NEW Titanium Pen

​A few things to share with you today...

New Titanium Pen

​First up - I'm going to be launching a new Titanium Pen at the start of this coming week.

​I'm going to make the Kickstarter price quite a bit lower than the website price will be (I typically do this with projects because there is a wait for Backers I'm also making more in one go ...which can bring costs down).

​The pen is a "Twist" action​. The overall design is almost the same as the famous "click" pen - but the internals are completely different.

Here are some sneak-peak photos for you:

​The internal mechanism for pushing out the refill is custom designed and made in-house (and is made out of titanium of course!).

I'll see if I can get more details/photos of the mechanism to you here on the blog again before launch day on Kickstarter next week. Stay tuned...


​In my last email to you I launched the CandyCan™.

​And get this...

​They all sold out in under 7 minutes ...yes, 7 minutes. My mind was blown (and, actually, so was my email inbox ...with emails from people who ​had missed out on buying one).

​Now, the problem is...

​I only have so much machining capacity right now (couple of other projects being made on the cnc milling maching right now) ...and I only have so much titanium left.

I'm considering (and it's only a consideration at this point) doing some sort of crowdfund/pre-order thing for these CandyCans™.

The upside to this is that you will be able to guarantee you get your CandyCan™ (and within a reasonable timeframe).

The downside is that I will end up making more than a few dozen and will have to buy in new titanium sheet as soon as possible because I don't have much left in stock (and so this is what will cause a bit of a delay in production).

​Truthfully, I'm really not sure what to do right now on them - so if you have any thoughts I am happy to listen to you on this. 🙂

(NOTE: In saying that, I am making some more right now as I type this. However, they are going to be offered to people who signed-up to the private notification list at the bottom of the main CandyCan™ page here.

First Ever Collaboration Now *LIVE*

​Woohoo, after 11 years of wanting my "Holy Grail" leather bag​​​​...
(it was funded within a few minutes - which is kinda exciting)

It is now *LIVE* on Kickstarter. I talked a little about this bag a couple of blog posts ago.

The bag is a collaboration between Steph at Kohi Point (who does the leather pouches for my various titanium products) and myself.

​​Apart from the custom, minimalist design and the unbelievable high quality build of the bag - one of the most unique feature of the bag is the all-titanium hardware:

Friction Folder Production

​Here's a quick photo of ​production of the blade for the Flixx™ - Friction Folder Knife I'm making right now.

This is not the final colours of the blades - they ultimately end up with a brighter finish.


​A lot of people who order from the website are surprised to discover their product is being shipping from New Zealand.

So, yeah, in case there is any confusion ...I live in New Zealand (moved here to be part of my son's life - he's 9 now). Everything is made in my workshop (or in my machinist's workshop depending on the product) from raw materials. We import everything here.

​I live near the beach and right now, while everyone in the northern hemisphere seems to be fighting bitter cold, we're enjoying a very prolonged heat wave! 😀

(below is a photo outside my house near the beach - my son climbing on top of me - happy days...)

  • Robert Ferguson says:

    Magnus, will the new twist pen accommodate Cross refills?

  • Enrique Moreno says:

    Hi Magnus,
    Do you use an in-shop made Ti spring in the new version of the pen?

  • B says:

    I love my click pen. I’m interested in the twist pen also.

  • Adam Wohl says:

    1) Is New-Zealand lambskin not better an all arpound Leather than Italian calfskin?
    2) Why no double stitching on the buckles and strap (where it attaches to the bag)
    3) Limited Commentary: I get it is a lite duty (not a laptop) bag, psychologically, to me, even though its absolutely-probably not necessary… it’s just has more virtual integrity and how much more would it actually cost in time and material? I know you put your name on it, so it must be PERFECT… right?

    Thanks for sending the link to the “Leather & Ti Bag” Kick$tarter search results were only displaying your original 15 Create’s (no Cheese slicers, etc..)

    CONGRATS !!! You’ve come so far and appear to be doing quite well, PLEASE STAY MOTIVATED, BALANCED and HEALTHY!

    4) WHY? That $40 Shipping FEE broke my budget ($400 USD) , ashamed for a bag that will outlast my virtual grandkids, but now because of a trivial little detail, we may never know.
    Is it negotiable?

  • WA says:

    Thank you for the work that you do. It’s also good to see you enjoying life outside the shop.

    • WA says:

      By the way, Firefox and Chrome complain that your site is insecure. I hope you have someone to look into that for you.

      • James says:

        If you’re referring to the “Not secure” indicator in front of the URL box at the top of the browser, that’s because the website uses http instead of https. Since this is just a blog page where you’re not entering sensitive or personal information (like credit card or social security number), I don’t see why not using https is a problem. When you’re on his shopping page, however, the website does use https, as it should.

  • Jon says:

    I have both your previous pens, love them, so looking forward to a video on how this one works!

    You said the bag doesn’t support laptops; cool with that, but wondering how it looks, space inside, with an ipad or chromebook or kindle for comparison.

    Looks like a beautiful place to live!

  • Rocco says:


    Formidable work as always and not unexpected.
    Re the candycans, not meant to be offensive, but frankly I don‘t care HOW you get forward with it or if it may take longer, because I understand the labour involved – others wouldn‘t even consider doing something like that.
    Which is why it is you making it and why I have the patience necessary.
    In short: take the time it needs and make it in a econimcally sensemaking fashion. I can‘t comment on if Kickstarter is better than self-marketing. Maybe making a pre-order button ?

  • Danny says:

    Will the twist pen be compatible with Pilot G2 refills?

  • GT says:

    I’ll be honest. When I bought the click pen, I thought it was “double action”. You know: click once to protract and again to retract. I was a little disappointed when I received it. A neat piece of engineering, to be sure. Now this twist pen looks intriguing, and much nearer to what I envisioned. Still – A true “double action” click pen would be awesome! Any plans for such a thing?

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