Titanium Hand-Sanitizer (PLUS "Titanium Damascus" Key Holder)

Just TWO things for you today (but they are awesome things).

I'll talk about the Titanium Hand-Sanitizer in just a second - but first...

Titanium Damascus Key-Holder

I machined six of these plates last weekend ...and they all came out REALLY well.

The one in the photo is a good representation of what the rest look like. I have just THREE of them  available (and I'll tell you now they're not that cheap compared to the regular CoolKey™ - Titanium Key-Holder version.

I've put a lot of care and attention into these - and it seems to come through. Here's an even closer look:

Oh, and I've not done any "doctoring" of these photos ...this Titanium Damascus we've got really is visually mind-blowing!

Like I said... only three available... they're not that cheap (sorry, but it takes so much raw Titanium Damascus to make these) ...but, by god, are they one-of-a-kind!

Here's the link (scroll to the bottom for them): CoolKey™ - Titanium Key-Holder

Pocket-Sized Titanium Hand Sanitizer

These are not for sale yet - but hopefully will be soon (somewhat depending on what feedback we receive from this blog post).

Quick note: As I mentioned in the last blog post, although we're making progress catching up on late products/projects ...we still need to continue to make sales to keep the rest of the business going. And this Pocket-Sized Titanium Hand-Sanitizer is one such product.

A tiny bit of backstory:

Usually, for most of our products, we play around with concepts for many months (and often years to be honest) ...but this Pocket Titanium Hand Sanitizer is a little different ...only took a couple of weeks of "playing around".

During that time we went through every possible option we could in terms of how to deliver the liquid/gel. We had simple-ish mechanisms ...complex mechanisms ...and we were even close to making our own version of a soap-dispenser pump (we dismantled one here in the workshop ...and, although fairly common, it's a really clever mechanism).

The problem is that I really wanted to keep this product super-simple and not have a dozen parts (because it would start to cost hundreds of dollars).

Long story short:

After a ton of thought and rejecting every imaginable idea (no matter how "cool" the mechanism was) ...we came upon an idea that is, as far as I can tell, the absolute simplest mechanism possible.

As with most of our designs.. we pretty much have to work our way through lots of different (and complex) solutions to finally arrive an something that is crazy simple. This concept is crazy simple - but it took a long time to get there.

Anyway, here's a video explanation and some photos:

I've not shown the function in the above video - but I can attest to it working really well with both very watery sanitizer as well as thick gels (and anything in between).

Would love to hear any feedback/thoughts/etc. in the comments below - thank you!

  • Chris says:

    I feel like it would be more keychain friendly is it was oblong similar to your Nissan key fob. I know it would hold less but i think the benefits of how it fits in the pocket out weigh the overall capacity.

  • Robert says:

    I Like it . The size looks good. Just make sure it doesn’t leak.

  • Che says:

    I like the design and I agree the small ribs for grip would be great. Interested to see the price point.

  • Richard says:

    Consider making two sides of the cylinder flat so that there is more grip for slippery fingers. Also it would keep it from rolling if it’s not on a key chain.

  • Pedro says:

    Great ideia !
    Another plus would be some kind of Minimal grip on the body due the push movement.
    Think smaller diameter option would also be welcomed by some!

  • Nicola says:

    I think it looks fab 👍

  • Norman Miyamoto says:

    Awesome concept, your hand sanitizer….Norman

  • Don Kephart says:

    Looks good. I’d like to buy one for my step-son to go with his 22mm pill pot set. When do you think that they may be available for purchase?

  • Don says:

    I like the design and size. I can think of other uses other then Hand Sanitizer.

  • Marc says:

    Great stuff as usual, reckon I’d be in for one!!!

  • Dave W. says:

    To add grooves to the nozzle part for added grip, you could mimic the key ring pass through. Mill two grooves the same width as the pass through, but with a more shallow cut depth that would align with the pass through when the top is tightened down. This could be executed in similar fashion to how the clip of the click pen lines up with the release mechanism when tightened. I’m sure what comes out of your shop will be more elegant, so I’m excited to see the final product!

