Pens, Knives, Carabiners and Tweezers

​A whole load of updates for you this week... so let's get straight into it!

Black Pens

​I thought we had none of these left. But totally forgot I had sent some away to be "experimented" on with a laser.

However, we ended up not doing the laser-engraving thing ...and so we now have them back and available.

There are only six of these available. They are, of course, Titanium ...but we have given them a Matte Black Cerakote​ coating.

One more thing...

​I'm going to slash the price of these all the way down to just $149 (click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page for the "Blackout Edition")​

Titanium Pocket Folding Tweezers

​The self-​hosted crowdfunding project just ended for the TiTweezers™ "Pocket Edition".

​This is the first project in a little while where I've done all the machining myself (to get to this stage at least).

Nathan did the CAD work to take it to a stage where could just start working on the CAM (that's Computer Aided Machining ...where you figure out and select how the milling machine is going to cut the metal away).

Truthfully, ​I can ​work through a design in my head ...but it's a struggle to get it from there to a 3D CAD model. Luckily Nathan is turning out to be a bit of a CAD Ninja and so working together with him seems to be an effective workflow for us.

50% of McDangle™ "Mini" Done

​Customers who bought a McDangle™ "Mini" received an update from me yesterday on ​these.

We ended up selling way more than I expected (who knew they would be so popular!) - I think we're up to near 500 now.

As of right now we are 50% of the way through making these ...and producing a solid 30+ each day (so not long until they are all done).

​It's taken a TON of tweaking as we ramped up production ...but every one is coming off the CNC functioning incredible well (the machining process does require a little "baby-sitting" to keep that consistency - but Yngvar, who has done 100% of the machining on these, has that totally under control).

​There are two versions: the "​Loop" and the "​Standard"

​We will have finished all of the "Standard" Version by lunchtime today as I write this ...and will have some to spare so those are now essentially IN STOCK.

​If you're after a "Loop" Version, then you'll have to pre-order that one (machining of them is going damn well and so it won't be much of a wait).

Click here if you've still not grabbed yours yet.

​Flipper Knife

​Every now and again I talk about the flipper knife we're making...

​This knife is called Project ZERO and is a pre-order for the "Holy Grail" ​folding knife.

I do "Buyer Only" Updates ...but, from time to time, I mention the knife here as well.

​Project ZERO has progressed a lot recently. ​Over the last few weeks Nathan took the original CAD model ​and totally re-built it from scratch.

​We have now started work on making the scales. There are many different parts to work on and figure out (definitely not under any illusion that it's going to be easy ...but I know we can do it and confident it will be worth the patience and effort).

Below are some images of the progress on the design side...

​The first image is of a cross-section of the pivot of the knife:

Here's a little more detail on the rear of the knife. The back-spacer you see below will end up looking something like this ...but we kind of have to leave this design open a little as we get around to testing how the blade sits when closed, etc.

​Here's a cross-section of the rear as well:

​And here is how the knife is currently looking as of right now (the blade will likely get a few more minor tweaks before production):

​I go into a lot more detail in the official Updates section (if you pre-order Project ZERO then you get access to that ...while everyone else misses out :-D) ...but the above gives you an idea of what we're doing and where we're at with it.