I Was Thinking About You

So, I was driving into work this morning…

Actually, when I say “work”, I mean the-cafe-where-I-work-online-from-and-drink-way-too-much-coffee. 🙂


I was thinking about you (yes, you). That’s not quite true. I was thinking about everyone. I was thinking about everyone who comments on the blog, writes emails to me, buys my stuff, and so on.

And it’s really weird:

When I look at the emails, comments, messages, and so on… there seems to be a bunch of really common traits that stick out.

It’s not 100% accurate – but here are some of the things I’ve noticed…


Extremely practical thinking (with functionality pretty much at the top of the list)

You don’t want any “frills” or “fancy bits” (just simple and designed for the purpose it’s meant to)

You’re very reasonable and rational in your approach to life (there is very little drama like others seem to have)

Other “normal” people don’t quite understand your purchases (they think they’re “excessive”)

You typically buy the best product or service for your needs (you don’t go “cheap”)

Price is not the most important issue (the solution to the problem is the important thing)


Do you recognize yourself in any (or all) of the above? 🙂

Now this is what I find strange:

I can identify myself in every one of the these things. Why is that? What is going on here?

Well, I have a hypothesis…

I reckon the above traits are something I personally have… and these things come through in the products I design and make.

So it somewhat makes sense that you’re attracted to products that are produced with such considerations.

But maybe that’s not what it is. Maybe I’m able to get across to you in my writing and emails (and sometimes videos) what I’m trying to achieve with my designs …and that’s what makes sense to you.

Or, quite possibly, I’m talking absolute poppycock (that’s English slang for bullsh*t).

I have no idea.

In fact, feel free to tell me why you buy my stuff (or don’t buy it as the case may be).


Here’s a random picture of a random “experimental” bottle opener from a while back (I’ll be honest… I really wasn’t sure what I was trying t achieve with this):


Weird Carabiner…

I may have shown you this before – but I’m going to show you anyway. 🙂

Here’s a butt-ugly prototype carabiner I made some time ago.


The whole point of it was to test the concept of the “spring” functions (on the bottom-left of the carabiner).

It seemed such a great idea in theory – but failed fantastically in practice. The reason for this is there is too much “side-play”.

It is possible to add a bit of a “frame” to stop the side-play …but, honestly, that goes totally against everything I stand for. I want to take away stuff and make it simpler …not add more just to get a concept to work!

But here’s the thing…

I’m convinced there is a way to get this to work. I’m not sure how exactly. No idea. But something tells me it’s possible.

A larger “wobbly bit” to reduce side-play perhaps? An internal “pin” maybe? Or…?

I’ve not worked on this for a while – but kind of wanting to think a bit more about it now that I see how simply the design is.


What Do You Want?

I get requests all the time for stuff people want me to make.

Some cool …some super-cool …some less-than-cool …and some just a bit odd.

Anyway, every so often I like to encourage you to share your thoughts.

What is is you would like to see?

Obviously titanium is where I specialize just now – but it doesn’t have to be that.

Oh, and I’m doing a little with carbon fiber just now and I’m kinda liking it …so definitely let me know if there is something you want that could use carbon fiber.

Comment below!

  • Adam says:

    You called it… that just about sums me up.
    VIDEOS, VIDEOS, VIDEOS… you do make informative, entertaining videos. And oh yeah…I had a unique request but now I can’t remember what it is. Oh’ well until I remember keep up the great work and thanks for being you.

  • Jean-Maxime Marleau says:

    I want the knife on your drawings !

  • Luis Mejia says:

    Hey, I’ve been spoiled by the quality and care you put into your products. I’ve recently bought a key hook much like this one http://everydaycarry.com/products/14590/pelican-key-clip but I miss the quality and finish you always provide. I had my keys on one of your S biners but had an issue where, when I would pull the keys off my belt loop other keys would fall in the process. I guess what I’m asking is a bit of a combination between the two. A hole for a split ring and a carabiner like clip at the top.

    – Your Fan

    • Hi Luis – great to hear you appreciate the added work I put into the finish/details of what I do. Awesome.

