*NEW* Titanium Mini-Wrenches

I took a chance…

Rather than showing you the prototypes for these – I’ve just jumped right in and made them!

They are literally in my tumbler — getting that exclusive Matte finish — as I type this.

You may have seen the double-ended version before (I posted about it a couple of weeks ago) …but the single wrenches are totally new:


Double-Ended Titanium Mini-Wrench together with Metric and Imperial Single-Ended Wrenches...

Double-Ended Titanium Mini-Wrench together with Metric and Imperial Single-Ended Wrenches…


And it gets even more interesting…

These mini-wrenches have been CNC-machined to finish them (instead of finished on a grinding wheel).

They are super-compact …actually, scratch that, they are ultra-compact. I will show them to scale for you soon….

But here’s what you need to know:

I’m going to be doing a damn good deal on these when I first launch them (almost certainly won’t have this super-deal again!).

Stay tuned…


Oh, and one more thing

I’m struggling for a name for these (the TiWrench™ kinda seems a bit obvious.

Any thoughts?

Love to hear them!

  • brad says:

    Sorry “WTF” is taken, lol. Maybe… hmm..Wrench-Anium – no body ever used the end of word Titanium.

  • Chris says:

    I now kinda regret buying the TiHawks! When I saw them I knew that they were the best Ti mini wrenches that I’d seen, but I didn’t really want—or need—them to have bottle openers on. Still, I decided to buy a set anyway. Now that I see these, which seem to be the same thing without the unwanted openers—making them even smaller, and removing some redundancy from my EDC—I feel like I should have waited…

  • Anne Macdonald says:

    How about ‘Tinium’ seeing it’s so small. 😉

  • Mike Gallwey says:

    Looks great.. Can’t wait to see the real thing.

  • John Luker says:

    Should have made the lanyard hole on the double unit a 1/4″ hex…

  • Dwayne says:

    To me the inside of the wrench looks like steps to staircase. So I would go with the “The Ti-Step” and the “Dual Ti-Step” or the “DoubleStep”

  • William says:

    What about the Ti-ny Wrench.

  • Michael says:


    And, cool! I’m definitely gonna have to get the double sided one.

  • Tom says:

    I know this is awfully sophomoric of me but the name Tit-Wrench would, if nothing else, be memorable.

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