New Titanium Tweezers Design …Your Thoughts?

It’s that time again…

Time to take a popular product I’ve been making for a while and completely overhaul it.

Today it’s the Titanium Tweezers (or TiTweezers™). If you’ve somehow managed to get through life without a pair of my TiTweezers™ — and I have absolutely no idea how you could 😀 — then click here to check them out.

Here’s a reminder of what the (soon to be) old design looks like:


One of the main reasons I want to do a redesign of these titanium tweezers is to (a) machine the inside of them (because just now it’s a kind-of ugly water-jet cut finish) …and …(b) Add beveling around both the inside and outside edges  so they feel a LOT nicer in the hand.

Now, truthfully, the plan is for these to replace the current TiTweezers™ …but if people create a big ol’ fuss (in a good way of course) and demand they prefer the older style, then I might keep both designs. Regardless, this redesign is happening (and could very well be a Kickstarter project).

Oh, and yes, I’m redesigning both the larger and smaller titanium tweezers (but, for now, just concentrating on the larger version …because once I have that one done, then the smaller ones are just a “Mini Me” version of them).

Here’s a look at where I’m at with them:



The angled tips currently work VERY well and so I’ll be keeping that design for the tips (I’m not showing a close-up of the tips because they are just a “quick and dirty” mock-up and not the real thing).

I’m also thinking about doing a flat-tip design as well. What do you think?

Let’s tall about the “finger-grips”:

The finger-grips on the current TiTweezers™ are, well, crazy good (even if I say so myself). But let’s think about this for a minute… do they really need to be that good? It’s not like we’re trying to pull a train or an elephant with them, right. It’s usually hairs and splinters for the most part. I don’t think these tweezers need such high-grip grooves. These are my thoughts. And I’m sticking by them for now.

Here’s some ideas for the finger-grips…


This really is where I’m at right now with these and I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you’d like. If you get your comment in quick …then I’m right at the stage where anything is possible (and it will happen fairly fast as I’m working with my machinist on these now).

Oh and feel free to be as brutal as you like (often the best feedback is when someone say, “Magnus, THAT is a pile of sh*t!” :-P)


After the overwhelming response in the comments from all you clever people… I took the “must have” features of the Titanium Tweezers and did some re-designing.

The comments below are tremendous, insightful and well-thought-up – THANK YOU!

So, yes, the design has changed in a significant way based purely on the comments you gave.

To see the latest version I just did click here.

  • Lucas says:

    I think they look brilliant and I will buy a pair of each. As far as the finger grips, my favourite is the round hole, like in the first drawing. I can not wait to get a pair.

  • Parker says:

    One thing I would recommend is a pin that connects the two sides when squeezing the tweezers so that the tips do not slide side to side. That is the only complaint I have with the pair I have now.

    • Jeff says:

      I have the same complaint. The pin idea may work. Or modifying the top somehow (I have a cheap pair of tweezers that have no pin and also do not slide side to side when gripping something).

  • neisty says:

    Biggest problem with the last tweezers is that they roll in your fingers, too narrow where you hold them… rounding the edges will make it worse. Also the lanyard loop is a winner, havnt lost them yet… you shouldnt remove the loop. The current grips are good to go, maintain the grip pattern

  • Bent says:

    Looks great
    Are you going to make them so they can attach to a key ring?
    Very handy to have with you

  • Ron says:


    To me the changes look like aesthetic enhancements as opposed an upgrade which is fine with me because I am happy with the current design.

    For both large and small versions it will good to have a loop for lanyard of some type on the larger one and key ring for the smaller. Also, for the smaller and not sure about this a way to cover the tips maybe a sleeve style or jack knife style opening.

    Ps. I am still waiting to see you create a flashlight


  • Toshi says:

    Hello, long time follower first time emailer (not really). I personally like the pronounced finger grip on the current TiTweezers. I find them to be masculine and quite frankly cool looking. That said, I like the other grip designs you’ve come up with and it would be nice to see the current design updated with these grip options, the finishing details, and beveling you’ve outlined. Basically, keeping the shape and cleaning/updating them.

  • Laurie Smith says:

    Magnus, the new idea looks great. Will there be enough spring in the end so that it has a real onehanded feel? I like the bevelled edges and the circular grip in the tweezer picture looks stylish and functional. It might have to be extended along the shaft a bit more to cater for those with fatter fingers, haha.

  • Ollie says:

    Really like the look of the new design with the ‘circle’ grip, would definitely be something I would back on Kickstarter.

