Weird Titanium Belt Buckle

I’ve got a couple of things for you today…

Firstly, thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. I showed you two different titanium tweezers designs and asked which one you preferred me to launch first.

Twice as many people wanted the “slide-out” version compared to the simpler, more minimalist version.

But here’s the thing…

I’m always up-front and honest with you. And, in line with that, I think I need to launch the simpler titanium tweezers first on Kickstarter. The reason for this is that the titanium pens and titanium pencils from my last Kickstarter project are becoming ready for the finishing process.

The finishing process in very involved and I want to ensure I’m not over-loaded. The “slide-out” tweezers take a LOT of work to produce …and so, when I think about it, I think I need to do them when I’m not already in the middle of fulfilling 1000+ titanium pens and pencils.

Right, onto more fun stuff…

I thought you might like to see a prototype titanium belt buckle I made a couple of years ago:



I had the main parts water-jet cut …and then finished the rest of it by hand (including the mirror-like finish on some of the “layers”).

Truthfully, this belt buckle is a little on the large side. But, honestly, it works so well it’s crazy.

There are no holes in the belt. It works with just friction alone. And, because of this, it’s infinitely adjustable with no “slip” whatsoever once it’s tight. I used it for many months after I had made it.

And here’s the funny thing…

I made this before I had access to any sort of CNC machining and that’s why I had to make it in 14 separate “layers” like this:


A rough prototype for sure – but you get the idea, right?

Okay, I’m done.

Oh, before I go, here’s a sneaky look at what’s happening at Cogent right now… (fulfilling Rewards for my last Kickstarter project)





Oh, wait, one very last thing(because I keep getting emails about them)

I’ve finally re-done the Titanium PillPots order page so you can order whatever combination of PillPots you like (before I did this you were limited to how you could order them).

Not only that but I’m now also offer the *NEW* “Bottomless” Extensions.

They look like this:


And you can add as many together as you like to hold whatever you need to hold:


>> Click here to check them out <<

  • Daniel says:

    Hi Magnus
    Great to see the pens and pencils in process: belt buckle looks very cool indeed. I wonder if it will ever be launched 🙂

  • Simon Rimmer says:

    Hey Magnus
    Didn’t comment on tweezers cuz link wouldn’t work. But, I would love a set of the mini twezers, im a sheetmetal worker, and always getting splinters, and the mini would be way easier to carry. Any chance you could make them again, or do you have one mini left??
    Ps great stuff you make, wish it were cheaper, but I understand. Canadian dollar sucks right now so expense is worse.

  • Peter says:

    Could you re make the buckle? and make it somewhat thinner….I would buy one : )

  • Michael says:

    My current buckle is like this, and I love it, but it’s stamped brass and webbing, and 30 years old. If you produce a Ti buckle in that format I would be all over it.

  • colin says:

    Agrees with Peter here…would be nice for the buckle
    to be slimmer….say about 50%….?

  • Brandon says:

    Slimmer and I’m in. I would actually like the all brushed finish better. If it was all one finish you may be able to make it out of 1 chunk on Ti and save a bit on the cost!

  • Edward Burr says:

    Back in the Boy Scouts about 30 years ago, I had a buckle like that as part of my uniform, not of titanium though (possibly brass?). I would love one of these, maybe smaller and thinner, fairly minimalistic.

  • Flo says:

    When will we be able to choose the finish for the pencil/pen kickstarter?

  • William B Schinella says:

    I think the belt buckle is a great idea and if it can be had at a reasonable price that’s even better!
    Great work, keep going with new ideas,

  • Peter v E says:

    Hi Magnus,

    I like the design of the buckle, when do you plan production 🙂
    I would like one, when I understand how it is working

    Peter v Eijndhoven

  • Alex says:

    I would certainly love to have one with a slimmer profile ( agree with 50%)

  • Vincent Goudreault says:

    What is the height of the PillPots bottomless extension? The order page mentions the diameter, but not the length.

  • Ansel says:

    I’d buy this buckle. Sizing it for the numerous thicknesses of belts on the market though looks to be quite the headache. Nylon webbing has come into vogue and the size options may be a bit more manageable.

  • Kevin says:

    Not really a fan of the design of that buckle. It looks very strange, more strange than I’m used to.

    I have previously backed a project called Trakline which is a belt similar in concept to yours (no holes), but rather than infinitely adjustable and held by friction, it’s adjustable at 1/4 inch increments (which is already plenty precise) and with a uni-directional latch, for lack of a better term. Much simpler, more stylish, and more intuitive to use, plus the belt doesn’t wear down over time from being held by just friction. Maybe see if you can get some inspiration from them?

  • Jonathan says:

    Love the belt buckle – would buy it if you make it.

  • Paul says:

    1) it’s truly beautiful
    2) I probably couldn’t afford it

  • >