Rabbit Update (Custom Titanium Screws and Posts!)

Okay, so, I’m picking the freshly machined Rabbits up this afternoon and will start the tumbling this weekend.

Luckily I have a beast of a tumbler so should be able to put 200 at a time in (maybe more!).

I will do a better update soon but I really have to run off right now and pick up those Rabbits!

In the meantime – here’s how the new, slimline custom titanium screws and posts turned out – enjoy:


  • xan chan says:

    I’m hoping the slimmer screws will let me put my Kryptonite bike keys in it. I have 3 and it’s been driving me nuts bc most key holders aren’t made for the plastic part of the key

    • Hey Xan, I’m curious as well – but I am not familiar with these keys. I will have a look on Google to see if I can find them. But, in the meantime, are you able to direct me to what your keys look like? Cheers.

      • Joe w says:

        If he has the same key that I have it has a heart shaped hole with point of the ‘heart’ being approx 5mm from point of the heart to the middle of the heart and about 8-9mm across, at the widest point. Currently this hold is only big enough to put a split ring through but won’t fit on my existing Cineik key holder. Hope that helps.

        • Thank you Joe. Hmmm, to fit on the Rabbit posts it’s going to need to have a 5mm diameter hole – which it sounds like it does not have.

          However… with the included titanium “figure-of-8” and titanium split-ring I’m including then you will, at least, be able to attach such keys the Rabbit.

          • Joe w says:

            Indeed Magnus. However, I view this as a fault of Kryptonite, not of yours. I’ve never understood the need to break away from the traditional/universal hole in the key design. Perhaps they just want to be unique…. Or annoying

  • David Smith says:

    I really liked the other postsand didn’t think slimmer version would look as good but I was wrong!

  • William says:

    Way better.

  • Ian Stearns says:

    I really dig the new screws! they look great and the tapering will be nice in the pocket

  • B Alan Eisen says:

    Nice screws. I am looking forward to replacing my Keysmart. It just isn’t working for me.

  • Moose Man says:

    They do look cool. I’m replacing my key smart and OrbitKey as well with the Rabbit so this looks even better.

  • Robert says:

    I’ve been looking for a set of titanium screws for one of the Paramilitary 2’s I have, and I was wondering if you might have some in stock or if it were possible for you to fabricate a set.
    The screws that I am referring to are the two Torx-10 and the four Torx-9 flathead screws that hold the knife together.

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