    Please keep the old design available as well as its very unique/aggressive looking compared to the new design.

  • Andy Vasquez says:

    The old tweezers look sturdy and reliable. However, they look “bulky” and heavy to carry around. Something lighter looking, easily flexible, attachable to a key chain, and can remove ticks as well as splinters. Flat top and Angled selections make sense. Sell for a special price if purchased as a pair. Also, some method should be developed to keep the tweezers closed until ready to use.

  • Daniel says:

    I like the new design and would get one if it materialises at Kickstarter. Regarding the grip: Please any kind of stripes but no holes, they’re much harder to clean which is kind of a no-go for tweezers…

  • Would you consider making them wider, in the place you grip them? I mean wider in the Z direction of your image. My biggest beef with the current tweezers is their tendency to do a sudden 90° flip when you start applying force. They would have to taper off at either end, of course, even at the hinge end to make it less stiff. And that would complicate the machining no end, I imagine. Plus use more titanium. But then, you’re the “impossibly high standards” guy, so I doubt such considerations would stop you for long.

    A keyring attachment hole is an idea I support.

    • Donald Perreault says:

      I agree with Harald on the flipping. This happens to me occasionally and I have small hands.

    • Dianne Hackborn says:

      I also agree — I love them, except I find them a little too skinny to be able to hold securely without them tending to twist.

    • John Luker says:

      What Harald said. They flipped so badly for me that I improvised by putting a large split ring on it to stabilize it.

      Now that I think about it I could probably fashion something from sugru…

  • EHR says:

    The “knife” shape of the original version, for me, look nicer. More grips in and out could be a benefit over the current set-up. Also like the “button” finger grips…

  • David G. says:

    Judging by the current rendering above, I’d recommend that the internal bevel doesn’t go all the way to the tips.

    The corners of the tips are quite a useful point for fine manipulation and if the bevel goes all the way to the tip, they will no longer meet at the corners.

    The lanyard or keyring loop is still a good idea, but the tips are sharp enough to draw blood; so some form of sheathe, tip cover, or container, would be welcome.

    How about a ‘pill pot’ the diameter of the ‘one pen’, just long enough for the mini-me tweezers, with a lanyard/keyring loop?

  • Anson says:

    I had no problem I had with the old “look”… However I did literally stumble upon a situation where I stepped on a small shard of glass, and the titanium tweezer was unable to grip the glass and extract. Any ideas/tips?

    On a size note… I’d rather you fine-tune the “folding tweezer” concept 🙂

  • Larissa Solberg says:

    I like the circle grip. Also a bit more point for the small slivers.

  • David says:

    I like the idea of a titanium cap for the tips. Helps keep them from stabbing things. How about a simple cap that is attached to the but end (which would have a hole) via a short lanyard. The action of squeezing the tweezers ought to make release from the cap easy.

  • Ted says:

    Personally, I’d never use flat edged tweezers given the choice. I love the smooth and slim design in contrast with the old one: much more conducive for edc in the pocket (speaking of which, a case or tip-cover would be lovely! ). For that reason alone, I like the lower-profile grip designs. For a low-profile, but higher-grip option, what about a cross-hatch (like a knurl I’d do on the lathe)?

  • Doug says:

    Like the simple design for the grip area. They have to be able to go on a key ring and the smaller tweezers are definitely my favorite. Also, how about some small holes up each side of the tweezers? Give them the Area 51 look!!! Keep up the work and would love to see another pocket tool too!!!


  • Brad says:

    I like the new design with the cleaner look. I also would be in favor of a hole for a lanyard, or so it would attach to a key ring. I think the grip on the old one is fine, but if you are going to switch it up, I think the dot pattern would be a good one to try.

  • David Wright says:

    Agree with idea of a attachment for lanyard or keyring (titanium of course) and a cap on the tip.

    Like the look of the designs for finger grip, personal preference is the angled, echoing the angled tip

  • Germán says:


    I really don’t think would use this in any situation on the go, I’d prefer to have a pair at home in my bathroom kit.
    On the other hand, I’m very old fashioned style kind of guy, I rather prefer the simple vertical design for the grip of these.

  • Charles M Holmes says:


    I have the Mini TiTweezers and love the design. Not sure of the value added with the changes you have proposed. The ability to maintain sufficient grip is preferable (for me) than the version you are proposing. A cap to protect the tips would be a nice addition, as would a key ring or EDC attach point. You would know better from the feedback received if — (1) there are issues in current design which need to be resolved, (2) does the redesign add functionality / improvement, and (3) does the time / cost provide bang for the buck. Just my two cents worth….

