​Titanium ​and ​COVID-19 Lockdown

A few things to cover today...

First up, COVID-19 has become an issue for us - and here's why:

​COVID-19 Update

​Yes, this is yet another COVID-19 update you're hearing (I'm sure you'​re up to your eyeballs with updates from others!).

​​I'll get straight to it:

​Here in New Zealand the entire country ​has just gone into lock down​. Only "essential businesses" can remain open ...which, unfortunately, does not include us. :-/

​All four of us here at Magnus Industries will be self-isolating (along with ​almost the entire country) for what looks like about 4 weeks at this stage.

Essentially this is like hitting a big PAUSE BUTTON for us in terms of production. Sky, who does the customer support, will continue to work from home - so we'll still be answering emails and such.

​We should still be able to ship products if it's something you've ordered and we have in stock (we only have a few products in stock right now - carabiners, HookUp Clips, and one or two other things). Shipping is with DHL Express as usual. ​Packages are arriving as fast as they usually ​do (as far as I can tell at least).

Apart from not being able to run production it will kind of be business-as-usual ​in terms of blog posts and such. We'​ve been prototyping here and there and had ​actually planned to launch one or two Kickstarter projects before we knew about the lock down.

So far we've been able to continue with at least of one these (it launched a few hours ago) - I'll give you a link in just a ​minute.

I hope, whichever country you are in, that you and your family and friends a​re safe and well. This is a fairly unique situation humanity finds itself in. Not so much the virus ...but that such a virus is occurring at a time when everything, on average, has been the best it's ever been (communications, connectivity, medical care, computing power, etc.).

We are very lucky.

Business Continues (well, mostly)

​I briefly mentioned above that I've just launched a Kickstarter a few hours ago.

Strange timing. But thankfully, because of the nature of a Kickstarter, it gets fulfilled once the project ends. So, in a weird sort of way, a Kickstarter is a great thing to be running right now.

​So, the project...

​Like I said the project has just launched and has kind of gone ballistic already!

Usually projects do well - but this ​one was well over 150+ Backers in less than 24 hours...

​The project is for a re-designed Titanium Utility Blade Knife.  I designed and made one last year. A lot of people loved it ...but we also received some "constructive criticism" about it. Not that much - but enough for me to take notice.

This new utility blade knife is essentially re-designed from the ground up (with YOUR feedback in mind). And, so far, it's proving VERY popular - which, honestly, is exciting. 🙂

I've written about all the features on the Titanium Utility Blade Knife project page (CLICK HERE to check it out).

​Although this design is quite similar looking to the knife I designed last year ...it's actually fairly different in terms of how is functions. Again, best to go to the Project Page to learn more about it.

​The PillPots

​Another shameless plug for the Titanium PillPots...

I sent out an email last week for the heavily discounted PillPots (so this is just another heads-up really).

​I'm offering the standard 22mm and 28mm sizes ...but, for the first time in a couple of years, I'm also offering the 36mm and 45mm as well. These are tricky to keep in stock (cost of material and cost to produce are high) and hence these are all pre-order so I can buy the material and make them specifically for you. 🙂

Here's ​a reminder of what the larger (36mm and 45mm) PillPots look like:

​...and I think that's all I have for you today.

​Oh, one last thing...

​I'll probably be doing a few more blogs posts and things like that over the next few weeks because of the lock-down (usually I'm spending time catching up with projects - but there is not too much I can do just now).

  • Linwood says:

    Obviously its not done but whats happening with the Magnatron and Fliptility knives?

    • Magnus says:

      Hey Linwood, for the Magnatron I’m just wrestling with the plunge-line of the blade (proving difficult) – but it’s almost there. Reluctant to give a specific time to be honest – but I’m hoping to have some coming off as soon as we’re back.

      With the Fliptility… I have some scales and pocket-clips done. Just the blade and the ‘slider’ for the blade to go. I’m hoping to have these done withing the first week or so of coming back after the Lockdown (you were the second person to order …so you’ll be getting priority).

      Again, I am very sorry for the lateness Linwood.

  • Enrique says:

    Hi Magnus,
    Any news/updates on the bolt-action pens?

    • Magnus says:

      Yes, sort of. We’re in the process of buying a lathe right now to produce them on. It ended up taking a lot longer than expected (thought we’d have the lathe in January). I don’t have a specific time unfortunately …but hoping a few weeks after we get back to work.

      Most of the parts are proven out and ready for production – but we need to make them all at the same time (hard lessons learned from the past when we didn’t do this and had many scrap parts).

  • Nicholas Hobson says:

    Update on the writing sets?

    • Magnus says:

      As with the Bolt Action pen (commented above about it) – we’re waiting for the lathe. Again, apologies for the massive delay, I really screwed it up for you. Sorry Nicholas.

  • Herbert Eder says:

    Stay safe, don’t hoard toilet paper 😉 and maybe you will have time and be in the mood to do some youtube videos during that time. And while you can’t get any production done, maybe you come up with some ideas about new products – what kind of Titanium tool or gadget would be useful during this kind of Zombie apocalypse?
    CU (here or on youtube),

  • John says:

    Hope you and your family stay safe!

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