I Think I Went TOO FAR (Minimalist Wrench)

Have you ever taken something too far?

Like when one cookie is good …two cookies are great …but then you eat the whole darn packet and you know you’ve made a mistake (a very tasty mistake – but still a mistake!).

Well, today I want to show you one such mistake…

As you probably know – I’ve recently been on an extreme, ultra-minimalist designing frenzy recently (the TiWrench™ and Hexterminator™ are two of the latest products to come from this).

And I have a confession:

I was trying to make an even more minimalist wrench design than the TiWrench™ (if you can believe that!).

And, you know what, I think I went too far.

You’ve got to know your limits – and I think I just found mine…





I’ll tell you what…

I can’t wait until this crazy, ultra-minimalist designing obsession has passed – it’s doing whacky things to my brain! 😀

  • Well, the next step will be to use no titanium at all – just turn the nut with your fingers! You can’t get much more minimalistic than that.

  • Anson says:

    When the sides get too thin… Isn’t there too much flex when tightening?

    • Possibly – but I’m still continually surprised at how strong titanium is. I definitely went too thin with the walls on this.

      I think if I added thumb-grips then it would thicken the walls and provide grip for turning.

  • Robert says:

    That is really ultra-minimalist! Like a car without any options. Like a cookie without taste (expanding on your analogy). Like a window without glass. Now I think I’ve gone too far! It’s all part of the creative process Magnus. Keep churning out those ideas.

  • klyph says:

    True minimalism requires efficient use of materials and space to be minimalist an item must serve many possible uses. A tool down to one job is simply a tool it does not serve additional purposes. But that’s my two cents 🙂

    • Joe says:

      It’s a hex thingymabob and it is also a pastry cutter 😀 Multiple uses are only limited by what you can imagine them to be.

      • klyph says:

        True and not true it’s not going to operate as a screw driver or a good paper weight any time soon. Thor if it’s edges are sharp it may be a nice scraper or pocket holeing device.

    • Yeah, quite possibly the only way to make this more minimalist is to add more functions to it …without changing size or shape.

      So, as above, could machine the edge to be a scraper.

      And perhaps machine the end to be a flat-head screwdriver.

  • klyph says:

    Minimalist is a buzz term right now but it means less is more and that’s what I was trying to convey. Less is not less it’s more. If more is designed into the less the statement that less is more becomes true. It a paradoxical rule of design. OK I’ll shut up now lol.

    • Yes, I think I’m probably guilty of using that buzzword.

      But, in saying that, I think it’s because I spent so long thinking I was clever trying to pack as many functions into a tool as possible (which does require skill).

      But, equally, trying to keep something super-simple and minimalist (there’s that word again!) is a whole ‘nuther skill!

  • Gusto says:

    Wow! Is right. Sent a couple of e-mails – no reply – what’s the best way to get a hold of you these days?

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