Making Stupid “Mistakes” (…And Trying To Learn From Them)

​So I launched a NEW Kickstarter project yesterday evening...

...and I cancelled it this morning.


Because, well, I didn't listen to you (yes, YOU .....the person reading this blog right now!).

I offered up the Double-Ended Titanium Carabiner here on this blog ...and only a handful of people ordered one (which was lucky because I only had 10 available).

​Here's the kicker:

I should have paid attention to those sales (or lack of them) ...because it told me that there was just not enough interest in that product to continue.

​I did, however, continue with it and launched a Kickstarter last night - which, by the morning, had just 18 Backers. Don't get me wrong, I REALLY appreciate the support from these Backers ...but sometimes a product/project is just not viable.

​A good Kickstarter project would have had something like 50 or 100 Backers by the morning ...not just 18. So, regretfully, I pulled-the-plug on it and cancelled the project (I am in contact with these Backers to help them get the "Double Dangle" Carabiner though).

Long story short...

I'm going to listen to YOU more (and, hopefully, I get more feedback from you ...good or bad).

So, starting ​RIGHT NOW, I'm going to show more projects ...​and at an earlier stage too (usually I'm kinda reluctant to show you the ugly and crude early stages - but I think I need to!).

​To kick this off - let's talk about the...

​Titanium Hobby-Blade Knife

​This design is around 60% complete (hell, I screwed-up the machining and it won't go together with a blade in it).

​I'll show you what I have so far ...and, depending on the comments (if any), this will help decide if I pursue this ...or move onto the next project.

​Like I said, it doesn't go together in its current stage - but the photos below should give you an idea of what I'm trying to do :-D...

​A lot of the products I've made (perhaps even most) were done because I received solid interest from you.

And, likewise, I've continued on and made a few products where there was not much interest on this blog ...and, predictably, not many of them sold.

​So I'm here now, trying to learn from my mistakes, and to listen more to YOU and your feedback. 🙂

  • Linwood says:

    I’m in for a couple hobby blade knives. I’ve been enjoying the fullsize versions as well and wouldn’t mind seeing another version of that down the line with either a pocket clip and/or some other functionality like a prybar

  • Austin says:

    I’m pretty new to your designs and haven’t pulled the trigger yet but that isn’t for lack of interest. I’m also always down for any sort of utility or craft knife as they can get 90% of everyday tasks done in a small package. I think the compact design is killer and would be interested in a fully functioning prototype showcase.

  • A says:

    yeah! i was just looking at this kind of knives. wishes: make it absolutely safe against accidental opening (button sticking out as little as possible), and the back looks kind of flimsy (it’s only connected at the keyring loop?)

  • Rudy says:

    I have some great full size and mini edc carabiners from you already, so new designs are neat, but I have what I need for now.

    The pocket knives are neat designs as well, but my needs are covered there too. I’m not sure why I’d want a slide out hobby knife carry vs simply using an exacting knife handle. I’m not generally walking around wanting to do hobby work though.

    I have a bead blasted click pen that I think is my favorite thing I’ve gotten from you. That and the swirly pattern key hang, that one is cool too.

    I keep hoping you’ll do more of the bead blasted ones (the flat finish is an awesome look, I’m sure it took a ton of tumbling to get there).

    I will say that I’ve enjoyed your machinst’s kitchen tools. The Kleb design ones, not that you should impinge on his corner of the world.

    • Magnus says:

      Thank you Rudy. Yes, just did a bead-blast on a capped pen recently (sold out a bit quick though). And I’ve just experimented with a bead-blast carabiner …came out quite well.

      So, yeah, we might start offering this here and there.

      Yeah, Warren’s (Kleb Design) kitchen stuff is great …especially the surface finish (shameless self-promotion because I do the surface finishing on his stuff :-P) …I use the graters and peeler all the time!

  • James Orndoff says:

    I have the mini clips, I use them for my bracelets I make. I have a click pen in your signature finish and a pencil in the black finish, my favorite pen and pencil set. I have been looking for a hobby knife holder for edc. All ones I find are to small, they are hard to cut with unless it is just tape. I use my hobby knife everyday, I want something durable and able to carry to pocket.

  • Jerry Pujals says:

    Wow!! That actually a super great concept and I love how compact. Would definitely go in on this Kickstarter!!

  • David S says:

    Please make the titanium hobby knife!!

  • Bob says:

    too many hobby blades on the market – titanium or not – I’m out on those

  • Emanuel Robins says:

    Hi Magnus

    I like the idea but could you finish it with a matte black finish? Could you have a titanium blade to last longer?

    • Magnus says:

      It is possible to do matte black – but we’re kind of avoiding it just now and we’ve found it a little hit-and-miss (depending on the product). I think it might be possible to get ceramic blades which could last longer (but that’s a bit of a guess).

  • Julien says:

    Hey Magnus,
    Big fan of your work and I wasn’t quick enough for the double carabiner. Could you add me in the loop for this one ?
    Keep the good work and I already have plenty of your amazing products !!

  • David says:

    I suggest the body should be less “hollow” to allow more protection on accidental touch on the blade

  • Michael says:

    Thumbs up on the hobby blade knife!