  • Bob Gelb says:

    No problem with current design..I guess if you want to enhance the appearance that’s fine. Cost would most likely not entice current users to “upgrade.”

  • Natalie says:


    I really like the concept of these ones:

    I know you can’t pinch his design, but he has addressed the problem with all tweezers in that the tip doesn’t actually grip very well.

    Note that I don’t have your previous tweezers – so maybe the tip on those already works better than other sout there.

  • Laura Becht says:

    Like the bevelling update, makes the look less boxy. Also like comments about an end cap and being able to add to a key ring. Maybe combine those thoughts and make an end cap that attaches to the key ring? I don’t carry mine around currently mostly because of the whole poking holes in stuff aspect. One suggestion I would make is to add burling to the inside edge. It would help to grip stuff better and prevent slippage.

  • Vincent Wong says:

    Flat tips please. I absolutely despite those angled tips. Couldn’t grip onto a damn thing.

  • Pierre says:

    It needs a sheath. Or maybe it can retract into a titanium tube

  • John says:

    My wife was commented that the edge of the current design is rather sharp and is uncomfortable to use for a prolonged period. I see the new design has a bit more of a beveled edge, but perhaps even more rounding would improve them.

  • Robert says:

    Please ensure the two interior tip surfaces (used for gripping), are not smooth. This is one of the most important areas, in making tweezers truly effective. It is nice that they feel comfortable in your hand, but if the tip cannot securely grasp what you intend, the tweezers are worthless. I recommend using fine lines, running both ways, on both interior tip surfaces. I have worked with surgical instruments, most of my life, and this is the real difference between effective and worthless.

    • Al Eisen says:

      Please add pin slots in the front edges. this is a half moon slot in each front edge so that they become a round slot that can push or pull pins.

  • Bill West says:

    I like the divots best. Maybe a cross-hatch would work as well.
    Regarding Kickstarter: I hate the early-bird offerings since I’ve never gotten one & always feel slighted paying the higher price. I mean either support a project or don’t.

  • Sascha says:

    Dear Magnus,

    I own the TiTweezers for some time now and hope them to last the rest of my life.
    No need for me to change the inside surfaces. It just differs slightly from the outside finish.
    I don’t need beveled edges and would rather fear to slip when applying pressure if the beveling would be at edges of the finger grip part as well as there’d be less flat surface.

    The current grip is great and I wonder why you’d want to change it. Even if I’m not trying to pull a train (I could with this finger grip) and having overengineered products is what’s great about your products right? So having less grip would be a reason for me to not buy these again (as a gift).


  • 1pa4u2c says:

    I agree with being able to attach it somehow. I like the curved grip on the original

  • Donald Perreault says:

    Does the grabbing end of the tweezer taper in from the top? I would think if that were the case you would be able to get a tighter grip on the item you are tweezing, pulling, snatching, squeezing or just yanking on or out.

  • David C. Smith says:

    I like the design, and particularly think the slanted lines would be helpful.

  • 4rmless says:

    I like the addition of the bevelling, but the loss of lanyard loop, amazing ramp and jimping would leave me thinking the originals are better.
    I’d also be keen to see slightly thicker stock around the grip.

  • Charles Wheatcroft says:

    A titanium cap that locks into the ‘grip’ at the business end of the tweezers would be great.

    The cap could compress the tweezers until the grip fell into the void of the cap whereupon the tweezers would decompress and be locked into place (not sure if I am explaining myself too well here…).

    I purchased a set of the tweezers in the last year and despite my girlfriend’s sniffy response she has since discarded her usual tweezers in favour of the titanium version. Sharper and stronger apparently.

  • Paul says:

    I own the mini-tweezers (small). The current design is spot-on. I would not change nor mess with it. The only issue I have is the points were not finished and as precise as depicted on the large tweezer. In fact no better than a drug store set.

  • Ben says:

    I would agree on the issue of 90 degree flip. The current design tends to want to flip when gripping and I don’t see anything in the new one that would help this. The idea of a wider grip area might help. Some sort of cap for the sharp end would make them EDC-able which they currently aren’t currently. Being sharp makes them good tweezers but bad for carry. Good luck.

  • Jono says:


    I have both sizes currently and agree with all those who say that the interior of the tips need to be a bit more grippy so we can grab whatever we are trying to grab – small shards of glass or fragments of hair.

    But I really do like the tweezers.

