The Reviews Are In! (Well, ONE of them…)

I think you’ll like this…

A Kickstarter Backer, Mark Bakas, of my first product (the ViperFish) has uploaded a video of the unboxing of it.

You’ll find this interesting (although, personally, I found it fascinating).

I spent a lot of time putting the ViperFish (including the packging, etc.) together — and so it’s great to see how it is received.

The current run of ViperFish is shipping within 24 hours so there’s still time for you get yours here: ViperFish


Mark’s unboxing of his ViperFish  (thank you Mark!)…


  • Tim says:

    For gods sake just open it!

  • Wesley Theulen says:

    Amazing packaging WOW! Can’t wait for mine

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