world, ruthless testing today on it today (and, so far, it’s performing even better than I had hoped …and I generally have horribly high standards I set myself! :-P)

  • David Smith says:

    You need to hurry up and do that pen. I’m in serous need of a decent pen for work and I don’t want to have to buy a mass produced one.

    Im a professional bar tender I would love some bar equipment bespoke titanium 🙂 have some stuff in copper plate that looks really nice.

  • Michael W. says:

    Maybe you missed my question above?
    Anyway, Just to complicate things for you, I’m thinking I would want that hole perpendicular to the way you have it now so a key on a split ring would lie flat in the pocket.

    • Ah, yeah, I did miss. Sorry about that…

      You’re right it does complicate things for me. To do that would require CNC milling …and so I’d need to produce a lot more to be even vaguely cost effective.

      I’m looking into various other options (including making my own) instead of using split-rings. Done one or two prototypes when were, well, not great. But have at least showed me what WON’T work. 🙂

      I’ll keep you posted… 🙂

  • Mike Gallwey says:

    How do I get my hands on one? Or 2?

  • David Smith says:

    Just got mine in post today! That shipping was really fast. Black enelope was pretty cool and the bag it came in. Only thing I missed was the card to tell me which number I got.

    This bodes well for the rabbit though as the finish is amazing. It feels very sturdy when clipped on my jeans. And the split ring is very good quality too. In fact I havnt seen one that good before. Have to tell us where you got them from.

    Think this would be perfect clip for my titanium mbi HF torch I bought.

    Very happy!

    Keep up the good work magnus. Excellent product as always!

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