REVEALED: The HookUp™ Clip Goes “Big”

If you’re familiar with the super-successful titanium HookUp Clip (click here if you’re not), then you’re going to find this interesting…

Oh, before I continue… This post has absolutely nothing to do with the Kickstarter project about to launch in the next 23 hours. 🙂

It’s been a bit crazy here at Cogent Industries lately…

I get asked for specific designs and products all the time – and unfortunately I can’t manage them all.

But, I did make time for this little (well, big!) beast:





Yes, you got it…

It’s a “scaled-up” version of the original HookUp Clip.

Two important things you NEED to know:

#1 – It functions extremely well.


#2 – There are at least half a dozen changes I need to make to the design. And, to be fair, this is only for aesthetics. It just doesn’t look right (even though it functions flawlessly).

Oh, and on this design, the “spring” (that’s what I call the lever mechanism) opens fully all the way – not like the original HookUp Clips which are slightly limited due to their ultra-compact size.

  • Sazad says:

    That awesome Magnus, I need two of this. Will you do add on to your Carabiner Kickstarter project? Thank you

  • Miroslav says:

    Count me in on this one!

  • Joe says:

    YES! I would much have preferred this to the ultra-small carabiner you made!

    Make it! 🙂

  • Herbert says:

    I’m afraid i will want some of those …

  • Ben says:

    This looks awesome and is just one more of your creations fore to drool over while I await my newest shipment from you which includes a 5 pack of the original hookups

  • Bob Lukach says:

    If you make it, we will buy it! A larger version would sell really well Magnus.

  • Ryan Davis says:

    When can we expect these?

  • Man, these are proving to be more popular than I thought…

    I’ll see if I can get these tweaked and prototyped as fast as I can.

    Not quite sure how fast as everything kinda shuts down here in New Zealand this time of year.

    I will keep you posted!

  • Angel Lledo says:

    I need I big and 1 small, please. Thanks!

  • Cheryl Nowack says:

    Love the idea of the larger hook-up. I’ve bought 2 sets of the small ones already and use them ALL the time. I do have a problem with 4 of the small ones though. They are awful ‘wiggley’ and seem to slide back and forth too much and un-hook. Can I do anything to tighten their ‘spring’? I’d hate to lose my mini tweezers or any thing else I bought from you on Kickstarter. Please get back to me. Thanks. Cheryl

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