  • Jim says:

    OK, several thoughts without a firm recommendation… see what resonates:
    1. There are nearly a zillion knives out there… you’ve got ??3?? yourself?
    2. Your stuff is usually 10-25% better designed, machined and expensive.
    3. However, a knife that has disposable blades in this day and age is “invaluable” s probably evidenced by your Stanley blade knife… in this disposable age not many are experienced at sharpening. That’sa plus for this design.
    4. It doesn’t (again) use Stanley blades which has been done, and done, and done. These surgical blades come in a large variety and as a result may position well against the competition.
    5. There are two types of surgical blade attachments… you probably want the bigger blades. However, would it be possible to make a knife that could mount either blade sets?
    6. I would encourage this project hands down if you could design it such that your current handle would hold a mounted blade and at least two, hopefully 3 replacement blades (bonus if they could all be different blades and not simply the same s as what is mounted.
    7. To get me to buy 3, what about your essential knife, no larger than necessary, with an optional handle that would firmly attach and turn it into a ??6”?? hobby knife (rectangular cross section and not round that rolls like every other one in the market. AND make that handle such that itself it could contain 9 or more replacement blades. I use surgical knives with various blades as a poor man’s carving set and as substitutes for chisels.
    8. This should have been like #3 or 4 but make sure you design in a great, non-slip grip! Surgical blades are wicked sharp. And the blade opening/closing and replacement can not be so difficult that the knife is a danger to the user. Ditto if you add an extension handle as proposed above.
    9. Add an extra 2 or 3 mm to the scales at the blade end so the point of the blade is well encased. Merely even with the end of a surgical blade does not stop the fabric at the bottom of a pocket from getting in with the blade. My bride is tired of seeing the holes in my pockets.
    I’m sure there are more thoughts but my focus would be on why THIS knife given so many in kickstarter.
    Some gentleman below said he didn’t need a hobby knife in his pocket. But a small, capable, no sharpen and reasonably priced throw away blade is invaluable to open shopping boxes, infernal hard plastic as sharp as a knife itself and on the spot help with opening Christmas presents. Even better if it carries multiple blades.
    PS: Don’t lose the lanyard lol at the end and if you pick up the idea of a handle extension a version of what you have could be a very firm, no wobble for a great connection with the handle.
    … or maybe none of this;-)

  • Ron says:


    There are a lot of these. I don’t think I would be interested.


  • Linwood says:

    Echoing Jim above; I’d say a cool differentiator would be a “scalpel” blade rather than an x-acto blade. Something like the #22 scalpel would be awesome.

    I don’t think trying to add space for replacement blades is wise as it would only add bulk and if you’re using a knife like this that often you should be looking at something fullsize anyway.

  • Ethan M says:

    I’d would prefer it a touch longer to brace in you palm a little better for control. Or have it fold half out for a handle, and the other bit is an extending blade holder.

  • Per says:

    No need for such a small knife. The larger utility blade knife is still keychain size and with a high performance blade it will cut almost anything. What would be the usage scenario for this product?

    • Magnus says:

      I had one many years ago (as did my father) on my keychain – and we both used them often. There were a few issues with the design …and so I wanted to do my own version of it.

  • BDB says:

    I like this hobby knife. It’s correct there are many hobby knives on the market but not many with the quality we come to expect from Magnus….

  • Richard Bona says:

    I’m in for a couple of ti hobby blade knife.

  • Michael says:

    Hi ya
    i bought a very similar product to this on kickstarter a couple of years ago on kickstarter called the Tukk utility knife. It’s an excellent knife. Anyways I won’t be in for this that being the case and I thought I’d let you know of the similar product released a few years back.

    Good luck

  • D says:

    I really enjoy small utility stuff. I would buy one of those.

  • British says:

    I’d be quite interested in such a “hobby-blade knife” (depending on the price, of course), and the size of the blade is exactly what I need.
    I too could use a longer body/handle, though, for grip’s sake (probably around twice the length of the one shown here).

  • Jonnie says:

    A hobby blade would be a nice addition for Amazon packages.

  • Peter says:

    yes i would buy, and would would have bought the double carabiner

  • Gordon says:

    I think your marketing game could use stepping up. Now that you have time to consider brand position, website design, and advertising I’d start there.

    I don’t know if its lack of interest that’s killing you, I wish the twist pen had taken off, or its lack of brand awareness in the market place. I am sure not having stuff in inventory hurts as well. I have been waiting for the click for some time.

    You might consider asking prominent blogs and youtubers to review your stuff before a launch, I know some of them have some serious reach. I learned of your brand via Nick Shabazz’s glowing review of the click pen.

    Super excited to see you hiring staff and expanding operations. Best of luck.

  • E. W. Jones says:

    I really like the idea of a #11 blade mini-retractable knife. Perhaps a slightly longer handle would make it easier to control, plus give a place to store a spare blade? The tips of #11’s break off – a lot. Your utility blade knife is a thing of beauty; I ‘m sure this one will be too once you’ve worked out the details.

  • JC. de Oliveira says:

    I am a bit late in the party, but have a look at this project for inspiration for a nice utility knife. It works quite well, albeit it is not made out of titanium:

  • >