New Kickstarter, New Tweezers and Titanium Pens

​It's blog time again!

A quick heads-up...

​Kickstarter Launch (Next Week)

The final prototyping and "test production" of the "Double Dangle" titanium carabiner has gone very well.

We're hoping to do a larger number of these (which will require a new fixture on the cnc milling machine) - and so that's why we're launching a Kickstarter next week.

Here's what the "Double Dangle" looks like tumbled and finished (I think you may have seen these already):

​We've had the original McDangle™ "Mini" Carabiners on pre-order for a while and we will be finished shipping all of those in the next 2 to 3 days - which is good timing for the launching of these NEW "Double Dangles" on Kickstarter.


You'll get another one or two reminders from me before the launch of the Kickstarter - but you'll have to be fairly quick because the project will only be live for somewhere between 48 and 72 hours.

​New "Gunmetal Grey" Titanium Capped Pen

​I've just given a few of these Titanium Capped Pens a new finish - which I am calling "Gunmetal Grey".

The finish is similar to the textured bead-blast finish we offered a long time ago ...but this one is smoother.

​It's hard to get across in the photos the texture - although the colour is fairly accurate. I've just done a few of these (and at a HUGE discount to get them out the door as these are the last pens like this) - CLICK HERE to learn more (you'll need to scroll down to near the bottom of the page)

A Video Update From Me...

​I uploaded a video to YouTube a couple of days ago - here it is below in case you missed it.

​Truthfully, it's 13 minutes of me talking about where the business is at now and what we're planning going forward. So, yeah, no titanium stuff ....just me talking 😀

Titanium "Click" Pens

​In the last blog post I mentioned the Titanium "Click" Pens are available again...

​They've been selling very well (which is awesome!).

The first couple of runs of these we did a year or two ago were "challenging" - various issues encountered that were frustrating.

​However, we have these fairly dialed-in now and so the final result of each pen is a reliable and predictable click mechanism and functioning. Some products are more difficult to get right than others ...and this one was ​DIFFICULT!

​TiTweezers™ "V4" (Coming soon...)

​By the end of this week we're hoping to have some of the NEW "V4" TiTweezers™ ready to ship.

I recently showed you some prototypes of these:

​The design has changed a little bit since the above photo was taken - mostly the large chamfers near the front ...because the tweezers would "roll" when you squeezed them together (that's the last thing you want tweezers to do!). We have now fixed this and they are working well.

Still a few more tweaks to go - but there is a chance we have a handful for sale by the end of this week (hopefully!).​

And that's all I have for you today.

Oh, actually, one more thing... I'm hoping to have a handful of McDangle "Mini" Carabiners in the "Gunmetal Grey" blast finish tomorrow. Not made them yet ...but I'm thinking they are going to turn out well. Will see how it goes.

  • Jason Bourne says:

    I know you never answer your blog anymore, which is unfortunate, but will we see matte black click pens anytime soon? I ask because I would prefer black for my uniform over grey. Thanks if you even see this.

  • Paul says:


    I’m happy to hear you’re doing better with the business and yourself. Your products are topnotch and we need small businesses like yours around, no matter what country they’re in.

    I can’t tell you how much I like the wallet you designed. It’s by far the best minimalist wallet on the market. I’ve tried a lot of them so I’m speaking from experience. Good luck in the future.

  • Jerry Pujals says:

    It would be amazing if you ran specific color combinations of the PVD coding for the click pens!

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