Titanium “Fidget” Toy

If you’ve not hear of “fidget spinners”, then take a look at the short video below:


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And here’s a few photos of the spinner I talk about in the above video (possibly the greatest “fidget” toy soon to be available 🙂 )






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  • Tomas says:

    Hey, glad to see you’re working on a fidget spinner. There aren’t many titanium ones available yet, so I’m excited about yours. I did a ton of “research”, and ended up buying a spinner from Stedemon Knife Company because it was a cheap place to start. It’s not *great* looking, kinda like an unfinished pry bar, but it’s got good hardware (ceramic bearing), a good size (roughly 6cm long), and good buttons. I’m very happy with it. I also like zerofeud’s design on his “compass” spinner, but haven’t found one for sale yet.

    I know this is early, but I hope you won’t mind some feedback.

    I usually really like your design style, being clean and simple. That may not be doing you a service here, since, especially polished, the faceted design you’ve chosen gives this an ostentatious “bling” quality that’s not usually present (or desired by me, anyway) in your products. It looks considerably better in stonewashed, but still doesn’t look like it matches your style. Something with dimples like your pry bar and tweezers, or soft knurling like any of your bead designs seems like it would work much better.

    I recognize this is an early prototype, so you may not have gotten to this step yet, but don’t forget that the “button” design is an important factor and should (in my opinion) have a smooth “worry stone” quality to it, no matter how the edges may be styled. Interchangability with some of the other people making custom buttons might be great as well. This is somewhat true of the bearings too, as it seems this type of product is attracting the type of people that want to modify, customize, and improve their spinners themselves.

    I hope this advice helps.

    I wish you the best in this project, and the others.

  • Nicklas says:

    if you do it with a matte finish I’m definitely in 🙂

  • damon b stelly says:

    Personally I think the button would look much better smooth. Most other buttons screw on but just use finger tight, with no problems!

  • Nick says:

    Definitely in for one of these as well.

    I personally like the stone-wash finish as well, but the polished actually looks really sharp on that prototype. Maybe an option to pick your finish?

    The other thing that may be cool is if you did the body in 2-pieces, to “sandwich” the bearding in place. By doing that, you could also possibly add weights into the ends to make it heavier (I know, defeats the purpose of titanium), and would make it spin better. This would then enter new issues to solve though, like how to fix the 2 halves together cleanly.

  • Nathapon Chintawongvanich says:

    Yes I’m in…
    Few notes to get a perfection, do consider
    – worry stone fell
    – longest spin time
    – ceramic although not Ti but we will understand
    – removal to become a finger nuckle
    – fit somewhere for opening bottle

    Maybe I’m asking too much
    But all in one would be lovely.

  • Curby says:

    Hi Magnus, nice idea! I’ve got three quick suggestions/ideas: chamfered symmetric holes (one on each wing) to allow for easy carry on a neck chain, mini carabiner (e.g. nite-ize s-biner) etc.

    Second, concave surfaces on on the thumb button instead of screwdriver slots.

    Third, I know this is just a proto but the spin time seems a bit short. Perhaps different bearings and more careful balancing would help, but another problem is titanium’s low density. A denser material will allow for longer spin times with everything else equal. If you want better weight and still keep the premium material focus, how about tungsten inserts in the wings? It could even be a design element with the contrasting metals.

    • Paul says:

      I agree with Curby, I also want a longer spin time. Being titanium is a hindrance to long spin times because of its light weight, but the tungsten inserts at the wings would be amazing. The best materials with the best design; sounds like a Cogent project to me. ?

  • SWY says:

    This looks great! Signed up for the list. I order a couple of fidget toys and spinners from kickstarter… dang, would not have ordered ’em if I’d know you were working on one too. Looking forward to them!

  • Matt says:

    Hey Magnus,

    Firstly your engagement process is honestly one of the best and I am a pretty busy person. But on a train ride I always tend to give your emails a read since they are fun and engaging. Plus I like that you research products and try to find ways to make improvements.