    • Magnus says:

      Thank you Dave. We’ve got an initial model for the grooves just now …and will try it at the start of the week. I’m reluctant to put lines/grooves in this unless they need to be there (so these are fairly subtle grooves).

    • Brian Fawcett says:

      I like the cap as it is because the Keyring will also provide leverage to open and close the cap. Still needs the knurling to open the top of the body (to refill) though as the surface area is too small to get sufficient grip to open it.

  • Richard says:

    LOVE the hand sanitizer bottle. I sure hope it will be made!

  • Rockett86 says:

    Fantastic idea and design. Been looking out for an edc sanitiser. Very interested!

  • Smilodon says:

    You say that it works with watery hand sanitizer. How well does it work with straight isopropyl alcohol?

  • Tom says:

    It looks very interesting to me, depending on price.

  • Martin says:

    Size is great, make sure it doesn’t leak. Even adding a Keychain to the top will help with opening but notches will def help.

  • Donald W Perreault Jr says:

    I love it, as is and as long as it performs as stated, I’m in.

  • Michael J says:

    LOVE the idea! I’m always looking for easy ways to carry hand sanitizer around, and this plunger device is sexy. Curious how much (or how long) it uses from each push, but I guess that depends on each user. It would be annoying to have to refill it everyday, but it will vary on each user. I like how this does not have any branding on it, just like with the candy can and upcoming pill pots. I wanted to pick up a key holder but wasn’t a fan of “Magnus” etched into the side—although it is a bad ass name 😉
    Also curious around the price point, give the “three” minimal part construction. Again, great job as always.

    • Magnus says:

      Hey Michael, we’re going to put the “MAGNUS” name on the push-button on the bottom (which I think is a fair compromise). Also, yes, the logo on the KeyHolder was pretty big …might reduce the size in the future. The price will likely be somewhere between 100 and 200 USD. It’s four parts …but takes a lot of machining and multiple operations (would love get it near 100 USD but it’s unlikely to happen unfortunately).

      The amount that comes out is very dependent on the user. I’ve heard recommendations of 3ml is what should be used when applying hand-sanitizer …but that just seems so much to me.

  • Colin says:

    The Hand-Sanitizer looks good, I would buy one. Do you think it would be a good idea or completely unnecessary to include some spare O rings for peace of mind and longevity?

    • Magnus says:

      I believe the Nitrile O-rings we use will last many, many years (possibly decades). I doubt they will ever need replaced. We use the same o-rings on the Titanium PillPots — we’ve been making and selling these for 6 years — and I don’t think we’ve ever heard of them having to be replaced yet.

  • Bert says:

    Not sure how certain liquids will react to the o rings and rubber. Tabasco sauce, shaving cream, shampoo, eye drop liquid, moisturiser – so much science to test haha

  • Mark says:

    Great idea! You could probably use it with a hand lotion for the cold months in these parts that get snowy winters(?) A slimmer version might work for lip balm too…

    • Magnus says:

      A lot of people (particularly women) use the small 22mm PillPot we make for lip balm. They use the short base and the looped lid and attach it to their keyrings.

  • Alvin Liuson says:

    Love it. Take my money!

  • Philip says:

    I like it, really nice. My only query would be that typically people use a pretty decent slug of hand sanitiser and especially if it’s a gel it might be quite an effort and take more than a second or two to get a decent amount of gel through a hole that small. I’d definitely like to see it in action when filled, if that looks good then I’m in.

