Lanyard Bead Dimensions (Help Me Out!)

Okay, today I need YOUR help…

Due to popular demand in a previous post I did – I’m going to produce some titanium lanyard beads (the titanium is on it’s way to me as I type this!).

I’ve got the designs already for the most part (I’ve had them for well over a year – but they’ve been low-priority).

Here’s where you come in

I need to get a better idea of dimensions before final design and creation.

Now, I could go and do  lot of research – but I’m confident enough that I can trust what you tell me.

Because, almost certainly, you are way more knowledgeable about lanyard beads than I am.

There are two dimensions I need to know – take a look at the drawing below:

Lanyard Bead Dimensions

Because the designs are 90% done – I just need to finalise ‘L’ (the overall length of the beads) and ‘H’ (the internal hole that the cord passes through)…

What should ‘L‘ be?

What should ‘H‘ be?

Now, I expect some differences of opinion.

That’s fine.

Mainly looking for a consensus of what’s going to work for most.

Thank you in advance!


Oh, and one more thing

The beads are going to be the usual Cogent Industries high-end design and quality – so they’re not going to be low-end $5-each type things.

The machining costs are relatively high for such small objects – but the designs are pretty damn cool.

You know me… it’s either awesome …or nothing!

I vote for awesome – how about you? 🙂

“Big Daddy” Titanium Carabiner Style Clip

Okay, finally managed to get this done…

I’ve had a TON of people asking me for something like this since the HookUp™ Clips were launched.

It’s a little “out there” if I’m honest (very different to my usual gear) – but I think you’ll like it:



Love to hear your feedback!

Oh, and one more thing…

The HookUp™ Clips are shipping VERY soon …if you’ve not already ordered yours …then probably best to take care of that by clicking here right now.

Titanium EDC Mini-Wrench (Coming Soon!)

I showed you the 2D CAD drawing of this last week.

Now, after a decent amount of time through my various tumbling processes, the semi-final prototype is ready:


Titanium EDC Mini-Wrench

Titanium EDC Mini-Wrench

Titanium EDC Mini-Wrench

Titanium EDC Mini-Wrench


A couple of things…

This will be available very soon (I reckon a few days away).

There are two versions available …metric and imperial.

The design you see in the photos above is slightly different to the final design …I made a few “tweaks” to the design you see above (but very minor).

One last thing

I will try and get some more photos to show you the size of this little beast …it’s extremely compact …and I love it! 🙂


Titanium Lanyard Beads

If you already have a ViperFish™ then you’ve got one of these titanium lanyard beads (yeah, I know, don’t tell anyone …I give them as a surprise *bonus* when you order a ViperFish™).

Here’s the thing…

I’m thinking of designing and making a few more of these.

But I really have to gauge the interest first …because there will most likely be a fairly high minimum quantity required to make it feasible.

Here’s a stone-washed titanium lanyard bead on a Prymal™ pry-bar:


Titanium Lanyard Bead


And here’s a polished version of the same bead: (…it’s come out very poorly in the image – but, trust me, it’s incredible in real-life)


Polished Titanium Lanyard Bead


So, yeah, that’s really all I got today for you  😀

If they’re popular …then I make them. Simple.

Ultra-Minimalist Titanium Double-Ended Mini-Wrench!

Just so you know…

I WILL be making this very soon.

This post is to gauge interest from YOU.

I know it will be popular – but I want to know just how popular.

Take a look: (Yes, I know, there are quite a few aesthetic issues on this drawing – but I just had to get this out to you today!)


There are still a few design changes to make from the image above - but this is pretty much close to the final design...

There are still a few design changes to make from the image above – but this is pretty much close to the final design…


It will most likely be made out of 2.5mm thick titanium.

It’s around 60mm (or just under 2 1/2″) long.


However – trust me…

I’ve just had the initial prototypes cut and will be testing it this weekend.

It’s a lot better in real-life than on this drawing (as with most things!).

I’ll show some photos to you as soon as I can!

But, in the meantime, if you can provide your feedback I’d love to hear it.


Got any ideas for a name for it? (I’m a little stuck on a name so far…)

EDC Card (Kickstarter project)

It’s not often I do this…

But, I’m sure you’ll find this of interest.

It’s similar to the prototype I wrote about in this post a couple of days ago – but it fulfills a different purpose/need than I was aiming for.

Yes, I know, it’s not titanium… *the crowd gasps*

But, the Creator makes a very good case for not using steel. So good in fact that I pledged for it. It’s called the EDC Card.

Click Here to check out the ‘EDC Card’.

It’s pretty cool…


EDC Card Kickstarter


Like I said – it’s not titanium.

But it’s pretty well designed by the look of it.

The only bit I’m apprehensive of is ‘Open Hex Drivers’ part – not sure how much grip it’s going to have. But I’m curious to give it a go.

Oh, and it looks damn good too. Which is always important I reckon.

Wallet: I’ve Not Forgotten YOU…

I still continue to get asked about this

I’m talking about a titanium wallet.

Emails, comments and private messages from many dedicated Cogent Industries fans wanting to know when I’ll be doing a wallet.

Rest assured…

I’ve not forgotten.

