Kickstarter Project: *NEW* Titanium Carabiner

Here’s a “sneak peak” for you

As I write this there is around 8 days to go on my Kickstarter TiBiner™ – Titanium Carabiner Project (Click Here).

In the next day or so I will be making another design available on the project – but I thought I would give you a little preview here first.

Here it is:






Oh, one more thing…

This particular design is even stronger than the main ‘T60’ TiBiner™ design – which is a bit of a bonus really. 😀


  • Joe w says:

    I really like it, it looks thicker than Norman but in a good way.

  • Randy Noya says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands in this one. Looks awesome

  • B Alan Eisen says:

    This looks very nice.

  • Richard Johnson says:

    Hi Magnus!

    Is this one strong enough to actually use while climbing?

    If not, about how much can it safely hold?

    Richard Johnson

  • stevep2342 says:

    Did I miss something as there are 37 hours to go on the Kickstarter project and the new design is not offered as a reward yet?

  • Joie Gahum says:

    Its a bit different than what I got on roadeavour.

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