New Prototypes: Which of THESE Do You Prefer?

Okay, so today I’d love to here YOUR opinion on something…

I’ve just finished the final prototypes of the new, larger titanium PillPots.

Here’s what they look like:

Some of the new, larger titanium PillPots (yes, they are damn BIG!)

Some of the new, larger titanium PillPots (yes, they are damn BIG!)


And, as if that’s not enough, here’s a video too (skip to 4:45 to see the part about these PillPots :-)…


So, here’s the thing…

There are two sizes: 36mm (1.4″) diameter and 45mm (1.8″) diameter

The reason for making these is that I’ve been asked for larger PillPots by many people over a long period of time. So I’ve finally given in and made them.

These will be launched as a Kickstarter project in the next week or so.

(Note: If these PillPots are not your thing …no problem. They are being made and launched regardless as I’ve had so many people ask for these) 🙂

Oh, and I have no indicative prices yet because my machinist still has to get back to me with tooling-up and machining costs.


I can confirm that the Kickstarter project, as always, will be the BEST DEAL before I sell them at a later date on my website.


(LEFT) 45mm version ...and (RIGHT) 36mm version

(LEFT) 45mm version …and (RIGHT) 36mm version

Here’s my question to you:

Are you more likely to use the 36mm (1.4″) or the 45mm (1.8″) version (or both)?

NOTE: The above are just example combinations …I will, of course, be offering a range of component options – like this:

Various combinations will be available on the Kickstarter project!

Various combinations will be available on the Kickstarter project!

  • Mike says:

    Probably the larger one since I have many of the version #1 large size and that would be the largest step-up.

  • Hugh Jazz says:

    For Freeeeeee!!!!

  • Greg says:

    I’d want one of each as I can see a use for both

  • Robert Ferguson says:

    Magnus, I love the idea of the new pill pots. Here’s my two cents’ worth: Don’t call them pill pots! It’s too confusing to new customers. Give the larger sized containers a new name. Also, your video has too much non-essential verbiage. I want to know the dimensions, how much will they hold in dry or liquid material. Are they leak-proof. How can I obtain replacement O-rings. All the essential information I need to determine if I really need to buy them. Give me the information that matters. If you need more information on descriptions, go to and see their counterparts in stainless steel.

    • lyam says:

      Robert is spot on. You should also (please) show the container with multiple other everyday items so people can get an intuitive feel for the size. e.g. show it next to a AA battery, and show how many of them fit inside. And show one with a banana for scale. Kickstarter is full of American (and likely other nationalities as well) idiots like me, please show us imperial and metric. And, How many pennies tall? How many dollars wide? How many $100 bills fit inside? How many M&Ms can it hold? How many chicklets does it weigh? Is it lighter than a brass zippo? Etc. Good luck with this!

  • Christina Paine says:

    I’d use both 🙂

  • Ian Thomas says:

    I probably wouldn’t use these – they’re too big for my purposes. I’m all for fitting a smaller ‘pill pot’ into a narrower, sort of pen diameter tube so it fits in an EDC pouch. These are too overbuilt (and that’s not a comment I make lightly, I like things that are over-engineered). Robert’s comment above is insightful. For people who would like these, the additional metrics might be useful.

  • Joseph says:

    For the KISS philosophy, I would stick with 1 size. Go big or go home. Go 45MM.

  • scott says:

    I’d mainly use the 36mm. But the 45mm could be handy too.

  • Jimmy says:

    I love the ideas but the size it’s too huge. I think it’s my opinion the ideal size must be between 12.5mm dia. & 25.4 mm dia. by length between 152.4 mm & 203.1 mm. Like maglite LED Torch work on 2 battery AA in size. They will fit in the most case for worker and for travelling guys.

  • Herbert Eder says:

    45mm for me, i hope they won’t be too expensive.

  • Christopher says:

    I purchased your first batch of pill pots (all sizes), and I certainly like them. However, I would like you to reconsider the screw thread. I found the threads on the small pots far too fine for everyday use. I would suggest looking at a more coarse thread specification for both these new larger pots and for any rerun of the smaller size. Also, I would love to see sourcing information for replacement gaskets.

