Cool Titanium “Case Study”

It’s a funny thing…

With all the prototyping I do – I’ve become really familiar with the process of taking a blank sheet of titanium and transforming it into a complete, finished (and high-end) product.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve wondered about this, but what I want to know is…

Where Does The Value Come From?

You take raw titanium …do some “stuff” to it …and then you’ve got a highly desirable product.

It’s kind of absurd when you think about it – but maybe if we break it down it might make a little more sense.

So let’s break-down the creation of the HookUp™ Clips:

It starts with the Titanium sheet being imported from the USA.

I then check it over and ship it 600 miles away to be water-jet cut.

I get the raw, water-jet cut pieces back:


A Couple Of Thousand Clips Ready To Be Sent To My CNC Machinist...

A Couple Of Thousand Clips Ready To Be Sent To My CNC Machinist…


These are then shipped across to my CNC machinist.

He machines the various edges of the pieces the water-jet cutting leaves  a little “rough”.

Now, at the same time this is happening, I ship a thinner sheet of titanium across to the laser-cutting company.

They then laser-cut the “spring” component of the HookUp™ Clips.

I am then shipped back both the spring component and the main body of the clips.


The rest is now up to me

I run both part types through a couple of tumbling processes. (…will leave out the details as some of it is things I’ve figured out that give me with an advantage 🙂 )

The parts are then cleaned and dried.

I then inspect the pieces as I install the spring component into the body.

The functioning of the clip is then tested.

And we’re done!

A super-compact, ultra-light, one-of-a-kind key-chain clip:


A Fully-Finished HookUp Clip (...Demonstrated By Mr Lego)

A Fully-Finished HookUp Clip (…Demonstrated By Mr Lego)


Ah, I get it now!

The “value” comes from the process of doing all these things.

Each little step (I missed out a lot of them so as to keep it simple) adds a little bit of value. There is not really a sudden addition of value – it’s the process as a whole.


Oh, wait, I missed something… (two things actually)

The first:

I invested a boat-load of time in the prototyping stage. It took many months of time, energy and cash to get the HookUp™ Clips to the state of being a finish products.

And, because of this, there is then “intellectual property” value.


The second:

Because of how I run Cogent Industries – you get a LIFETIME GUARANTEE that these will work for you (yes, even if you simply don’t like them, I will give you your money back).

So there is yet more value in the fact you can order HookUp™ Clips and try them without risking a single dollar.


Hmmm, when it’s written down like that, then you can see where the value comes from.

Quite an interesting little case study – even if I do say so myself. 🙂

SeaHorse™ Polished Titanium Carabiner *Only 8 Made*

You’ll probably remember the SeaHorse™ prototype I talked about here

Well, after a ton of grinding and an unreal amount of polishing – I’ve managed to finally get some made for you.

Disclaimer: I almost certainly am not going to be making these polished versions again (the amount of work required is obscene!)

Laying them out for the photos and looking at them — and the amount of work that went into them — I’m so tempted to just keep them.

But, hey, you gave me a ton of great feedback when I introduced the SeaHorse™ …so I feel somewhat obliged to let you have access to them.

Let’s take a look:


SeaHorse Titanium Carabiner

SeaHorse Titanium Carabiner

SeaHorse Titanium Carabiner

SeaHorse Titanium Carabiner

SeaHorse Titanium Carabiner


Here’s the deal:

There are only eight and, like I said, it’s highly unlikely I’m ever going to produce this polished version again.

I think you’re getting the most unique product I’ve made yet – well, it’s certainly the most exclusive that’s for damn sure!

The crazy thing is – I probably need to be selling these up in the $150 to $200 area for the work that’s gone in to them.. But hey, I’m a nice guy, so these 8 pieces are not going to be anywhere near that.

Not only that, but…

You’re also going to get FREE shipping anywhere in the world.

These will sell out very fast – so you’re probably going to see the “SOLD OUT” link below by the time you get to it.

I’m really sorry if this is the case – I just don’t have the time to make any more right now.

If you want access to this unique, one-of-a-kind SeaHorse™ – then order by clicking the link below right now:



Now, if you miss this polished version, I have some good news…

I will be offering a Matte finish version of the SeaHorse™ very soon (maybe even tomorrow as I still have some work to do on them).

Again, there are fairly limited numbers on the Matte finish SeaHorse™, as they require a decent amount of hand-grinding and finishing.

So, as usual, keep an eye out for emails from me for the Matte finish SeaHorse™.

