STEAL This Titanium Wallet From Me!

A quick warning

The titanium wallet prototype in the images below is not something I will be making (and I’ll get into why in just a second…).

What I’m showing you here is something I carried with me for over six months!

This was my full-time wallet …and I loved it. Well, mostly. I have to admit it was a little fiddly to get the cards out sometimes. But, to be honest, I had a design fix for this …but just never got around to doing it.

(Oh, and I have to give credit where credit is due… my sister helped with the initially concept of this)

Here’s why I’m showing you this today:

Since I prototyped and tested this wallet I’ve since made two massively different prototypes that build on this (and I’m now on the fourth).

Important: The subsequent prototypes after this one are hugely different (and, being brutally honest, a lot more high-end).

So why am I showing you this one?

Well, not sure, probably because there are a lot of people out there ready to throw handfuls of cash at a damn good titanium wallet (and that includes me!).


Titanium Wallet Prototype

Titanium Wallet Prototype

Titanium Wallet Prototype


Now, here’s the thing…

Although I’m 100% sure I can make a few changes and have this as a fully-functional wallet – there is a reason I can’t do this.

And this reason is because I simply cannot produce it with the elastic strap. It’s just not good enough!

Don’t get me wrong

The elastic strap I used in this wallet is very, VERY high quality. But elastic strapping will perish over time. So will rubber. And so on…

I really need a titanium wallet that will last 900 years. Seriously.

So, yeah, I’m sorry if you kinda like this wallet – but I simply can’t produce it. It’s not good enough for me.

But, here’s the good news:

Feel free to steal this idea from me. If you want try and produce it – then go ahead. I’d like to see someone make it but, like I said, it’s just not good enough for Cogent Industries to produce.

Oh, and one last thing

The compact size of this wallet was just unbelievable. Absolutely mind-blowing.

Oh oh, and related to RFID-blocking:

Not that it makes much difference  – but I did some initial testing with RFID-blocking on this and it seemed to work (by that I mean I had swipe cards that failed to work when they were inside the wallet).


I’ve had a major breakthrough recently on the latest titanium wallet designs and so it’s being given super-dooper high priority now! 🙂

  • I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • Hi Magnus,
    I like good ideas, but as we in Europe still have coins, and we use coins a lot, I cannot have a wallet were I cannot store coins in it.
    Currently I have not seen any “new” design of a wallet, that could contain coins…..SO still using my leather wallet, because I have no option.
    Please take into account there are still parts of the world who uses coins…. And want to store that somewhere in a wallet.
    Looking forward to your design


    • Herbert Eder says:

      I am from Austria and most people do use coins a lot, and until a couple months ago i did use them, too – it takes some effort to change your mindset, but i am hardly using any coins anymore now. When i receive coins as change money, i just put them in my pockets and get them out when i’m back home, and just collect them at home and use them as tips for the pizza-delivery-boy to get rid of them again.

      Anyway, there is one slim wallet that has place for at least some coins – it’s the Poquito Wood Wallet (also from Kickstarter). Check them out. I might even let you have one of mine (i got three of them) if you like them 😉

      • Hey Herbert – whenever I get coins then I do whatever I can to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

        The plan is to have an optional coin module. I think it will work – and continue to develop the concept.

        I just checked out the Poquito Woo Wallet – looks kinda cool. Not sure what it would be like carrying wood around (that sounds weird!).

    • After your comment I started re-thinking adding a coin option.

      I think I’ve managed to get something that will work. So, yeah, hopefully!

    • Ramon Pallaske says:

      As a German I can say, that I used wallets without dedicated space for coins for ages. No sweat.
      You just need to get rid of them as fast as you can or keep them in your pants. Just like Americans do. 😉

  • Phil says:

    Magnus, just find a solution and do it! It’s amazing nice…I have a few wallets like this (leather only) and I love them…and I’m also live in Europe and I don’t want to carry coins in my wallet…it makes it too heavy.

    Come on…do it now! 😉

  • John Luker says:

    Looks very similar to the HuMn wallet. I funded their KS project and carried the carbon fiber model for several months. I ended up just using one plate with cards on one side and cash on the other. Didn’t care about RFID since none of the cards I carry are chipped.

    • Yeah, I like the concept,/em> of a simple elastic-strap wallet …but as to creating one – not so much.

      Just looked at the HuMn wallet. Amazing. It did 300k! So, yeah, the concept is popular for sure.

  • says:

    Yup! I agree with you: no elastic bands. I’ve been using a little alligator card holder with a money clip for ten years now, and it’s getting a little tired looking. A-waiting your new design.

  • Tom Anderson says:

    Magnus, I’m somewhat of a wallet-nut. I have been collecting them for years. I’m into thin, minimalist wallets. Elastic Bands Suck! And… I’ve backed over 70 wallets on KickStarter (told you I’m a nut).

    All of the wallets that have elastic bands or rubber bands I’ve replaced with silicone bands. Those silicone wrist-bands that seem to be so popular these days and they come in just about any colour that you could imaging. They also come in many sizes… and I’ve found that the small child size works perfectly. If you click on the website link I’ve posted a photo of 2 of the wallets that came from KickStarter (the “Machine Era Wallet” that came with an elastic band and the “Basik Wallet” that came with a rubber band).

    The cool thing about these silicone wristbands is that they last for years, have no memory, are cheap, and replacements are available from many sources.

    Hope this helps,
    Tom Anderson
    Newport Beach, CA

    • Wow, Tom, definitely should award you Official Wallet-Nut.

      Thanks for your photos of how you’ve modified your own wallets.

      Quick question…

      Do you have a favourite wallet(s) and why??


  • Stephen says:

    Nice! What does the back side of the wallet look like, solid with slots? Why don’t you sell this one and release “2.0” / different model later. I’d probably buy it buy this one, and it’s definitely stealable, lol 🙂 Very intriguing and greatly anticipating the version that passes muster.

    • The other side of the wallet has hideous-looking elastic strapping (hand-stitched and really ugly) – so I specifically hid it on the photos.

      It is a pretty cool wallet and, like I said, do-able. But, because of the progress I’ve made since this wallet …then I just can’t do it.

      Doing what I can to get the wallet out as fast as I can. 🙂

  • Joe w says:

    I was skeptical when you first mentioned a titanium wallet but after these pictures I can’t wait. You really should reconsider producing these, they are gorgeous, perhaps try the silicone band idea above instead of elastic??

    Looking forward to the final design!

  • Kelvin Lim says:

    Hi Magnus,

    Nice design, some thoughts i have, how heavy is the wallet? Also not sure about others i always find it a hassle for those triple fold notes, need to take it out, get the right notes and place it back again. Wish there a clip design or something, double fold, easy access to the dollar notes.

    Looking forward to your final design as well.

    • I have to admit that triple-folding notes bothers me also …but here in New Zealand cash is not used very much – so it’s not much of a pain most of the time.

      I’m trying to figure out a way to do just a double-fold – would be so much better. So, yeah, watch this space.

  • Christina Paine says:

    So excited ! ???

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