    Allow me to show you this product which fits in the similar niche: https://www.metalworn.com/product/titanium-turbine-hand-spinner/ Would be very interested to see you innovate in this area since I am quite impressed with the machine work metalworm has put in.

  • James Overley says:

    Awesome when i saw this i realized i have needed something like this my whole life much better than fidgetting around in my chair or recently when i get very anxious in unfamiliar places. I looked online at some of the other ones most 3d printed plastic or wood, the few other metal ones i didnt like the way they looked or the way they would feel.

    Since i bought your hangkey when you did your kickstarter ive been waiting for something else you made that i would need because i like just the way it felt and it made my life a little bit simpler.

    Just out of curiosity what ball park is the price goin to be in the range of so i can start saving up for it. because i am really digging how your prototype looks

  • Phil says:

    I like the design of both spinners and have quite a few others. Some cheap, some high end. For the high end spinners I’d recommend high end bearings as people expect long spin times when they spend $$$. Something coming close to 90 seconds at the very minimum. The ends need to be weighted to achieve this, so keep that in mind.

  • Tomas Brown says:

    Not sure how you were going to do your buttons but this will give you the clean minimal look you like.https://instagram.com/p/BNN0f-7DtHG/

  • Robert Brisson says:

    I’ve seen your video on the Ninja Star spinner, and while I like the design, I don’t think I’d be able to travel with it. As a result of the three corners, the American TSA and other airports are likely to view this as a potential weapon. The last thing I would want is my first spinner to be confiscated because I forgot to leave it at home. That’s also the same reason my edc knife is an inexpensive one.

    I’m just looking at spinners, and know very little, but what I haven’t seen in the videos I have watched is in regards to the bearing design. As stupid as this sounds, how will your design (no matter the final form) either keep dirt and foreign objects out of the bearings, or how can it be cleaned to keep it spinning beautifully?

    Thank you for your work, as I love your simple, elegant designs. Your click pen looks like the first I’ve seen to meet my standards of simple elegance while being strong and dependable as well.

  • LEI says:

    bro,I had bought so many spinners but this one is my best expected.because this design Very plain but there have something make me crazy on it,I can’t say it with any words.Give me the feeling is very suitable for me.like a Lamborghini concept car !yes!like concept car with high technology.I Can’t wait to have one.

  • David says:

    Do you have an eta of when you will be ready to ship

  • Kyle says:

    I think it is perfect the way it is. You nailed it. Don’t change a thing.

  • Jad John Salem says:

    Hey Magnus,
    you should think about making the fidget spinner you talk about in the video in two models:
    1. Matt finish.
    2. polished finish.
    That’d be a great idea and would probably attract more people because of the different choices.
    think about it, it might be a good idea. I’m a designer I’m good with those kinds of stuff.
    take care.

    P.S: The spinner that’s in the shape of a cube, the one you carved so well, and have made a video about it April 15th. You REALLY need to sell it. I’d pay anything for it, I’m so into it. I’m a collector of spinners.

  • ocean martin says:

    Hello my name is ocean martinbut i used my moms e-mail that is [REMOVED] and i love your fidget spiners you have some great designs and i cant wait to get one, i was wondering how much are you charging for the
    fidget spinner that your holding in the very begining of the video above

    • Smith James says:

      You will get all types of spinner online also.
      Last Month I got 2 special edition spinner within the discount rate through online…

  • Mark says:

    Good evening, how are the titanium spinners coming along? Do you have an idea as to when they will be available for purchase?
    Thanks and hope you are well.

  • Smith James says:

    your fidget spinner designs are good.

  • Andrew says:

    I saw you on YouTube and have been looking for your Spinners ever since. If you plan on selling them do it soon because the hype is wearing off and I along with many other people are losing interest. Great work just put it on the market!

  • John says:

    Agree with Andrew’s post. Get it on the market before competition catches up.

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