      With regards to your TiBiner… ah, yeah, I think see what you mean… separate holes for keys/split-rings on a carabiner.

  • Adam says:

    I remembered… A titanium nail file, like a nice sized, easy to hold, use and it will never wear out (not during my life span anyway). It’s the last nail file you will ever buy (until the Wife bogart’s it and I have to order another one – translates into I better buy two or three up front).

  • Sean says:

    Hello mate iv already got three diferent bottle openers of yours and love the look of that one i carry one with me every day so if you ever consider producing that one i would definitely be interested

  • David says:

    A couple of thoughts —
    a minimalist titanium business card holder
    a carbon fiber small stylus
    a small titanium letter opener

  • Phil says:

    I just want the knife! I’d also like you to bring back the rabbit from the dead. I check your site all the time hoping one is for sale

  • Ollie says:

    Please release that magnet bottle opener as a Kickstarter, I’d definitely be interested.

  • Raúl says:

    I have some weakness about pens and metal products.
    I bought your pen at Kickstarter. I saw clear lines in it. Simplicity. Function above decoration. But elegance. Really loved the clever combination of both.
    The pen is always in my backpack, ready to work. Despite I thought about it as a collector’s piece.

  • Ken says:

    Now that I see your experimenting with magnets…. I got your pen and having the problem of what to do with the cap when its off, I got a center cutting flat face drill and drilled the titanium at the bottom of the cap and the body, then superglued neo magnets in the bottom of each. Now the cap posts to the body very nicely… that one simple modification made a world of difference.

    • Wow, that’s probably the most involved modification I’ve heard someone do on the pen. Great stuff. Yes, you’re right, the cap certainly needs to be postable somewhere. This is something I will hopefully address later this year.

  • Jim says:

    A combo tool. Phillips head, spanner, wedge/blade tip and bottle opener. Airport friendly.
    Lots of people do it, no-one does it right

  • Apollo says:

    I already made a suggestion regarding a small spear head. You only make the head and the handle (staff) supplied by the customer. You can start with using a mop handle they can purchase in a hardware store.
    The reason I mentioned this is because here in the USA, the big items are the survival gear items. They even started magazines listing new survival gears and survival books. Anything survival related items is a big business here.
    Ranging from watertight titanium containers to titanium knife (just the handle because titanium’s difficult to sharpen). Even survival emergency food.
    Just my two cents to your inquiry!

  • Chris says:

    Titanium acoustic bridge pins, just throwing it out there…..and yes, an airport friendly multi tool, user serviceable with replacement parts available.

  • R.B. Love says:

    You ask what I want? A well designed letter opener would be a good start. I’d use it several times each month.

  • Matt says:

    make an EDC knife

  • Bill West says:

    I’d still like to see what you might dream up for a stout little fixed blade knife. Lanyard beads might be interesting. Also a titanium buckle for paracord bracelet.

  • reiner says:

    So this carabiner of stunning simplicity… is it the side travel when you open it or when its closed? is there a locking tooth for it to recess when its closed? (though i imagine cutting that in would be crazy difficult) and for when its open, would removing 1 or 2 levels stop it from working or help reduce the wobble? perhaps giving the lattice a rib would give it more lateral integrity? this could be acheived by cutting it thicker, the drilling the excess out from the front side? just a thought.

    • Yeah, it’s both when it’s open and closed. You’re right, stopping the side-play when it’s closed can be done with a locking tooth.

      But, it does it when it’s open as well… which I really don’t like.

  • Nico says:

    Thinking about products i use pretty frequently (and if any of those i could imagine being made from Titanium), i kept coming back to spectacle cases. If that’s the right term. Etui. You know. Sure, there’s so many different kinds of glasses around. And i’m sure we won’t find a one-size-fits-all-solution. Like with the wallet. But i can’t stand those ugly pieces of crap you get for free when you buy glasses. Just a thought. And i’m all about simplicity and quality. If i see something sporting both … i’m hooked. Easy.