  • Sherry says:

    I’m good for one or two!!!! But I like Richard’s idea of making two sides of the cylinder flat so it doesn’t roll around. Kind of a mini flask design That would stay flat in your pocket. Some people use theirs on a separate keychain without keys, to have easy access while using it multiple times a day without taking out their whole keychain. I know many who work in jobs who need quick access to their hs bottle that they’ve strapped around a rubber cord and put through a belt loop. (Looks terrible.) This round design will work, but a flat design that could eventually be engraved would be a beautiful piece of art and similar to an old fashioned pocketwatch that men carried with chains. I think hs will be with us forever now.

    • Magnus says:

      Thank you for your comment Sherry. It would be tricky to add flat areas to to the main body because the walls are fairly thin. I would have to make the walls thicker and then machine flat areas away. Unfortunately this would increase weight and cost significantly.

  • Noone says:

    I’d like to see how it dispenses the sanitizer…not sure why you don’t want us to see that, but I’m not going to buy one until I can see it actually work.

  • Bryan zandler says:

    Love the sanitizer dispenser hope you move forward with this!

  • Sherry says:

    I can actually think of sooooooo many men who don’t use spinners, knives, EDC stuff, but would totally appreciate this. But make it like a nice piece of jewelry, not just a cylinder that we see everyday for pills. Just MHO.

  • Morgan says:

    Agreed with Chris – longer and thinner would be better and more “pocketable.”

    I’d also look for a solution that won’t require a screw-on lid. If the goal is to get sanitizer on your hands to kill germs… smearing those germs all over the outside of the canister just to unscrew it negates the purpose when you transfer the germs back to your hands after. One-handed sanitizer bottles are key.

    • njwcog says:

      I agree. My first thought was that the lid is a problem. You’d need some sort of flip lid maybe?

    • Brian Fawcett says:

      Think about it……………if there is sufficient residual sanitizer on your hands when you replace the cap, there will be enough to sanitize the entire device in one quick rub. I don’t see it as an issue. I agree with your comment that it should be longer but definitely not thinner though………or simply offer the same but in two sizes. One as shown in the Video and one double the length. Making it thinner would be a deal breaker for me as my hands are like CAT Loading shovels and my fingers are like Jumbo sausages! I am sure I am not the only one on the Planet with hands like King Kong 🙂

    • Magnus says:

      Making a small, simple thing like this ultimately does have compromises. For example, this is about as long as we can make it …while still being able to push with your finger. Any longer (and/or thinner) and we’ve have to figure out some sort of mechanism to allow the plunger to be pushed all the way down to the bottom.

  • Jay Newburgh says:

    When do I get one!
    Some kind of knurling around the screw cap is a good idea.
    Stay safe.
    Jay Newburgh

  • mark says:

    very interested in the titanium dispenser 🙂

  • Wilmer Schock says:

    I’m in Magnus. It’s something which will be derigueur for most of us. I would certainly use one. Keep the cost reasonable for those that appreciate Ti , and you’ll have plenty of orders I think.

  • Brian says:

    Howdy, Like the hand sanitizer. I would prefer the lid as not being able to go on a keyring. My key are already bulky enough. The nipple looks bit in reality a flat top with a shorter lid would work just as good, be lighter and less work. I agree that opposite flat sides would be better. Also I have thick fingers so how big is the hole in the bottom or will I have to push it with my pinkey finger.

  • Enrique says:

    Look awesome!
    Would love to see it in a frag pattern, which would solve the gripping problem all around!

  • Tyler says:

    Would the sanitizer degrade the o-rings over time? Any way to incorporate magnets so it isn’t a twist off? Can you make a thinner version?

    • Magnus says:

      We are specifically using Nitrile O-Rings …which tolerant of almost everything (until you start getting into acid, etc.). No magnets for sure on this one (starts to get trick because of trying to find that balance between too stiff and too loose …plus could cause a real big problem if they are near credit cards). Thinner version may be possible in the future.

  • Scott says:

    I love the concept and proof you have. The function works great for small uses. Do you know how many ml/oz it holds?

