I’m A Liar…

I just started writing this blog post and had to delete everything I wrote…

(Here’s what I wrote and had to delete:

What I’m going to do today is confess. Yes, that’s right, CONFESS.

I’ve now officially filed for “email bankruptcy”.

My one-man business simply can’t keep up with emails anymore (I already have one or two people helping me with the packing every so often).

The truth is:

I have an email inbox packed full with emails from Customers that I simply don’t have time to reply to. I get a little ahead in replying… and then even more arrive.

And as a result I know, for sure, there’s a whole bunch of people saying to themselves, “I thought this Magnus guy actually provided good service?… turns out he doesn’t give and damn about me because he’s not even replying to my email(s)!”

If you’ve not received a reply from me in the last few days (and in some cases a week or two!) I am sorry.

The only solution…

Having someone help me in answering emails really is the only solution to this. I might be able to answer some – but the truth is… unless I get someone to help me then I’m just going to anger even more Customers. And I don’t want that because I already feel bad enough about the ones I’ve already angered and annoyed with my shameful lack of service.)


Why did I delete the above?

Because it was a load of B.S.!

The truth is… I simply don’t like having to answer so many emails every day. A few is fine – but it’s been getting unmanageable recently. I just don’t want to answer so many emails.

Business is going really well – and it’s frustrating having to spend so much time answering emails, because there are already fewer new products than I’d like to produce for you and fewer blog posts than I want to write for you and so on. And, of course, a boat-load of angry Customers wondering why I’m “ignoring” their emails (because I really am struggling to keep up – that part is true!).

So, as I type this blog post, I have someone helping me answer the ever-growing backlog of emails.

What I’m really say is…

If you contact me with an email (i.e. “what is the status of my order?” or “do you sell titanium split-rings?” or questions like that)… then it’s likely you won’t get a personal response.

Here’s the great part about all this:

Having someone help me to answer email has already freed up some time for me to design and make more cool stuff.So…

I’ve got a nice new (and expensive) sheet of MokuTi Titanium here:

A Small Sheet Of MokuTi Just Begging To Be Made Into Something Cool...

A Small Sheet Of MokuTi Just Begging To Be Made Into Something Cool…

It’s 4.5mm (0.18″) thick – any thoughts on what I should make with it? (…well, apart from these HangKeys)

  • Yeah, I know…

    Will probably get a bunch of “feedback” on this post.

    But thought it best to keep you updated on the controlled chaos behind the scenes here at Cogent Industries.

  • tyler says:

    I just assumed as much. Who can keep up with all that stuff themselves?

  • Al Eisen says:

    I have been very happy with every device that I bought from you. The only thing that wasn’t impressive was the bottle opener that you sent as a gift. I am really looking forward to the pill bottles and this key holder. If I can do what I want with it, you will like the results. If it doesn’t work for this, I will still have a great way to attach my wallet.

  • Adam says:

    Im glad you are getting back on track, have to say I’ve missed the blog, love the product first looks etc.
    Also, I had no idea the MokuTi was not just a surface finish.
    You should design a quick multi tool for an exclusive run with it.

  • John says:

    MokuTi….since it is sheet, you cannot make beads, pillpots or pens with Sheet Of MokuTi

    I will vouch for Magnus–fantastic gentleman making fantastic products in an incredible timeline of success! I am very happy business is growing and more than a one man job!

    Quality products at a fantastic price!

    John–a very satisfied & satisfied repeat customer!

    • Thank you John! I really appreciate the kind words.

      The big step in the business last year was being able to work with a cnc machinist (and not have to hand-grind so many products). So, yes, this is perhaps just a natural progression. 🙂

  • John says:

    a run of MokuTi prymal….since it is sheet of MokuTi….



  • Fred says:

    How about MokuTi Rabbits? I still you my first Rabbit as EDC and love it’s minimalistic design. Maybe even an updated Rabbit 2.0?!?!

    • I picked up a Rabbit the other day (I haven’t made any since the run of them a year ago)… and I noticed a few things on it I must change.

      This is due to the knowledge of design (a small amount admittedly) I’ve gained over this last year.