  • Steve says:

    I agree with the carbon fibre experiments. I really like the combination of titanium and carbon fibre. Not sure what that says about me…

  • Curby says:

    Bigger Ti split rings for keychains, or other keyring design. It’s easy to find Ti split rings in 25-35mm sizes, but what about 1.5-2″ diameter rings for those of us with a ton of keychain tools or many keys? You posted a pic of Sunny’s recent split ring. I’m a backer of that project and I love it; I just need something about 50-100% bigger in diameter.

  • Arlyn James says:

    I’m constantly asking myself the same question (what should i make?) so I’m probably not much help there… but on the spring issue IMO the Front side that has jumping on it needs a flat face and the accordion/spring needs to protrude and be connected to it should give you the lateral support your looking for. Maybe not the look though;)

  • Robert Ferguson says:


    You are right. I can identify with all of your points. I especially like the beveling. I would like to see you make a small drinking container (2 to 4 ounce size) out of titanium finished with a polished surface.

  • William Schinella says:

    I really like to see what you come up with because many times they are things i do want!

  • Ben says:

    I’m a pen addict and would love to see a new pen. I currently use the Zebra 701 and would love to see a pen using those refills. I love the fact that the pen reminds me of an X-Acto knife.

  • Brandon Heidepriem says:

    Titanium Tritium holder that goes on keychain, zipper pull, etc

  • Vincent Goudreault says:

    For the carabinier, what you need to do is look at the OTHER end, the opening. Simply make each part V notched One positive, one negative) so that one gets laterally latched in the other, unable to swing sideways. Of course, what it means is that they would have to be initially machined outside of one another, but that is where the “spring” action comes it, as the ends would be naturally located outside of one another, they would always be subjected to a bit of spring pressure when closed.

  • Simon Funge says:

    Hi Marcus

    Your description pretty much nailed me. I do not have any suggestions because I love what you produce. I have the tweezers on order. Many thanks. Simon

  • Matt S says:

    I’d like a ‘normal size’ version of The One Pen, in the same Ti, of course. Possibly even a matching pencil.

    In terms of something more random: Ti paperweights and lanyard beads could be fun. Actually, what about a Ti stationery bin? Y’know, like those metal waste paper bins, only smaller. Or something like that. That could be fun.

    Oooo what about some forms of Ti pendants or jewellery? My favourite things around at the moment are the anchor bracelets. I’d love a Ti version of that on some high quality fabric.

  • Jay says:

    You are describing me on all points, except, being a singer, there is some drama now and then.
    I’d like to see you make a small version of the tweezers that you just put on kickstarter.
    Your Prymal and pen live in my pockets. Extremely useful with elegant simplicity.

  • Daniel says:

    If you make things for yourself they will be wanted by people like you, or at least people with the same problem it’s solving. (and who like how you are solving it.) There’s a book about the concept called “the user method” by Jeff Schwarting.
    It boils down to: You may feel all alone in wanting something done in a particular way but you actually represent hundreds of thousands of people. (Our needs are not as unique as we think.) When you make a product for yourself you make better (and more wanted) stuff than if you make something you think others would want but you do not.
    So keep doing what you are doing.

  • Lucas Hipkins says:

    I really want you to make a Ti pocket Multi tool. I bought one on Kickstarter called the MiKee and it was a real let down. It was not well finished and feels really bad in the hand. I bought it mostly for the bottle opener and box cutter and both don’t work well. I would love you to do something similar. It would be great if you could incorporate a round finger hole like on the Scalper (it goes everywhere with me and feels perfect).

    So, to sum it up, combine the Scalper with a box-cutter, pry-bar, hex tools and screw driver. (Scalper and box cutter are the most important part)

    Thanks Magnus, I am love your work and can’t wait for your wallet and pocket knife.

  • Matt says:

    Good afternoon,

    One thing I though would be cool is a ID card holder, all I can find are crappy plastic or cheap leather.

  • Matt says:

    How about a Titanium iPhone case, I currently have eliminated case but an entirely titanium case which has to be bolted onto the phone would be epic.
    A friend of mine is a diabetic and really liked my pill storage you made, I think it would be cool to have some way to store the insulin in a titanium sealed tube.

