Not For Sale (Just Showing Off!)

This took ages…

It’s not for sale unfortunately (only did one of them as an experiment).

But thought you’d like to see it. It’s a deep-polished version of the PryMal™ – Titanium Pry-Bar.

Nothing much else to say – just enjoy the photos… 🙂







Oh, and yes…. it’s does look this good in real-life! 😀

  • Neat. Here is a wish: Could you tell us a bit about finishing titanium, how you do it, what it takes in general (tools, machines) … with or without pictures.

    • I forgot to say: We have heard lots about your tumbler, of course, so you can leave that out. But you didn’t do this in the tumbler, for sure!?

      • Brad says:

        It takes alot of hard work to polish Titanium like this. He probably spent 30min at a buffer.

        • Mike Gallwey says:

          Yes 30 min or more and most likely alot of ouches and maybe swear words every time the titanium got a wee bit too hot for the hands…

          • Yes indeed Mike …it gets so hot so fast it’s crazy.

            That’s part of the reason it takes so long …waiting for the piece to cool down a lot of the time.

            Also, when it gets really, REALLY hot then it ruins the buffing wheel in the blink of an eye …got to throw it out. Gone through a lot of them trying to get the polishing right.

            And, yes, lots of burnt fingers too!

    • Yep, Brad pretty much hit it there …30-min+ for this one.

      I’ll see if I can to a photo or video explanation of the polishing soon for you.

  • William says:

    Employ some poor soul and just incorporate the labour price onto the polished item?

  • Robert says:

    It’s also a survival tool! Any sun reflection off that can be seen for miles. Now I want one! 😉

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