REVEALED: Tiny Titanium Tweezers

Okay, so here’s the deal…

I’m going to reveal the “Mini” version of the titanium tweezers from the upcoming Kickstarter project.

But you must promise not to share it with anyone… it stays on this semi-private blog, cool? Good.

What I’m about to reveal to you is the final prototype for one of the sets of titanium tweezers I’m going to be offering on Kickstarter very soon.

The pictures below are of the set I’ve been carrying around for a couple of months now (so they’re a little “beat up” – but still look good!).

(oh, also, the tips are not shown in detail as I struggled to get the camera to focus …but, trust me, they are machined to perfection!)






Here’s where it gets interesting for YOU

I had around 12 of these prototypes made (I’m fairly obsessive and so wanted to make sure I had more than enough for testing the tumbling and finishing process).

Now, here’s the thing:

A couple of them didn’t pass the scrutiny of Cogent Industries Quality Control (which is basically a “fancy pants” way of saying: ‘I didn’t find those specific pairs good enough to keep’ ūüėÄ )

In addition to that – I have to keep a around three for photos and such for the Kickstarter campaign.

Which leaves SEVEN available…

Yes, you got it. I’m giving you the opportunity to buy a set of these mini, final prototype titanium tweezers right now.

Because these are final prototypes, they are pretty much what the final tweezers design will be – and so I’m confident enough to let them go (not only that but I’ve been testing them for months – so I know they work damn well!).

There is no big “sales pitch” here – because, quite simply, there’s only seven available and I expect them to sell out within an hour.

My apologies in advance if you don’t manage to get one of these seven pairs …but, the good news is …they will be on Kickstarter very soon!

I don’t know what the Kickstarter price will be yet – so I’ve priced these seven prototype tweezers at a price I think is both fair and damn good value …just $37 (If I told you how much it cost me to get these prototypes produced it would make your eyes water!!)

I’ll also include FREE Shipping …and I’ll also give you a FREE Titanium Split-Ring for it too!

To grab your pair of mini titanium tweezers – just hit the button or link below and you’ll get taken straight to the order page.




NOTE: These will ship this coming Monday 27th October.

  • British says:

    Those look nice, but I have two questions/concerns:
    – Is the rubber ring absolutely necessary ? I don’t quite fancy it…
    – What is the width at the tip ? These seem to be rather (too) large (or it’s the tweezers that are *really* small, in which case that’s fine)

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