Your Thoughts On Titanium Anodizing?

I’d like your thoughts on this…

As you probably know by now – pretty much everything I produce in titanium is minimalist, simple and no-nonsense.

There’s no “fancy stuff”.

Everything is made to be simple and easy.

To simplify your life …but in a way that SCREAMS high quality and originality!

And, as part of this, I pretty much only produce titanium products in Stonewash or Matte finish.

I’ve experimented with anodizing some prototypes in the past (as well as purchased a few anodized titanium products).

Truth be told:

I don’t know about you but… I’ve always preferred the RAW titanium look (instead of any kind of colour).

But, out of shear curiosity (well, “market research” really), I’ve curious as to what YOUR thoughts are on this.


I love the richer colour that Stonewash or Matte finish titanium gets after it’s been in use for a while.

And, related to this, I’m apprehensive of any sort of colour on my products wearing away with use and looking less good.



There’s one thing I might consider doing just now – and that’s anodizing parts of my products that have places that can’t be touched with fingers …or scratched by other objects.

For an example of what I’m talking about – take a look at the countersunk “lines” on top of the PryMal™ here.

What If Robocop Made Titanium Clips?

If Robocop decided to make clips, then what would they be like…

I reckon they would be something like this:


Titanium RoboClip roboclip-2 roboclip-3 roboclip-4 roboclip-5

Titanium RoboClip

Titanium RoboClip

Titanium RoboClip

Titanium RoboClip


Now, I’ve only done one of these – and it was purely for my own amusement.

I was making another, rounded clip and I thought, “Hey, let’s take away ALL the curves and put in straight lines!”

I don’t know what you think – but I think it looks kinda cool.

However, I would say this particular clip would look a lot better in Stonewash or Matte finish (rather than polished like I’ve done here).

Could be worth a little bit of a re-design and then produce in Matte finish. Would probably call it RoboClip™ (…and then probably get sued by Hollywood! 😛 ).

Seriously though – I’m pretty sure I’ll produce something close to this in (after a bit of re-designing).

A Crazy Thing Just Happened…

So I’m sitting in my local coffee shop…

(I do this every day before going to my job)

Sitting there focusing intensely on my laptop screen and listening to my headphones.

Then I see someone walking towards me through the corner of my eye.

I ignore the figure and continue working away (designing a titanium prototype if I remember correctly).

I can sense the person is still there.

I look up, and… Continue reading…

Cool Titanium Photos…

Today is a photo day…

Okay, so I’m hugely pushed for time (gotta take a road trip today …a few hours each way along a very, VERY uppy-downy-lefty-righty road 😀 ).

Usually I take all my own photos …mainly for speed and getting new products and ideas out as fast as possible. They’re not great – but they get the job done.

However, I’ve had my Sister take some photos of titanium goodies — and she’s done all the fancy-pants processing on them — and I thought I’s share some of them with you.

So, today is a detailed look at the HangKey™ Pocket- Clip:


HangKey Titanium Pocket-Clip

HangKey Titanium Pocket-Clip

HangKey Titanium Pocket-Clip

HangKey Titanium Pocket-Clip


REVEALED: When Titanium Designs Go Wrong…

Thought I’d show you what happens most of the time (when designing)

Believe it or not – but a lot of the designing I do fails (yes, I know, you’re thinking, “Magnus, surely this can’t be so?”).

Well, I have to ‘fess up here …yes, it really is true.

Some designs I start from scratch (after playing around with them in my head for a while) – and others are where I take a couple of ideas and try and make them work together.

But, here’s the thing…

Quite often, when trying to merge two designs, they don’t really want to be “friends”. And, today, I want to show you the evolution (and ultimate failure) of one of these processes.

I wanted to try and integrate a HookUp™ Clip style mechanism with the ViperFish™ design somehow. And played with it for quite some time – but, well, it’s just not working.

Thought you’d find this interesting…


Titanium Evolution


I mean – the design will work.

But it looks like half a fish.

It just looks weird.

I Found This Titanium Prototype Lying Around…

Here’s the problem

I’ve got more ideas than I know what to do with.

Yes, not all of them have “home run” potential (and, hell, a lot of them are just flat-out bad ..or simply won’t work) – but many do.

You probably already know this, but:

Almost everything I produce has its roots feedback or comments received from you.

I’m serious.

In fact, you know on those nature documentaries where you see the lion in the long grass …super-focused …ready to pounce? …well, it’s kinda like that for me on comments and feedback from you.

