Pens, Leather and Carabiners

A whole range of things to cover today...

Titanium ​Click Pens

​We're about to start another run of Titanium Click Pens.

The not-so-good news: They will be shipping in December

The good news: You can order pre-order right now (it's been many months since these were last available)​

Titanium "Double Dangle" Carabiners

​We're planning to run these as a Kickstarter project because the feedback has been pretty solid - which is always good.

As I mentioned in the previous blog post ...we've started a new "workflow" when doing Kickstarter projects. Instead of taking products just to the final prototype stage ...we are doing a "mini" production run.

​This should help catch potential production issues early on - and, so far, it seems to be working - woohoo!

​I have a few ready to go right now ​if you want to beat everyone else and ​get a pre-production version (note: these are exactly the same as the final production version's just they are made on a temporary fixture on the cnc machine)...

​Here's the prototype fixture (yeah, I know, kinda crude looking - but it does what it needs to do :-D):

One-Off Leather Bags

​Earlier this year I collaborated with Kohi Point and made some leather bags (it was a Kickstarter project).

I had wanted a specific leather bag for myself (and even made my own titanium buckles for it). The bag came out so good we ended up launching a Kickstarter project.

Well, the first few bags that were made before the Kickstarter, so they could be used for photos, were put aside (because each bag on the Kickstarter was made-to-order essentially).

​Long story short:

We have four of these high-end leather bags - each one a little different. They are also discounted by a decent amount.

​It's easier to offer these for sale on a separate page - so CLICK HERE to check out these four bags.

​And ...I think that's all I have for you today. 🙂

  • Joe Zhang Hougaard says:

    I’ve had my leather bag for some months and I love it! Even though it’s quite small, you can still fit in a lot of stuff. Such a great product!

  • Mehdi says:

    Hey Magnus, love your work and own some of your products, but your carabiners are always so big to me. Any chance you make smaller versions of this one (same one, but 3-4cm long max) ? Really like the design.

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