      But, yes, I still get asked a lot to make more of the Rabbit. And, truthfully, it’s something I’ve been working on in the background. Hopefully I can solve these few design changed that need to be made.

  • Olivier says:

    Hey Magnus,
    I’m not sure what happened exactly, but I was a bit surprised by your email. Honestly, I thought maybe someone hacked into your account and started writing some strange gibberish. However, as I read on about this curiosity, I started to get a better idea. I do appreciate the honestly, and like any other Kickstarter Business, it’s a beginning and things happen but we learn and improve from that. Don’t let those bombarding emails affect you too much. Just do the best you can ship out those beautiful and amazing products that you designed. Sometimes people are probably just too overexcited to get your awesome product, and I’ve been there before too, but based on your previous great reviews, people should try to trust you more. I received your tweezers a while back and they’re excellent and well worth the wait 🙂 You have an amazing skill and great design ideas, so don’t forget about those attributes. We tend to look at others and think how much better they are, but in reality, it’s all a matter of perspective. They might even be looking at you and think how much awesome you are than them 😛 Plus, New Zealand is a beautiful place man, and lots of great ideas standing out in the open field, just have to see it, and I think you’ve got the eye for that 🙂 Cheer up Mate, I do appreciate the honestly and it’s definitely something that’s not easy to come by, and I hope your business grows and prospers 🙂

    • Ha-haa… no, unfortunately my account wasn’t hacked, it was me that wrote that stuff in the email.

      Thank you for the supporting comments Olivier – very much appreciated!

      NZ is a nice place for sure (especially here in the Bay of Plenty where we have, arguably, the consistently sunniest place in NZ)

  • MiKE says:

    Keep up the awesome and quality work Magnus, we can all understand the challenges of running a growing one person shop 😉

    Keep doing what you are doing and continue to focus on what you believe is right, sometimes we all just need to be a bit more patient. ¯\(ツ)/¯

    Have a good one everyone!

  • Bob Lukach says:

    I think it’s time to revisit the Ti Wallet Magnus! This would be awesome with this special psychedelic metal!

  • Joe says:

    Make a large money clip able to hold a very thick stack a la Ti Viper.

  • Robert C says:

    Viperfish, don’t think twice, just do it. This would be an incredible update to a Magnus classic.

  • Joe w says:

    You could always say you was abducted by aliens, ha! Then people may cut you some slack.

    Being previously in customer service,i do everything in my power to not have to email someone unless there is no other way of getting a response to my query.

  • Ron says:


    It won’t work with this sheet but I am waiting for you to come up with a flashlight.


    • Yeah, I’m working in it (have been in discussions about electronics… because I know nothing about that side of things).

      Really want to do a flashlight for sure!

      • Andrew says:

        An EDC flashlight with your design aesthetic would be the greatest thing ever! I also hope you’ll do a pencil or lead holder some day that resembles your pen.

  • tyler says:

    When the key hook kickstarter is finished will the backers be contacted before shipment? I wanted to request a mokuti hook that is dark blue with as little purple as possible while still maintain ing a nice contrast. I figure there will be variations.

    I cant keep up with all the cool stuff…i am spending like half my paycheck on Cogent stuff lately…so, no suggestions from me at this time. In fact I will probably ignore the updates for a spell.

    • A Backer Survey will be sent out… but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to offer another “shade” of the MokuTi colour than the purple/gold.

      …the reason for this is that it get’s really tricky because, as you heat-treat it, it goes from purple-to-blue-and-back-to-silver really fast… and if I miss it then it’s pretty much ruined!

  • Richard Johnson says:

    Magnus … I can’t wait to see something in MokuTi!

    How about these thoughts:
    – A desk ruler, 6-8 inches long … it would be gorgeous!

    – A letter opener, with a few cutouts for bolts, etc., AND your wonderful tessellated edges on the handle, for better gripping!

    Both would show off the Moku beautifully!

    Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to it!!


  • Tyler says:

    P.S. I have noticed that there are a ton of key ring bottle openers out there…but hardly any CAN openers…aside from the military p38, p51 whatever’s which are cool…but not ti. A ti key ring can opener would very sought after in my opinion.

    • Richard Johnson says:

      Especially since Magnus would be able to make it so it (a) works perfectly, and (b) looks Beautiful!!