  • Kirk Poschman says:

    It could also be used for $500 and ounce perfume.
    Could the top taper in to maybe 75% or 66% of the diameter of the body instead of being squared off? Also, do you think a thicker oil-based hand lotion (like Nivea) would dispense nicely?

  • Steve says:


    Although I do agree that an oval/flattened side would be very cool. Of course, at the end of the day, it does somewhat depend on the price point, but let’s face it: it hasn’t stopped me yet…

  • Trung says:

    Love the hand sanitizer! Always love your products Magnus! All the best to you!

  • Tony says:

    Looks great. It’s not really a pocket item but will probably well in a bag – even a man-bag! So, I don’t think it’s worth trying to get it more key ring friendly otherwise it will not hold enough gel to make it worth carrying. Then, of course, it’s the price??

  • Lucas Hipkins says:

    Great concept! Where do you come up with these ideas? 😉 I absolutely love it and will grab 2 when they’re ready. Can’t wait!

  • John says:


  • Nick says:

    Great idea and design. I’d like to see one without the hole in the lid as this wouldn’t be a keychain carry for me. Perhaps have this as an option.

  • Hannah says:

    I like the look of it, and am also interested to find out its volume.

    I like the idea of adding some grip, and would second the other person who suggested a design with single handed operation, however I appreciate this would probably involve several manufacturing complexities that would increase the potential for breakdown, as well as production costs.

  • Steve says:

    Show it dispensing gels and fluids asap

    Seeing is beleiving

  • Kelvin says:

    All very good comments so far. My 2p here. Shorter nipple like by 5mm for longer cylinder allows cylinder to hold more content. A strong magnetic cap that you twist to reverse polarity which in turn separates the cap to open easily rather than twisting/screwing the cap back on. For an example is the Kosmos INK Fountain pen cap cover as seen in KS. Slightly chamfered surface on one or two sides to prevent rolling. If the bottom disc where you push to dispense is also either magnetic that a magnetic rod can attach and reverse pull the bottom disc or has a hole to screw in a rod to reverse pull the bottom disc, helps maintain hygiene when refilling without using finger to push disc back to start. best wishes.

  • Ronny says:

    Like the concept & like the functionality as well as the size. Looks like it would be a fantastic daily user…

  • Kristina says:

    OOOOH! I will definitely consider purchasing one of these even though I have pledged to 2 refillable sanitizer campaigns on Kickstarter. haha

  • Leon says:

    Love the concept.

  • Steve says:

    Coming from a locksmith perspective the cap where you put the split ring is a little tight to the ring unless you are supplying a ring to go with it and that gets attached to the actual set of keys. I love the design and simplicity, great idea.

  • E. W. Jones says:

    Very elegant-looking device, as usual! One suggestion: Make the collar of the dispenser nozzle elliptical rather than round. Put a hole in each lobe of the ellipse, where they extend beyond the diameter of the main body. This addresses three issues, 1) Prevents roll-away, as seen in your video; 2) Provides grip to unscrew open, no need for grooves; and 3) Provides a second attachment point, to keep the cap and dispenser together. One other suggestion: A stainless or titanium return spring inside the main tube would further reduce leaks and contact draining.

  • Steve says:

    Magnificent Magnus, that looks great, almost sexy.
    The notches on the rim would help, but any form of return spring I can’t see that improving the chamber.
    KISS, keep it simple.

  • Bernd says:

    I like the idea a lot!
    Couple of comments:
    – How gel-tight is the bottom that’s being pushed up? I suspect it depends on the plate being at a perfect angle to the tube. Can that be more safely achieved with 3 O-rings (or perfectly achieved)?
    – As a round bar is probably easiest to machine, is there a chance you could introduce horizontal grooves (from lid to bottom) that would allow better grip? They wouldn’t have to be deep. The main reason is that hands might be a little wet/slippery before or after use so a better grip would be great.
    Ultimately, my final decision will come down to a mix of usability of the product and price point.