  • Richard says:

    I just got my Ti tweezers recently, and I was delighted by the design. I think they are the finest tweezers I’ve ever used, so an upgrade would have to offer a bit more than just cosmetic changes to entice me.

    That said, a wider grip to avoid that 90 degree flipping, some sort of tip cover for better EDC/pocket safe carrying, and lanyard/key ring loop would be great. I loved the grip of the current version, but if it changed, the first finger grip option looked good to me.

  • Kenwood says:

    Hey Magnus,
    Could the “grips” be a little wider than the rest of the tweezers and can you do “C” shaped grooves like shark gills rather than straight?


  • stevej says:

    There’s certainly nothing wrong with the ones I bought from you before. I like the dots best of the new designs.

    I am still waiting for titanium chopsticks from you!

    LOVE your stuff!

  • Robert says:

    So glad you are redesigning this. I’ve bought 5 so far for the fam and me.

    The very small one is almaot useless…..too small and difficult to use.

    The larger version is good but the area where the fingers are places needs to be wider than the body of the tweezers and have deep groves for grip.

    An available ti bead with a lanyard would be a great additional. I’d buy it!!


  • Joe says:

    I prefer the old grips, although I like all the other changes you made.

  • Syl says:

    Is like to see one with an integrated sleeve of some short that you can put on a keychain. You wouldn’t want this banging around on your keys getting nicked…

  • Curby says:

    Your new proto is a great design! Others have praised it for its aesthetics, and I agree with them. I love nice clean looks as much as anyone: there’s a reason I use iPhones despite their limitations. However, tweezers are a tool first and “titanium sculpture” second. I need such a tool to function well more than I need it to look great. Critically, I need it to function well under duress: when my nerves might be shot, my hands might be shaking or wet, etc. There are several improvements, some of which others have also suggested, to improve the usefulness of the tool:

    1) One of the reasons the high-relief grip grooves on the original model were overkill is because the tweezer body flared out in concave curves as you approached the tip, naturally creating depressions where your fingers would go. With a flat outer profile of the new design, you lose these natural resting areas for your fingers, so effective grip enhancement is actually MORE important with this design than the original. The rows of circles seem the best compromise between effective grip and less aggressive appearance. Machine the circles deeper and keep their edges sharp to enhance the grip they provide.

    2) I know that flaring out the grip area to widen the contact patch between finger and tweezer will be much more difficult and costly to machine, but having the tweezers twist in your fingers is an issue that is constantly brought up in these discussions. Yes, it happens to me too. You’re already charging premium prices for premium materials: this isn’t the $0.99 tweezers you find at the corner store, and it deserves a design not compromised by, “But it’s hard!”

    3) Definitely agree on texturing the insides of the tips. Can you bead-blast/sand-blast with sharper media (not round beads) to micro-texture the tips?

    4) A retention mechanism or cover would be great, esp. for the smaller size. The one reason I don’t currently carry my small size on my keychain is because I’m worried the tips will either wear away at my pants, or they might bang against something and damage the tips. Some form of cover would handily address both concerns.

    I know it’s a bit gauche to bring up competing options, but the pocketweez are the best EDC tweezer design I’ve seen and used (I’m not affiliated with them, just a happy customer). The wide, colored plastic body not only offers convenient keychain attachment and tip protection features, but it also prevents twisting. While I manipulate the tweezer tips with my thumb and forefinger, my other fingers can hold the plastic body against my hand to stabilize everything. The next best design feature is that of the prongs and tips themselves. They are thin along the sides to allow for greater flexibility, but then get really thick towards the tip for added stiffness and strength. The angled profile also has a convex curve to it to easily grip hairs, splinters/slivers, and other tiny objects. I highly recommend buying a pair not to copy them, but to see if something can be learned there.

    I look forward to seeing this design evolve. Thanks for sharing your process with us!

  • Vincent Goudreault says:

    Knurling finger grips could be better, as they are omnidirectional; the sets of round depressions also would but, but they would perhaps be a bit coarse.
    I am also wondering if it would not be beneficial to have a key ring hole on a tab, so that it could be bundled with other tools.

  • shawn says:

    Thanks, Magnus, for considering the redesign. The slant grooving I prefer but I consider a 6 mm “height” to be of highest importance to alleviate the tendency to “roll” when gripped. Leaving the loop-end as is seems best for lanyard use and “overload pressure” relief. no chance of deformation with the current design from “crushing” the bend.

