SOLD OUT In 7 Minutes

​A strange title for a blog post, right?

"SOLD OUT In 7 Minutes"

​​Well, I'm referring to the new titanium CandyCan™ design.​ The first run of them sold out in 7 minutes (I sat and watched the ​statistics of my online store in disbelief as the sales flooded in).

​I did another run of these soon after and they all sold out almost as quick. I received a lot of emails from fairly unhappy people who had missed the CandyCan™.

Unfortuntely, we are flat-out making the Flixx™ Knife right now and we also don't have much raw titanium material to make many CandyCans™​.

So the solution was to launch a NEW Kickstarter project - which I have just done.

And oh boy!

What a launch it has been - here's what the page looked like ​about a day or so after launch:

So, yes, it seems to have been worthwhile for both Backers and myself to launch the Titanium CandyCan™​ project on Kickstarter.

Oh, also, not only is it a fairly short project - but there are a couple of Rewards that are a damn good deal for you.

Heat Treating Knives

​Here's a super short video of part of how we heat-treat blades for the Flixx™ Knife...

The above video is only a little bit of the heat-treating process - but, for now, it's working very well. We're tweaking and adjusting things all the time though.

​Weirdly enough...

We have found the oil quench (Canola Oil) to work better than metal plates for the blades we've done so far. But, in saying that, these are somewhat "chunky" blades.

​Flixx Knife "Smoothness"

​Had a bit of an "issue" yesterday while assembling the Flixx™ knife...

Just as a reminder - this is what the Flixx knife™ looks like:

​I was opening and closing the blades during testing and was finding that some of the blades would be a little tight at certain points as they opened and closed ...and a little loose at other points.

​It was not something I really wanted on them. I'm really after something smoother than this.

After lots of assembling, disassembling and re-assembling...

I figured out that the phosphor-bronze washers are not working the way I expected - they seem to be "sticking" for some reason.

​Long story short:

I figured out that adding an extra washer on each side gives it the buttery-smooth and consistent opening-and-closing I had with the initial prototypes.

​So the issue here is that I've machined the scales to allow for one washer on each side - but I'm now going to fit two per side.

​What I'm going to do is machine in a recess into each scale so I can fit the additional 0.40mm (0.016") thick washer on each side.

Here's what the scales look like currently:

​And here is the change I'm going to be making on the scales...

​The "bad news" (not for you but for me)... that I've already machined most of the scales (I think around 140 or something like that so far). And so I'm going to have to make a fixture on the milling machine to modify these. No big deal.

​The lesson here:

​I should have taken more time at the earlier production stages to test the functioning of the knife all the way through to the moving of the blade (and not just assembly only).

​Now, here's what the inside of the scales are looking like with the new pocket machined out to fit the extra washer:

​The scales above are not finished (still have to be tumbled) - but I've been testing them as they come off the milling machine and the new "Double Washer" solution is working very well.

And I think that's it for today.

I've done a poor job of replying to comments in the last two blog posts - I am sorry. I will do my utmost to respond to comments if there are any this time!

  • Josh A says:

    Are you considering running another Kickstarter with other (larger) sizes?

  • Linwood says:

    Looking forward to my Flixx! Any update on the wallets?

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