​Magnatron™ Knife Update And Titanium Belt Buckle

​A few things to talk about today (some product updates, a new product and a popular product back in stock).

First up are some Updates:

Project ZERO

Project ZERO is a knife I launched as a pre-order around a year ago now.

It was meant to be a few months to make it. I was absolutely, totally and utterly an idiot in this regard (no surprise there).

I did not realize how difficult it was to make a flipper knife. I have already made a fixed-blade knife and a friction-folder knife (so I was fairly confident). It has been challenging - but I'm almost there.

I've been toiling away in the background - almost every day since the end of last year. We have two machinists here (not including me as I'm not a machinist - but I can get done what I need to get done) ...so they've been working on other projects.

​So there are actually a couple of knives I'm working on at the same time... Project ZERO and the Magnatron™ (I talk more about the Magnatron™ below).

​The blade of project ZERO as well as the internal mechanism and backspacer are very similar to the Magnatron™ knife. I'm kind of working on everything at the same time on both knives.

So, yeah, project ZERO is long-overdue for an Update. I will have one out soon specifically for Project ZERO ...but, in the meantime, the Update below on the Magnatron™ pretty much covers the blade and backspacer of Project ZERO...

Magnatron™ Knife Update

​Yes, the Magnatron™ Knife is late (was meant to be the 12th of February and it's now almost the 12th of March!).

I'll be totally honest with you... the blades have caused me real problems. Way more difficult to make then I had anticipated. The real issue was getting a good finish on the main bevel.

The GOOD news is that I now have it sorted (which is why you're getting an update today).

Unfortunately I used up ALL the Nitro-V material trying to get the blades right. Dozens of blades I went through to get it right!

Actually, I'll mention here that although the Magnatron™ is late and you've not received any updates from me ...I have worked on the Magnatron™ and Project ZERO literally every single day as far back as I can remember (sometime in January without a day where I was not milling).

I wasn't just working on the blade during that time. I took the time to dial-in the scales (a lot easier than the blades). I also designed and milled the backspacer (again, easier than the blade).

I made a couple of pocket-clips ...but they did not turn out as I had hoped (the way I held the part down for the second milling cycle caused them to "lift" and not machine correctly). So that is the last thing I have to do - I worked Sunday getting the CAD/CAM sorted on the pocket clip. I should be able to mill it tomorrow.

So, yeah, running late but almost there on this knife (as well as the Project ZERO knife).

Oh, almost forgot! Remember how I said I used up all the Nitro-V steel during the testing?

Well, the good news about that is I ordered new steel for the Magnatron™ knives (which arrived a couple of weeks ago) ...and I ordered RWL34!

So, yeah, ​the knife is being upgraded to RWL34 steel (it costs a lot more than Nitro-V ...but that's the least I do for ​since this project is so late!).

Here's some photos from this morning:

​Here's a little thing for you to know...

​Although the knife is late in delivering - I'm can honestly say you will be getting a much better knife because of this. While I have been working on the blades ...I have also been tweaking little things here and there across the rest of the knife.

​A few good things to come out of the problems I've encountered along the way (these are things where something went wrong initially ...and the solution was an improvement ​to the knife):

-- RWL34 Steel - I already mentioned this - but I thought it worth highlighting again 🙂

-- The opening mechanism uses a "Floating Detent" (i.e. the ceramic ball is pressed into the blades instead of the lockbar insert). I have found this to be smoother than the traditional way ...and gives a nice, single "click" when the knife is open instead of the double click you hear on other knives

-- The plunge-line has a unique "V" shape (ended up doing this because it looked so much better than the original design)

-- Pocket-clip function (I tried to make the pocket-clip super-thin and it just ended up not functioning very well - I made it a bit thicker and it performs a LOT better!)

​Hopefully this Update helps show you where the Magnatron™ knife is at. Not too far away. 🙂

NEW Titanium Belt Buckle (IN STOCK)

​I'll keep this short...

​I've just put some of these brand new Titanium Belt Buckles up on the website (click here to check them out).

​This buckle is something I've had in my head for years ...but only now taken the time out to finalize the design and make it.

I'm not doing a pre-order on this - just what is available on the website. So when they're gone ...they're gone!

CLICK HERE to check it out.

​Hook-Up Clips

​It's been some time since I last had these in stock:

We have finally done a run of these Titanium HookUp Clips and they are in stock and shipping right now.

...and I think that's all I have for you today. 🙂

  • Linwood says:

    Hows the Fliptility coming along? Still expecting to ship those in Mar?

    The Magnatron looks great, cant wait to get both of those projects!

  • Malcolm A. Folmar says:

    Hey Magnus,
    Looking good.
    What is the status of the Titanium Bolt-Action Pen?

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