I’m super-focused on everything I read in emails and comments. Yes, I know, you may have sent me an email with an idea (and I most likely replied) – but you never heard back from me since. I understand if you think it went unnoticed. But, I can assure you, nothing goes unnoticed.

Case in point:

The HookUp™ Clips were a direct result of a comment I read (or it might have been an email) where someone mentioned a particular titanium carabiner that had broken on them after a while. I got to thinking about his issue… and, well, three months later and the HookUp™ Clips were launched on Kickstarter.

Okay, so here’s what today’s post is all about…

I found this in “Magnus’ Big Box of Crazy Titanium Prototypes”:


Titanium Circle Clip

Titanium Circle Clip

Titanium Circle Clip


The idea seemed good in my head. And still does to some degree – but definitely needs a few changes.

Functionality wise it’s good (but does need to be “beefed up” a little). It’s also a bit beat-up looking because I carried it around for a while when I first made it.

Obviously it’s meant to be a split-ring and clip in one – and I reckon it kinda works.

Thought I’d throw this out there for you to either…

a) Sing  my praises


b) Feed me to the lions


Seriously though …as I talked about earlier in this post – I thrive on feedback and what YOU tell me.

Hit me with it…

Whoops (Accidental Titanium Coolness…)

You may not know this, but

One of the BIGGEST problems I currently have in the production side of my titanium products is stopping the various parts “sticking” together when in the tumbler (as well as to the sides of the tumbler).

I haven’t yet found a “magic pill” solution because the products I produce are of various sizes and shapes. And, if they don’t have a hole through them, then it gets really tricky.

Anyway, I’ll get to the point

I recently made a bit of a breakthrough (still at the testing stage though) with this. Woohoo!

I designed a little clip-type-thingy that would go through the holes in titanium parts. They had to be able to clip on quickly and easily. Oh, and they also had to be able to clip off quickly and easily too.

This little part was made out of titanium (obviously :-D) and, well, blow me down with a feather – turns out they look like cool split-ring-type-things …and, so far, they function like a hog!

So, I’ve just replaced all my split-rings on my key-chain with these as a trial. And, well, the results so far are kinda damn exciting.

Also, I’m gonna name these now (in case they turn into an actual product I produce and anyone decides to pilfer my idea :-P).

Take a look at the SnakeBite:


Titanium SnakeBite

Can You Tell Why They’re Called The “SnakeBite”?


Although I Wasn't Going For Design At This Stage (Just Pure Functionality And Nothing Else) ...They Ended Up Looking Pretty Cool.

Although I Wasn’t Going For Design At This Stage (Just Pure Functionality And Nothing Else) …They Ended Up Looking Pretty Cool.


Know this:

These are in no way a final design (remember: these were only for the purpose of stopping titanium parts sticking together in my tumbler).

Would love to hear your thoughts on this… (good, bad and ugly)


Oh, one more thing…

You kinda “twist” these to get your keys (or whatever it is) to slip on and off them. I’ll see if I can do a video of them soon.

Titanium “SeaHorse™”: Please Don’t Force Me To Make This!

This could go really badly

I just spent an OBSCENE amount of time polishing the latest Cogent creation …the SeaHorse.

The result — even if I do say so myself — is unlike anything I’ve seen in a long time!

In case it’s hard to tell from the photos – the SeaHorse is around 65mm (2 1/2″) long and made from 3.5mm thick Grade 5 titanium.

It’s STRONG. I haven’t tested it fully yet for strength – but, believe me, it’s SOLID.

Here’s the problem:

I don’t want to make any more …because the time and effort involved to get the titanium like this is unreal!

But, hey, I’m a helluva nice guy – and you’ve been good to me 🙂

So here’s the deal

If there is enough interest — and by this I mean if I get enough comments and emails demanding I produce it — then my back is against the wall and I’ll do it. It’s a true one-of-a-kind piece.

It blows my mind how something that looks so damn cool …can still manage to perform 100%! But, hey, that’s Cogent Industries for ya. 🙂

So, let me know what you think…


P.S. I secretly hope the SeaHorse is a “flop” – because I want to own the only one like it! (…ain’t I a big ol’ meanie? :-P)

P.P.S. The price will most likely be in the $80 to $90 area – which is probably a bit of a bargain to be brutally honest with you. Should really be asking a couple of hundred for the work that goes into producing this highly-polished master-piece!