  • Thanat says:

    I love the old design but if there’s one thing to change it’d be the edge could be a bit rounded.
    The figure groove doesn’t concern me much really as long as it provides some traction.

  • Wayne says:

    Micro texture or micro serrations on the inside of the tip would be great for our desert cactus spines

  • Michael Muramoto says:

    A lot of people are requesting the grip to be widened to prevent the tweezers from flipping 90 degrees while squeezing. It seems to me that the amount of force to close the tweezers may just be a little too high. By lowering the closing resistance (ie. thinning the bend thickness) the problem should disappear without a redesign.

  • Nick says:

    Hey Magnus. I really like the idea for the new tweezers. I own the last version and have experienced a tendency to flip in my hand as well sometimes.

    I like the “dots” idea for the finger grips. You put these on your Mr. Pry and I like the grip surface a lot.

    I would love to see a hex wrench or some other tool at the end of these tweezers. Though a hex wrench slot would allow easy keychain or lanyard attachment.



  • William B Schinella says:

    I truly like the new design and I would order a small set of tweezers with the holes for grips!

  • Leewelo says:

    The best tweezers in functionality I’ve found are the thin arm ones you find in Victorinox Swiss Knives. No fingergrip.
    I backed the TiTweezers and got 2, but still prefer the Victorinox one.
    However they wear and are a mix of stainless steel and plasic.
    So these look good. Make sure they’ve got spring.

  • Robert Ferguson says:

    I bought both sizes from you. I like the present groove grip, but they do not add to the functionality of the tweezers, especially the mini because they roll between my fingers as I try to use them. They are just way too narrow. If you would make them 50% or more wider, then they would be perfect. Functionality over form. Tweezers are not meant to be works of art or design, just able to do the job.

    If you do not make them wider, I wouldn’t want to buy them.

  • Christina says:

    Ooh yes love the new design ! 🙂

  • Paul Rogers says:

    Yes, please!

  • Daniel McGill says:

    these look great – especially having just ordered the current version 🙂
    anyhoo, the angles tip is an excellent thought: I like the current grip design although I appreciate the variations discussed by others: let us know when you go ‘live’

  • Erik says:

    I really like the original rugged grip, would be great to have it on this slimmed down version as well. Wouldn’t the arms bend slightly in the redesign when pressing them together so that the tip sort-of opens up?

  • Michael says:

    They look really nice, but they still need a “lock” of some sort to keep the tips from getting caught and a more closed hole to keep them from slipping off a split ring.

  • Jon F says:

    I already have your tweezers so don’t need to buy another one, but the one thing I’d recommend is DON’T change the tip. That’s the thing I love most about these – the tip is fantastic for grabbing stuff, better than any other tweezers I’ve ever tried, and to me, that’s what matters most.

  • Bill Hochreiter says:

    Magnus, i like the look of your new design but can’t really comment on how effective it will be until I use them. I like the idea of a better grip on the sides and would tend to agree with the person that like the slots vs holes for cleanability and grip but again until I try them i wouldn’t know what works best. I have large hands and have a hard time with tweezers – gripping them and using them to remove small metal or wooden splinters and sometimes ticks which we get here in the south of the US. When it gets too difficult to use tweezers, I just grab nail clippers and dig out the splinter and whatever skin gets in the way. I know, I am more tough than smart but it works for me. Good luck and I’m sure I’ll buy to see if you version works for me. Thanks.

  • Ron Hollatz says:

    Need to have a sharp point. Either the current design angled, or better yet a needle point. Much easier to dig out splinters.

  • Clyde says:

    Different patterns on the 2 sides would be helpful.

    These tweezers from Rubis have holes only on one side, so it is easy to see and feel the correct orientation:

  • jacob says:

    make them wider where your finger grip, the current design rolls in your fingers

  • ADAM H WOHL says:

    Unfortunately I am a still waiting for my original order of Two sets of Ti Tweezers (His and Her VDay Gift.

    I will be in a much better positional and mindset to submit enhancement ideas/requests.

    • AdManTheLabRat says:

      We got them, we love them.

      So many folks posted so much great feedback and wonderful input.

      Your constituents have spoken. Do what you do best. Saving up and patiently waiting for you to tell us it’s ready (a video, new KickStarter project, Ti Nail Files® for Manicures…whatever,!

      Thank you!
      ATLR & Wifey

  • William B Schinella says:

    I like the 1st one with the holes in the handle!

  • m says:

    I work on beauty tools (tweezers, etc.) for a large company, and I think they’re pretty great.

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