​Knives, PillPots and Flashlights

​Okay, let's get the shameless self-promotion out the way first...

3 Days Left (Titanium "SlideClick™" Knife)

​The SlideClick™ - Utility Blade Knife project on Kickstarter continues to do VERY well.

It will be ending just ​two days from now - so I recommend you check out the project right now (most likely won't be available at the low Kickstarter price again).

​Here's a quick video of one of the Updates I did for the project: (I show you how it works and one of the changes Backers have requested I make...)

Backers are really excited about the mechanism - which I'm excited about too! 😀

The above video shows the mechanism in action.

​To check the project out, then click here right now:



​The Titanium PillPots™ -- particularly the larger ones -- have been selling like hotcakes in the last week since I offered them for sale.

​If you've not yet checked them out, then click here to do so.

​Oh, and these are on with a fairly BIG DISCOUNT as well ...which I'll be removing shortly (so make the most of it!).

Knife Blade (CNC Machining)

​The Magnatron™ Flipper Knife is going well.

​I've proven out almost everything - just wrestling with the blade surface finish.

I'm really against using a traditional knife-grinder. I believe CNC machining can do a superior job ...but, honestly, it is proving trickier than I thought.

Here's inside the machine I'm using:

​Out of interest... this cnc is called a horizontal because -- as you can probably guess -- the spindle is positioned horizontally (as opposed to the more conventional vertical).

Here's the blade progress:

​The clamping is a little rough - but it's just temporary while get this dialed-in.

​The steel being used is RWL34 (I upgraded the steel for ​customers - I was going to go Nitro-V initially).

CLICK HERE to learn more about this knife.

​Is It Time For a Titanium Flashlight?

A couple of years ago I briefly discussed on this blog doing a titanium flashlight.

​Truthfully, I'm not sure what happened to that line of thought - likely just sidetracked with other projects.

But here's the thing...

I think it's time to re-visit this idea for ​three reasons:

#1 - We should (hopefully) be getting a CNC Lathe soon (a must-have machine for doing a flashlight for sure!)

#2 - We're finally getting into a better position in the business (I talked about the issues we've had over the last year or so - ​it's under the heading "Why I've Been Screwing Up So Much"​​ ​).

#3 - ​I want to make a titanium flashlight (yes, purely selfish as always - I just want one!)

​I don't really know much about flashlights and so I'm going to start learning what goes into making one.

The mechanical/titanium bit should not pose any issues ...but it's building out the rest of it that's going to be all new territory.

Long story short:

If you're into flashlights, then I would love to hear any thoughts you have on what is good... bad... ridiculous... must-have... mustn't-have ...nice-to-have ...you get the idea. 🙂

And I think that's all I have for you today.

  • Evin says:

    You had me at flashlight! There’s lots of flashlight communities like the BLF forum, flashlight fanatics (Facebook), photonpheaks (Facebook), candlepower forums, and a subreddit dedicated to flashlights on Reddit. I suggest looking into one of those or all of them if you want to.

  • Lucas Hipkins says:

    Absolutely interested in a flashlight. My preference would be small (AAA ideally, but would consider AA). I also like the idea of really small (think keychain button battery size).

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • Kathleen says:

    Oooh! A Ti flashlight! I’m in. Will it be EDC size or a larger one? Either one sounds good, although I think I’m leading towards and EDC flashlight.

  • John says:

    Can’t wait to see what your flashlight design will look like!

  • Jay Ammons says:

    Magnus, if you are considering flashlights you should check out Jason and his company Prometheus Lights. He sets the bar pretty high, doing all machining in house and really using great quality materials. I’m not saying you can’t do better but high end flashlights is a bit of a blood sport with a very steep learning curve.

  • JK says:

    Make it count. 1000 Lumen

  • E. W. Jones says:

    Lots of good ideas for a Ti flashlight! USB rechargeable batteries, lots of sizes out there. Take a look at https://www.pelican.com/us/en/discover/7-series-tactical-flashlights/ for a rotating collar recharge port. Or, perhaps match the outside dimensions of a Zippo lighter (56x38x12mm) – a perfect pocket size & shape, and to use with Zippo carrying accessories – pouches, Z-clips, etc.

  • Ty Norton says:

    my favorite flashlights have a magnetic butt, and use cr123 batteries. Those batteries keep, and last much longer than AA

  • Miguel says:

    Really interested in a flashlight. A lot of custom makers you can check for reference on Facebook.

