Titanium Cheese Grater

Before I get into this post…

The Titanium Cheese Grater I’m about to show you is not my project. Nope.

This is my Machinist’s project on Kickstarter (click here to check it out):

And, yes, it’s made from one slab of Grade 5 Titanium:

In the past I’ve mentioned “my Machinist” – but I don’t think I’ve said much more about him.

Basically, you know all the titanium products I design, make and sell? Well… although I do the designing, cutting and surface processing/finishing …it’s Warren, my machinist, who is the “CNC Ninja” and does the machining.

And similarly,

On this Titanium Grater project of Warren’s I will be doing the initial titanium supply and cutting …Warren will do the CNC-machining …and then I will be doing the final surface finishing.

The first time I tried one of these Greater prototypes I said to Warren, “I need one!”.

There are a number of reasons this Titanium Grater is so good …but there are three things that do it for me personally:

#1 – Compact and easy to clean (no need for those huge “box” graters)

#2 – I typically only grate a small amount each time (again, there is just so much mess and “overhead” with those big “box” graters)

#3 – It’s will literally last decades (I am pledging for this Titanium Grater on Kickstarter myself …and it’s the last grater I’ll probably ever have to buy)

…there are a bunch more reasons this is such a phenomenal grater – but these are the core things that “do it” for me. 🙂

To support the project on Kickstarter (and get it for significantly below final retail I might add!) then click here: http://kck.st/2w8Ce9T

Titanium Cheese Grater

If you have any questions about it then Warren is fairly fast to answer in the comments section on Kickstarter project page (and I will also be able to answer there as well).

  • Bob Gelb says:

    Thanks Magnus…showed the website to my wife and Bingo, she had to have it
    as a “Valentines Day pressie.”

  • Brent says:

    Balisong trainer.

  • Jacob Schexsnayder says:


    I am looking for some of your titanium pill pods, do you have any left?

    Will you be making them anymore and if so when?

    I am looking for any flattops 28-45mm, preferably the larger but I would take what you have.


  • Rbl says:

    I keep wondering if a well made titianium letter opener is possible. I don’t know how big a market there is for one but I’m interested.

  • Doug says:

    Any chance of a short video of this grater in action?


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