LARGE Titanium CandyCan

I have a bunch of interesting stuff for you today.

​Some behind-the-scenes as well as a ​Limited Edition product.

First up, more on making the Titanium Wallet:

More Making Of The TiWallet™

​In the last blog post I showed you some photos of the making of the TiWallet™.

I said I would get a video out - but have not yet made that video (it is coming soon though). Truthfully, I've been tweaking the wallet as we get into "full production mode" on the cnc mill ...and hence little time spent on filming.

​The TiWallet™ project (well, a whole load of pre-orders) are, shamefully I might add, LATE!

​We are about to start shipping - but we will not get all the titanium wallets shipped in March as I had hoped. We're going as fast as we can without compromising (i.e. making each wallet as flawless as I can).

Here's the first few off the cnc - but before any surface finishing has been done:​

Limited Edition - "Blast" Flixx™ Knife

​I offered a limited BLACK Flixx™ knife here a couple of days ago - and now I'm offering something different again.

This time I only have 3 available (which is half as many as I had of the black ones ...and they all sold out in a few hours!).

​The finish on these is a super-smooth bead-blast finish.

This was a bit of an experiment that ended up working very well. The photos really don't do it justice to be honest (the scales of the knife look an ordinary gray colour ...but there is a VERY nice satin texture to them in the hand):

​There are only three available (so I'm not going to write one of my long order-page​ things because I have a feeling they'll sell quick enough).


These are not the ordinary Flixx™ knife. This is the one where the scales are a one-off I made because the blade was slightly larger than it was meant to me. These are not "rejects" or "seconds" (I NEVER sell anything that is not 100% as good as I can make it!).

​If you're interested (and it's still available) then click the Buy Now button below:

​Large CandyCan™ (Concept)

​Curious as to your thoughts on this...

I've just done a 3D model of a larger CandyCan™ I'm thinking about making.

The original CandyCan™ was hugely popular (raising NZD100,000+ on Kickstarter recently) and we're starting to manufacture those now.

​But here's the crazy thing:

​I had an absolute ton of people asking for a larger CandyCan™ - which I totally understand because the original was designed to be small enough to fit into "that small, square pocket in your jeans".

​I may make a few different larger CandyCans™ - and so the concept below is the first one.

As with most things I design I typically put my own personal criteria first ...and, weirdly enough, a lot of others usually find that design works for them.

​My personal preference this time is for a CandyCan™ that is twice the size of the original ...BUT, is actually slightly slimmer. The reasoning here is that this larger version will be more pocket and bag friendly because it will be (roughly) 9mm (0.35") thick.

​Here are a few ​3D renders for you:

​I'm thinking the INTERNAL SIZES might be something like:

​Length 60mm (​2.3")
​Width 40mm (​1.6")
​Depth 6mm (​0.24")

Yes, I know, this is pretty slim - but that's the idea! 🙂

​Before I go ahead and start machining titanium... do you have any thoughts on this?

  • Bob Gelb says:

    Would probably order the large candycan, but would want to know price.

  • Fabian says:

    Hi, I like the bigger CandyCan. Actually its small size was the reason not to back it on Kickstarter, there is no reason for me to carry 9 M&Ms in a box. That’s like one mouthful! ;D
    If you make a bigger one – awesome!! Maybe size it to standard pill strips? You know, Ibuprofenes etc. come in this blister package. Would be neat to fit some of these cut out blisters in the box. This way, the pills stay clean and sealed but can be carried safely and with style 😉

  • Lonn says:

    Interesting, but bot enough depth. How about 60x45x15 (or at least 12mm)?

  • Dan says:

    I cancelled my KS pledge after realising the CandyCan is so small. Would support the larger one provided it is 60x45x15. Thanks.

  • Ron says:

    Magnus it looks good but anyway we can get to same dimensions as an altoids can which a lot people are used to

  • NJW says:

    I want one for my pills. Wasn’t sure the kickstarter one at 8.5mm was going to be deep enough. I’d vote for 10 – 12mm deep

  • Mike K says:

    I would be in for the larger project but I would suggest it be more like ½ inch depth as the rendering above is actually less in depth than the original and I think that would be just too small to be practical in use.

  • Chris Whittle says:

    Large candy can.
    Make two different depths because sweets also come in different sizes, wouldn’t be happy if I can’t fit my favourite candy in it.
    Please both worlds.

    Although I haven’t had the pleasure of the small candy can as yet.

    Chris Whittle

  • Per Søndergaard says:

    Yes, would order the bigger on, depending on the price of cause.

  • Justin Weir says:

    I want one!

  • Will says:

    I would be down with a larger one given:
    1) make it deeper at least 12 mm
    2) price

  • Robert Cartmell says:

    Can you put an adjustable divider in it? I like to separate my pills in two sections

  • Robert Ferguson says:

    Magnus, I would prefer it to be 3″ x 2″ x 1″. It is a container! It needs to have enough room to contain something. Otherwise, it’s just a paper weight with a hole in it.

  • Jay says:

    When can I order that large candy can?

  • Robert says:

    Seat a gasket into the internal radius of the lid?

  • Mr. E says:

    A sliding lid that does not separate from the ‘can’ would be easier to open with one hand, and the lid less likely to be lost. Perhaps side grooves with stops? Also, I would suggest making the internal depth larger – a more generally usable 10 mm or so.

  • Steve Buddell says:


    I think that 6mm is too small a depth, some are saying 12mm or 15mm, I would say that 15mm is the better depth.
    This would become a better option for your customers, it would then truly be a larger box.

    What ever you chose, I’d more than likely buy one.


  • CJ says:

    Width should be good to fit five cigarettes. If you could lengthen it to about 84mm you got at least a few sales in the bag.

  • Martin Hernandez says:

    Please offer these again

  • Martin Hernandez says:

    Make a candycan/wallet.
    The candycan should fit a credit card.

  • tom says:

    a little deeper would be nice , because of taking 11 pills a day.

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