  • Toshi says:

    What if it was oblong shaped? Like a lighter? It would be less bulky in your pocket, you could maintain the volume capacity, and your over arching plunger based concept will still work…

  • Daniel says:

    I agree with the comment that three o-rings might be needed, otherwise I love the design and intend to purchase one. I would like to recommend that for this and other new products, that the release date and time of the product be emailed and listed ahead of time. I live in Florida and very often I don’t get the email that the item is available until hours after, due to the time difference, and miss out on products i wanted to purchase. Thank you for having such high standards in the products you produce,. I am very happy with my key holder, key dangler, pencil and pry bar.

  • IAN says:

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Rocco says:

    I could imagine using it for actually all sorts of liquids, just thinking of sun-blocker.

    In order to use them and be flexible in general, please do not use rubber grommet and I-rings, but ones made out of silicone – rubber will detoriate with oil.
    Otherwise the concept is so great, I‘d like to take multiple for at least 3 different things- did I mention lubricant ?
    Anyway, in order to carry multiple, 2 little things come to mind:
    – how do I differentiate between them? Maybe give the lower part a little ring/recess around it, so one could use e.g. colored nailpolish that stays inside to mark it. For the ones who don‘t it is only a little ring in it (like those in the pill pots)

    – carrying multiple on a split ring might simply not work. I have no idea how to work around it, but having 3 with me and put them on a ring ‚besides each other‘ would be awesome.

  • Arvid says:

    I’m in if it can hold oil/sunblock/solvent/hot sauce. Please use silicone o-rings!

  • v says:

    I’m interested and i like it. I think there are a lot of good ideas in the comments section as well.

  • James Bruce says:

    I like the idea / concept but disappointed to see you jumping onto the anti Covid-19 bandwagon. What are you going to come up with next, a titanium face mask.

  • Mark Sparks says:

    I want! How much??

  • Prashanth says:

    Sounds interesting. Looking forward to the sale page. Quite curious about the price point!

  • Kimberly says:

    Will the first batch be shipping out soon?

    • Bob says:

      Same here. Curious. When the first 59 came up for sale, the ship time was 4-5 days from purchase. It now says 10 days. Is this going to turn out like the other projects where time to ship goes from days turn into weeks into months???

      • Sebastian O says:

        Like all other projects in the past 🙁 Two weeks now with no comment or information. Seems to be his private Kickstarter-Platform. I really love his products, but customer care is not his business.

  • Sebastian o says:

    For the first 59 pieces a shipping time of 5 days was indicated. I have ordered directly (8th of September) to have the SaniTi safely with me during my vacation which starts on Friday. But once again I am disappointed as a loyal customer! Magnus makes so many great, high-quality products, but he always takes the test of patience of his customers very calmly. For me it was the last product I buy from him! Again and again you are put off, products that seem to be within reach are delayed for weeks and months. This is simply no fun anymore! I’m sorry Magnus, but this is not the way you treat your 🙁

    • Will says:

      Same here. I got in on the first 59 in less than 10 minutes after I received the email it was for sale. Been a very loyal customer for years because I love his products. I own the pen, candy can several pill pots, bottle opener, beads, etc. never disappointed with the products. But seriously, please don’t treat your loyal customer like this Magnus. Be honest and upfront and not come back with a bunch of excuses why the project is delayed, yet again.

  • Christian Haller says:

    I’d get one for sure.

  • Iain Thirsk says:

    Dear Magnus. I have had your Ti hand sanitiser for over a year now and it’s been well used. I put a leather lanyard on it to make it easier to hold the lid when in use. My only complaint is it is very heavy for its size. I wonder if machining out the lid, base and cap – while leaving some dead space – might make it easier in the pocket.
    One of my other comments would have been on slightly rough feeling threads but with use these have got much better.

  • Brandon Frank says:

    I would love to buy one or even more for my family depending on the price. This is such a helpful product that I hope it’s not to limited because it can keep people healthy. Put me in please.

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