  • Christopher says:

    P.S. I prefer the larger.

  • Karl says:

    The larger but, my interest is in one twice the diameter of the larger but, much shorter so it might be carried in my pocket—desire is for storing my hearing aids in a strong, waterproof container.

  • Jerry says:

    I like the ones with a hole for string attachment. I can think of many uses for both sizes.

  • Joe says:

    Yes please, Big ones!!

  • Tom says:

    Both seem possible at the right price

  • ERIC P says:

    I agree with the previous comments of “go big or go home” and a different name.

  • Bob says:

    They look great Magnus! I’m all for the larger version and will definitely buy some of these.

  • Stuart says:

    If I had to choose between I’d definitely go for the larger size, but I don’t, so will be getting both!

  • Steve says:

    Trying hard to think of a logical use for these, versus the aluminium and delrin containers County Comm sell. The only thing I would consider precious enough to warrant bombproof Ti would be US$10,000 in hundred dollar bills rolled up — a ‘cash cache.’ As I live in a country with major SHTF events from time to time, a well protected wad of cash to get the family on a plane to anywhere is a must. Or I could fight the hordes off with your pointy titanium tweezers.

  • Jeff says:

    I have to admit, the larger one works for me.

  • Rob says:

    I think I could use both…not sure.

  • Glen says:

    I’d go for the larger ones

  • Gabriel Chamyan says:

    I could use both as well.


  • Matthew says:

    The larger

  • Kirill says:

    I would take both sizes, because I heavily use the previous version and I like it.

  • Narendra says:

    Both sizes are useful. What’s the user you’re focusing on- travelling or bedside ‘pillpot’?? Are there internal divisions? Btw, the pen is excellent!!! I carry it everywhere…

  • Filippo says:


  • Martin says:

    I just wish, I’ll have the money. I’ll go big too. Already have the 28mm version . 45mm will be best for me. I also agree with most. These are starting to be big enough to have their name. If I may suggest; a bottom screw loop lid . It could be interesting to tie both lid with let’s say paracord. If I open it on a boat for exemple, I don’t wanna loose it in the deep blue sea.

    Great idea as usual.

  • PixelGraffik says:

    Give me the large one, that is just what I have been wanting to stash my product in. I am in Oregon after all, thank you.

  • Hope says:

    Yep. I have also hoped for a bigger pill pots. They look good. I hope I can get at least one of these. Great work Magnus

  • Many great comments here. I do agree the names need to change to for the larger size and I do think the video can be shorter. No doubt this are well built!! If you have the need/want and are in a position to spend the money you cannot go wrong with this product. If I had the need I would get a set. Some people really desire a larger sized PillPot. These are just bigger than I would need for the life I live. You decide. You can never go work with “Magnus Made!”

  • Johan Bylander says:

    I’m a big Dude! Therefore the big pillbox! Thank’s for producing some sweet things!

  • George says:

    Hi Magnus
    It’s good idea make a big size pod, personally I prefer more bigger.

  • Dave A says:

    I am not sure that I would go for either, but I think that there are so many different potential uses that it is probably worth offering both sizes. The Kickstarter campaign will give you a good idea of how demand is split and thus what you should sell on-going.

    BTW I would like to see you do a slimmer version of these that can be used as a keychain stash.

  • Aaron says:

    Create both. Customers love to have options, but not too many. I thought your first set of pill pots were cool, but the number of choices is almost overwhelming. It truly makes you ask yourself…”wait, am I getting the right size or should I get a different size?” Anyways, I could think of a lot of cool uses for either size.

  • Chris Whittle says:

    I just recieved one of your current large pill box
    For a birthday present, and its slightly to small, for
    a Titanium compass, I was trying to squeeze in it.
    With no success 🙁
    Now too poor to be able to pay English Customs fee’s.

  • FRANK says:


  • Lori A Welch says:

    I would definitely use both. I could never afford them though. These were the products i came to look for on your site after seeing all your YouTube videos. Great products man…just way out of my disability check price range ?

  • d053 says:

    awesome! would get them both

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