In fact, you want to know the real truth?

I have not been able to undertake the physical prototyping so far …because of the cost. I mean, just the first part of the first prototype is going to cost somewhere between $500 and $1000.

Don’t get me wrong

It’s not even anything “fancy” either. Quite the opposite actually. Minimalist.

But, because I’ve been producing a few more products recently (and many of you have been smart enough to buy them – thank you!), I have been able to get to a place financially where I can start the actual prototypes (and not just spend a couple of hours out walking each night thinking about it …true story!).

Oh, one more thing:

I made a post a long time ago asking what YOU wanted in a wallet (click here to view the post). There was an obscene number of replies – it was awesome! I printed them all off and studied them in detail.

While I definitely can’t fulfill every request – I should be able to hit a number of them.

So, yeah, the titanium wallet is on it’s way – but it is taking a little while. Bear with me. 🙂

Thank you for your patience.

Titanium “Belt Loop” Carabiner-Style Clip

I feel guilty

My last product (The TiClaw™) was something I made just for me.

So today I’m going back to what I usually do (which is listening to what you want).

What I’m about to show you is the initial designs for something I’ve been asked for over and over and over again.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked for a carabiner-style clip to hang off a belt loop.

This is my take on it (it’s not quite finished):


Titanium Belt-Loop Carabiner-Style Clip

Titanium Belt-Loop Carabiner-Style Clip

Titanium Belt-Loop Carabiner-Style Clip


One more thing…

Although the above drawings are not finished – I have in fact finished the first prototype (being cut as I type this!).

I have a sneaky feeling it’s going to work damn well (after a few minor changes no doubt).

A couple more points on it:

– I’ll most likely add some CNC work to it (which will add to the price …but will be aesthetically mind-blowing 🙂 )

– It will most likely be made from 2.5mm thick titanium (I think this will be the “Goldilocks Thickness” in terms of looks and function)


A Crazy Pocket-Tool For Your Wallet! (Prototype)

I’ve been holding out on you…

Well, sort of.

You know, it’s funny, sometimes I’m bursting with ideas and subjects to write about …and other times my brain just isn’t in gear.

And today is one of those “other times”.

Lucky for you…

I always have a plan for when I lack inspiration:

I rummage through Magnus’ Secret Box of Prototypes“! 🙂

Believe it or not:

The prototype I’m about to show you is actually the first titanium product (well, prototype) I ever made. Yes, I know, you’re perhaps thinking, “Wait a minute, I thought the ViperFish™ was your first product?”

And yes, you’re right, the ViperFish™ was the first proper product I launched. But, in terms of prototypes, there were a few I was working on before the ViperFish™.

Now, let me emphasize this: This is very much still a prototype, not anywhere near my current standards and is from around 18 months ago – so, knowing what I know now, there are a lot of areas I would change if I were to produce it.

Oh, one more thing, I carried this around with me for months …and used it quite often. The “wrench” part worked very, VERY well on taking the rusty bolt off my Son’s bike …I used the edge as a box-cutter a lot …oh, and the bottle-opener received a fair bit of use too.

Take a look:


TiCard Titanium Prototype

TiCard Titanium Prototype

TiCard Titanium Prototype

TiCard Titanium Prototype


Okay, so the features on this prototype are:

  • Metric Wrench
  • Imperial Wrench
  • Bottle-Opener
  • Set-Square
  • Twist-Top Bottle-Opener
  • Wire-Stripper
  • Thumb-Grip (for pulling out of wallet)
  • Side-Grips (for using wrench tools)
  • Hex-bit Holder
  • Pry-Bar
  • Hole for Split-Ring
  • Belt-Loop Hanger


It’s exactly the same size as a credit-card (because it was designed to fit in your wallet …which it did very well!)

The thickness of this prototype was around 1.2mm (0.045″).

It is incredibly light – I mean, you pick it up, and it feels like nothing. And, through my testing, I discovered it’s still damn strong!

What A Funny Situation…

It’s a funny situation…

In an act of absolute selfishness I made The TiClaw purely for myself.

Turns out:

It’s one of my most successful products to date. Crazy.

Maybe I need to just focus on what I want …and ignore you. What do you think? 😀

Okay, real quick…

I’m sure you noticed it already — and the name pretty much gives it away — but notice the front of the The TiClaw?


TiClaw - Titanium Bottle Opener


The very front of the The TiClaw is smooth so as to look like, well, a claw.

Actually… more like a talon on an eagle – like this:


The inspiration for the TiClaw™ design...

The inspiration for the TiClaw™ design…


In fact:

I was initially going to call it ‘The Talon’ …but I noticed there were already a couple of products out there by this name (they were not the same product at all – but the name was the same …and so I really wanted to avoid this).

Never the less – I like the The TiClaw name. It kinda stuck.

One last thing

Actually I’ve not had much feedback yet on The TiClaw …just a bit of a “buying frenzy” (which is pretty cool!).

So, whether you’ve bought The TiClaw or not, I’d love to hear your feedback (particularly since this is a product I initially made purely for myself)

Comments… …good and bad …I’d love to hear them.

Hit me…

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