Titanium Belt-Loop Clip (Prototype)

It’s been a little while…

…since I showed you an actual, real-life-and-honest-to-goodness titanium prototype (…and that’s because I’ve been busy producing the TiTweezers™).

But I’m here now and want to show you something.

Truth be told:

I think I may have showed you this sketch a few weeks ago.

Regardless – here’s the sketch again…




And, as if by magic (although it’s not really “magic”… it’s a ton of time drawing, CAD design, water-jet cutting, hand-grinding and tumbling), here’s what it look like (sorry for the poor-quality photo – sitting in the coffee shop right now):




Here’s the Kicker:

It actually works pretty damn well.

Usually the first prototype I make is waaaaay off the mark (but that’s fine, because that’s what it takes) – but this little thing looks like it only needs a few changes.

The bad(-ish) news is…

I don’t know if I’ll actually make it – because I doubt it’s got enough appeal to enough people. But I thought I’d show it to you anyway. 🙂

One last thing:

The real problem with this one was getting the correct thickness, together with the overall shape, so that it would spring-back when pressed. But, like I said, it works well on this prototype with only minor changes required.

In fact, I reckon it would be a great product sold as a set of, say, five or six. Perhaps to be used camping and so on.


Oh, in case you’re wondering…

It is very, VERY strong – so, no, it doesn’t even come close to opening when you pull on it (with a ton of force) when it’s hanging/dangling.

And, even then – a final version would most likely include some sort of “catch” of “hook” like most carabiners have (I can explain if you don’t know what I mean :-D).

  • karl says:

    Like it want one or two.

  • Ben says:

    Looks awesome I want some

  • Joe w says:

    I think you are wrong in that they don’t have appeal, I’d consider owning one if they were made! I like them, the design is aesthetically pleasing lol

  • klyph says:

    If you develop a hook for the gate you will have a winner especially if you sell it in a 5 pack it’s a perfect size. I really want to see you challenge yourself with a true locking climbing rated carabiner. Though I know that’s asking allot. Keep on keeping on Magnus db 🙂

  • Bob Lukach says:

    It appeals to me Magunus. Mark me down for a few.

  • William says:

    It looks great, I Iove it’s simplicity I will definately have one when they come up.

  • Wesley says:

    I always use a carabiner on my keys. I would definitely get at least one. I don’t know if the hang key is going to be for me (it should be on the way soon) but even if I absutely love it I would still get this! Keep up the great work Magnus!

  • Steve says:


    You gotta make it, I need one, NEED.

  • B Alan Eisen says:

    Sell them in sets of 4 or 5. They will sell better than anything except, maybe, the tweezers. How could you think that this would NOT be popular?

  • Jerry Welch says:

    I’ll buy as well. It looks good to me as it is.

  • Roboholic says:

    It looks awesome. I have been searching the Internet for a small Ti carabiner for a keychain. This looks great and could be used as the base of a keyring. Just a couple of questions, How thick would titanium be? How large would this be over all? Maybe two versions one in pocket size one for outside. I want a couple for sure.
    Thanks Rob

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