What If Robocop Made Titanium Clips?

If Robocop decided to make clips, then what would they be like…

I reckon they would be something like this:


Titanium RoboClip roboclip-2 roboclip-3 roboclip-4 roboclip-5

Titanium RoboClip

Titanium RoboClip

Titanium RoboClip

Titanium RoboClip


Now, I’ve only done one of these – and it was purely for my own amusement.

I was making another, rounded clip and I thought, “Hey, let’s take away ALL the curves and put in straight lines!”

I don’t know what you think – but I think it looks kinda cool.

However, I would say this particular clip would look a lot better in Stonewash or Matte finish (rather than polished like I’ve done here).

Could be worth a little bit of a re-design and then produce in Matte finish. Would probably call it RoboClipâ„¢ (…and then probably get sued by Hollywood! 😛 ).

Seriously though – I’m pretty sure I’ll produce something close to this in (after a bit of re-designing).

  • William says:

    Brilliant, I’ll have that one!

  • PR Taylor says:

    You should name it The Scorpion

  • DON says:

    I like the bit driver/split ring hole combo.


  • Tim says:

    You’re getting close to a titanium scorpion

  • David B. says:

    I like it! Especially the finish.

  • scon says:

    Sweet! Magnus, I am thinking this would look good in any finished! You are having some really good at bats! Keep swinging for the fence!

    How about a Q-Clip ?

  • Joe w says:

    It reminds me of the Omnicorp logo in the original RoboCop films, remember it? Could call it the Omniring or something along those lines haha

  • Peter says:

    Looks great !
    I would go for a matte finish.

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