  • Josh says:

    So I do find similar parallels. For one, I love EDC. I have a very refined EDC that is as efficient as possible, as small as possible, but still as reliable as possible. All of it is hand-made, not mass-produced, in small batches and thus is typically much more expensive. Most all of it is titanium, what can I say, I love that metal. So light, so strong, etc.

    Anyway, this ranges from handmade 3″ titanium 3-stage flashlight, titanium mini prybar, hand-made titanium EDC knife with glass-breaker, a keyport Keychain (because keys are terrible things that make too much noise and take up too much space), titanium paper clip-like money clip, anson card-holder wallet, etc. Even a .999 pure 4.54g/cc (1 AVDP ounce) titanium challenge coin that my 4-year old son plays with as we wait for dinner to be served when we eat out.

    But I could reduce more. For instance, I always have a knife on me, not due to any male cliches about masculinity, but just because it is the ultimate utility. I use it all the time. And yes, it is partly justification to the 7-year old version of myself to always carry a knife.

    But I’ve been thinking more and more about contingencies. I used to carry a benchmade barrage knife, but it didn’t have a glass breaker. In an emergency I could make due, but I’d rather not spoil the knife blade since if I need to break glass, other things are probably going wrong (not to mention breaking glass with a knife is one of the more likely ways that breaking glass will hurt the breaker of said glass). I have the small prybar, which I often use to open up packages instead of the knife for similar reasons (paper is an evil thing for a honed edge, especially tape/cardboard). But all this still jangles in pockets, and it exists in multiples.

    What if I had a small titanium prybar with an integrated belt clip, and that prybar also had enough of an edge on one side to pressure-cut tape/boxes (not a honed edge), that also had a tip on the end (or somewhere) that was hardened and focal enough to act as a glass breaker? And then what if there was a recessed slot on the other side that also was a honed edge for something like an emergency seat-belt cutter? I can remove a bunch of stuff from my pockets, but it’s always available clipped to a belt or waistband or pocket, and is just damned useful for whatever may come up. It defines a utility, it is the essence of an EDC, it makes me more prepared, and it’s something that would just always be … there. Know what I mean?

    I’d still always carry a knife (one is none, after all), but there seems to be something … elegant … about this kind of multi-tasking tool.

    Anyway, that’s my idea. Reading your email and then the blog post made all this coalesce in my head, as I’ve been re-thinking my EDC again (it’s almost an OCD thing as well as an EDC thing), and it all just formed into this. No idea if anyone else would find it useful, practical, or even doable, but here we are. Have at it.

  • Kevin says:

    What about more bottle opener designs, modern, minimalist, and sleek, for example just a small rod of titanium with a piece cut out for the opener part and maybe some kind of texture worked out to serve as a grip?

  • Hiram Wells says:

    I’d like to see the addition of new materials, opens up possibilities. Carbon fiber is useful. Light weight, durable, attractive. How about lightening strike carbon fiber? Of course the thing about CF is it has great lateral strength with the grain, relatively weak against the grain. In a wallet with a Ti framework it would work great. Something I’d like is a Ti-CF belt case. It would swing out from the front allowing easy access to the small items that get lost in my pockets. Chapstick, hand sanitizer, ect. I like to hang gear on my person and some things just won’t go on a carbine. A small multitool could be good, the market is full of them but I see a lot of mediocrity. Something that’s always on my carbiner is a SAK classic.Inexpensive but packs a lot in a tiny space. Function is always primary. I don’t really get box cutters. A knife is not up to the task of cutting paper? I like to work my knives not baby them. Edges dull, that’s what sharpeners are for. Cold on bottle openers as well. The market is so glutted with them. I don’t like the propensity to put an opener on anything it might fit. Sometimes it messes up the flow of the design. I saw an axe with an opener on it, how silly.
    Have you looked at Zirconium Titanium alloy? More dense and stronger than Ti, also more scratch resistant. Also more expensive. Super-conductor metal for partical colliders? Now that’s exotic. Nice stuff if you know a guy…

  • mike smith says:

    Key-ring nail scissors. Ideally, they should not have a sharp looking profile :^)

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