  • Tyler says:

    Exactly…one of the more useful key-tools as well I think.

  • Mark Linkhorst says:


    I can’t wait to get my Pill Pots.

    That’s all!

  • Michael says:

    If you include a MokuTi version of the mini Pry bar design I sent you, I won’t argue 😛

    By the way, how is that coming? I think the three-week estimate you told me has passed, but I certainly understand if you’re caught up with all these new projects. I ordered some mini Tweezers from you that should be arriving in a day or two to hold me over til then.

    Keep making awesome stuff!

  • Adolph Cabañas says:

    Your decision to get assistance and to explain your side is a great and logical one! It is a difficult, if not, impossible task running your company alone.

    Friends and clients are there to support and understand you!

    All the best to you Magnus!

    God bless!

  • Jacob says:

    I say an iPhone 6 would be awesome and different. I’ve only seen one other iPhone case in titanium and I know you could do much better.

    • Yeah, I’ve toyed with the idea of making a titanium iPhone case.

      The tricky thing with that is…

      The cost to prototype and produce initial run would be fairly high – and then it’s only going to last a year or two… then the design has got to be done all over again.

      (But, on the plus side, if it’s a good design and people like it… then I’ll be able to re-design, produce and sell more when the next iPhone comes out.)

  • Mora says:

    Magnus, How to deal with empty promises? I havent received from you anything till today. Eventhough you promising me to resend items along with shipping information. Shall I give up knowing you dont like answering customer emails? Or looking forward to another email with bla bla bla content? What I can now count on is to receive now another email rather than any item from you. Wish it was the other way around…

    • Ozan, yes, my apologies. You should have a reply now – but I’ll also add…

      I seem to have a lot of problems shipping to your country (have a few Customers from there). Products just don’t seem to get there reliably.

      My apologies for your order not arriving (for the second time as well). The only thing I can do it ship again… which is what I’m doing tomorrow morning.

  • Bill Hochreiter says:

    Magnus, You are awesome and don’t doubt yourself! Everybody gets down every once in a while but I can tell you most people would rather be in your shoes with a thriving creative, design and production business than doing their 9-5 routine. Keep up the great work and keep on creating these wonderful items in Titanium! Your friend,

  • david says:

    Why should I believe that you are a liar? You might by lying about that.

  • Kirill says:

    Hi Magnus. My solution is to share some money you’ve earned (don’t tell me that you are only covering self cost of production because we both know it’s not true) and to hire some people to help you answering emails, and maybe hire some people to pack parcels and organize shipping letting you focus on ideas and development. Otherwise you are going to end up like Bruce Almighty. When people buy quality products they also expect to get quality support which you fail to provide because you’re trying to manage everything by yourself which is not possible for such volume of business.

    • Yes, there is profit for sure (although, admittedly, sometimes I screw things up and lose money on products)..

      I seem to continually be upgrading machines and such trying to improve finishes and product quality and what I can achieve. Not taking much out of this business at all – but, to be honest, it feels great to have profit that is then put straight back into improving what I can offer.

      You’re right… need to be investing in Customer Support since I’ve been making a spectacular mess of it in recent days and weeks.

  • Steve says:

    I gave up on email long ago and know where you’re at. Hang in there

  • Keiichi says:

    I rely on the translation to read English.
    Unfortunately, I do not know the true meaning for mail.
    This writing also do not know how correct.

    I love the product which you design.
    I cannot obtain all because a price is high.
    That is really unfortunate.
    I feel that I am sorry.

    I’m cheering you on.
    Thanks you.

  • cliff says:

    My two cents……Frequently asked question and answer section:) saves boku time. then auto response system filtering out the mundane questions. keep up with shout outs on the blog responses that shows your aware and reading the chat…. MoKuTi SELECT RUN TO COMMEMORATE YOUR FIRST SUCCESSFUL PROJECT.

  • Balllsy says:

    How about a TI handled, mokuti bladed slip joint penknife. Blade no longer than 75mm (tanto) 😀

  • rudy says:

    have you thought about outsourcing email support? I’ve had a pretty good experience with http://www.aptfolk.com for handling my email load for the software I work on.

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