NEW Titanium Designs (and other cool stuff…)

​A few things for you in today's post...

First up (in case you missed it), the crowdfunding for the new Titanium Folding Tweezers has ​just 24 hours left as I type this.

Click here to grab yours right now if you're not already on board.

​Aluminum Wheels

​Last weekend I spent some time with my son and made some aluminum wheels to go with the EpicMake™ Aluminum Construction Sets (sorry, I don't have any of these sets left - all sold).

I had Julien design the wheels himself (I helped him a little). He helped with the water-jet cutting ...and I did the cnc milling (because, truthfully, it was a little tricky). I think they turned out pretty good.

Here's some of the making of them...

First thing was to water-jet cut a blank from 20mm thick aluminum (I don't have a lathe the machining has to be done on the mill):

​Next thing is to fixture the blank securely for machining:

​After the first operation the blanks look like this (kind of look like yoyos :-D):

​Here's what the second machining operation looks like:

​A close-up of the wheels starting to take shape (only the final, third operation to go after this):

​Here's the full set:

(​those are bearings in the middle, yeah, the wheels spin for a loooooong time :-P)

​Finally finished and on the "car":

​Unfortunately, these are not available for sale because they need more development.

​Knife Prototype

​In the previous blog post I showed you an initial knife prototype.

Well, since then, we've spent some more time evolving the design ...and we're getting very close to something we will be making soon.

It's a fixed blade design and will look something like this:

​I'll go into more detail about this knife soon (because there have been a TON of very specific design choices for this knife there is quite a bit to talk to you about).

A couple of quick things...

The blade will most likely not be smooth like in the above CAD drawing - but will have cnc-machined lines in it (we've never done this before - so it's going to be interesting).

The ​scales will likely be G10.

​"Secret" Project

​I've been working on this for a little while now...

​...and it's been fairly "challenging" to say the least.

This project is for a super-compact bobby-blade knife. The plan is to use a standard #11 Hobby Blade (since they are very common). Also, I've been asked for this a lot - so that's another reason to have a go at this :-).

​I'm still not 100% sure we can do it (actually, that's a lie ...because we pretty much tackle anything ...but, time is always an issue, and there is only so much time you can spend on something​).

​I plan to keep working on it becuase, if we can do it, then it's really going to be a super-slick ...super-compact ...super-minimalist ...super-EVERYTHING hobby-blade knife for your keychain.

And I think that's all I have for you today.

​P.S. Remember to check out the Titanium Folding Tweezers because you've only got 24 hours left!

  • B says:

    I prefer a key holder to be honest.

  • Jason Bourne says:

    I wonder why you don’t reply to your blog anymore? If you decide to finally, are we ever going to see click pens in stock again?

    I really only buy practical stuff and a lot of your things have been out in left field lately.

  • Henry Starken says:

    will be the new prototype knife its blade made of titanium blade? If this is really your idea, I would be very super exciting about it:)

  • E. W. Jones says:

    The knife prototype rendering looks really good. Please include a lanyard hole near the end of the grip – these are especially useful on smaller knives. Removable scales for cleaning or ‘smallifying’ the knife are a good feature, too.

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