    Sigma Customs
    Hanko Machine Works
    Laulima Metal Craft
    Reaver Arms

    A lot make lights for an 18350 cell but my favorite release lately is Okluma’s DC0 which uses a 14500 cell. In my opinion, it’s a lovely size for everydaycarry. I highly encourage you to join “Flashlight Fanatics” and “Custom Torch Community” on Facebook. There, people geek out on their favorite lights and configurations: floods, throwers, tints, you name it.

  • Mike says:

    Love the idea of a flashlight. Would suggest you look at some of the innovative ideas the Olight has in theirs, particularly the magnetic/recharge port base as well as a very low lumen “moonlight mode”. I’m all about a 1x or 2x CR123 size for EDC, but really prefer it to be on the smallest size it can be while accommodating the battery tube. You do great work, keep it up!

  • Per says:

    BLF forum has an enormous knowledge base. I would suggest a cooperation with them to find out the relevant needs of a TI flashlight.
    I already own several TI Edc lights and think you will enter a very competitive market with a high risk of losing money on this project.

  • Mark Gamble says:

    Would love an LED flashlight preferably small using AAA batteries

  • Peter says:

    Hi Magnus,
    At last a reaction from the Netherlands (hmmm from me at least). You got me on the flash light directly. Have some lights but while camping you should have the best, always useable light with you.
    So let us know when you have done the research, and while in lock down, this cannot take so much time :-D….
    Kind regards

  • Robin says:


  • Bert says:

    I’m very intrigued by Olight’s magnetic charger. Sucks that they made bad choices with light tones, and that blue accent is terrible. The lights from Prometheus lights (dark sucks) are really awesome. Their Beta titanium light is my gold standard, so it would take quite a light to replace it 🙂

  • Gary Ricard says:

    This is a very handy unit. Something about this size with similar brightness, a magnetic base, and made of titanium would be awesome: https://www.olightstore.com/s2r-baton.html

  • Rocco Schult says:

    First off and re the cutter:
    Yes, make a middle stop.

    You‘ll get some thoughts re the flashlight, great subject.
    But you‘ll get some additional thoughts on the cutter for free before.

  • Reed says:

    Hey Magnus I’m also a huge flashlight somatic over the years my go-to lights have been for Foursevens brand

    I assume you would have to partner with someone to make the actual internal part of the flashlight and you would just make the housing?

    Prometheus lights bought foursevens and although I disagree with some of the things they’ve been doing with the brand lately they might be good people to work with

    the most important feature in a flashlight for me and everyone I know is internal USB type-c charging meaning you unscrew the end cap or pull open a little rubber tab that reveals a USB type-c charge port and your phone charger will also charge your flashlight without ever having to take out the battery of the flashlight or remember to carry an extra battery with you or an extra battery charger

    I know that that is a very Advanced and difficult feature to add but a lot of lights on the market very small ones even have been able to do it I believe there’s a website that tracks all the lights that have a USB type-c charging port built into them

    I would say don’t focus on having the brightest flashlight or the lightest flashlight etc… or anything like that make it as big as you want and as bright as you need for an EDC flashlight 300 – 1000 lumens is perfectly fine and very achievable these days on most batteries

    In terms of design, most flashlights are a tube, that you seem to be good at making cuz you make a pill pots. but a while back someone made a very good-looking flashlight out of meteorite and it was a rectangle. A rectangular flashlight with rounded edges could fit in the pocket a lot better than a thicker tube. That’s something to consider in terms of electronics and tooling a rectangular flashlight could be much easier also

    I also wouldn’t worry about adding features or having features simple on-off or one or two different brightness modes should be fine it gets a little annoying when there’s eight different brightness modes plus three different SOS modes on flashlights and you’re trying to cycle through them when you just need a dim light to get something out of your bag

    I’m sure others will agree and I’m sure many will disagree but just wanted to throw some ideas out there feel free to reach out with any questions I currently own about 30 different high-end flashlights from various brands so its a pretty good sample size

  • RJThomas3 says:

    I’d like to see a ti flashlight with a rotating head, similar to the rofis r1, r2, and r3. Love the functionality of a right angled flashlight (can use as a headlamp), while still having the ability to straiten back into a regular flashlight. Haven’t really seen too many high-end right angle lights on the market.

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