I Just Can’t Help Myself…

I have “issues”…

Almost every time I receive the Reward for something I backed on Kickstarter- I just have the mess around with it.

And today:

I’ve been polishing my Techliner titanium pen.

It started with an original grey coating (can’t remember what the coating was called) – but I spent maybe 45 minutes or so on the buffing wheel, and I think it looks kinda cool:




Now, admittedly, it’s not quite as polished as I usually do – but still very cool nevertheless.

The reason I chose to polish it today is because I had Mike Bond’s (the creator of the pen) project pop-up on my “48-hours-left” Kickstarter countdown list today.

(I recommend you take a look at all the crazy-ass materials Mike is offering the Techliner in… CLICK HERE to check it out right now).


I’ve just ordered another, shorter version of the pen. In titanium again – but this time in a very cool black PVD coating – which looks like this:




Like I said…

I have real “issues” when it comes to leaving things alone.

And, ah hell, I’ll just blame my flawed genetics. Not my fault. ūüėÄ


  • B Alan Eisen says:

    I know the feeling. I saw the pen roll in leather. I made my own out of deer skin. I like it much better than the Kickstart one anyway.

  • Joe w says:

    I think I could improve some stuff I have but mostly end up doing nothing with it ūüôā

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