I’m Scared… (Four Funky Kickstarter Wallets)

Yesterday I showed you an older prototype titanium wallet I carried around with me for 6 months.

Now here’s why I’m “scared”

Over the last few weeks there has been a handful of decent wallets on Kickstarter (and I’ll show you these in just a second).

Now, by “decent”, I mean wallets I would personally use (just like you …I have my own strict and very specific criteria for a wallet).

Now, the reason I’m kinda scared is because, like I said, there have been some pretty good designs lately. And I’m talking specifically about more solid, substantial and functional designs.

I’m scared because if project Creators keep coming out with these designs – then maybe what I produce will be redundant!

(Although, admittedly, I’m being a little dramatic …because I’m pretty damn confident in producing a wallet that’s right up there with other Cogent Industries products in terms of obscenely high quality, functionality and aesthetics).

So, yeah, I’d like to show you some of the recent wallets on Kickstarter I have Backed – just in case you missed them…


Carbon Fiber Evolved Wallet

I’m very curious about the “stepped” way it holds cards.

And the reason for this is I spent many months trying to get this same concept to work – but just couldn’t quite get what I wanted.

This wallet is 110mm long (around 25mm, or 1″, longer than a standard credit card) …so, yeah, it’s long. I can see it looks cool (and they’ve offered some very cool materials as stretch goals). Can’t wait to see how it performs…

Click here to check it out.



HFS Dial Slim Wallet

I can’t quite figure out why this is not doing better than it currently is on Kickstarter (but, in saying that, it’s only been a day or so).

It’s well engineered and well thought-out for the most part.

Hopefully it will gain some traction (I have a sneaky feeling it will) and do really well.

Also, it’s being done by “a couple of engineering grads” – which I find cool.

I mean, when I was in there position, I wasn’t creating cool wallets …I was spending 18 hours a day hacking Microsoft Excel trying to “beat the stock market” — which didn’t work and I managed to lose $27,000 in one week — but that’s another story…

Click here to check it out.



Decadent Minimalist Wallet

This design is so close to a design I was playing with a few months ago it’s scary!

The current version of the wallet I’m working on still has many similarities – which seems to be a good thing because this project is doing really well (nearly half-way through campaign and just hitting $50k).

Click here to check it out.



Ti2 [$28] Titanium Wallet

I was pretty impressed by this wallet and wrote about it in this post.

It’s nice and simple and ridiculously cheap.

Click here to check it out.




One last thing

I’d love to hear what you think of the above wallets and why you did (or didn’t) back them.

I really am super-curious…

  • Kay.M.Purcell@gmail.com says:

    1st 3: no place to put currency
    Last one: I did back it, but have reservations about performance.

    Currently I carry an alligator card holder with a money clip on the back. I carry an inch thick worth of credit card size items in the three pockets of the card holder. I have carried it for over 10 years. It is still not worn out, but is beginning to look a bit tired, so I am keeping an eye out for a replacement.

  • Michael says:

    You should check out the Flexy Un-wallet. I’m holding out on getting one to see what you come up with, but it’s my go-to just in case.

  • David Smith says:

    Only one I like is the 3rd one but it isn’t any good to me because I can’t carry cash. 1st one too long. 2nd one dont like the hinge idea. 3rd can’t carry cash. 4th one dont like the designs not cool enough and not sure about the clip thing. Be worried about losing stuff. So not secure enough for me.

  • Ari says:

    Don’t like the clips. Need to carry cash, so wallets that make that hard are out. Like to be able to get an idea of what’s in the wallet without pulling everything out and going through it (which you have to do with those all-your-cards-stacked type wallets) – so like cards to be a little staggered (like old-fashioned wallets, I know). Was interested in the Dosh wallets, but the angled cards made them a little thick, plus reportedly the silicon stretched out after awhile.

  • Michael says:

    I must admit, there are some clever designs there. As an EDC enthousiast i carry everything that i might find confiniant.

    For a wallet for me there is only one on the market right now that did what no one else did, and that is combining cash and cards in a stylish way.

    I’m Dutch, so i’m proud to say it’s a Dutch invention Called the “Secrid wallet”. it fits 6 cards, a lever at the bottom makes the cards come out at different levels/ Heights. the leather cover enables room for two more cards and paper money (no coins). check out https://www.secrid.com/en/

    beside EDC enthousiast i’m a diehard titanium lover, and thats what’s missing for me in the Secrid design. they used aluminum instead of titanium. waste of potential 😛

    love your blog by the way!

  • Jim says:

    It’s from Europe, but I like it:

    Look at http://www.secrid.com

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