Titanium Nastiness…


This may sound a little weird, but…

I get “paid” to think. No, really, it’s true.

When designing and developing new products (or even re-designing older designs) most of the work is done in my head.

Yes, there is always a lot of physical making, testing and tweaking …but those stages only come after I am sure the design is possible. I think the reason for this is that it’s so damn fast.

Actually, it’s even faster than fast, it’s mind-blowing. It’s like super-sonic Mach 10! In fact, that’s my favourite new phrase for sure …“Mach 10 Testing”. The next time someone sees me staring into space and asks what I’m doing …my answer is going to be, “Mach 10 Testing”. How is that for being obnoxious? 😛

Anyway, about this ‘Mach 10 Testing’…

When working with designs in my head I can “try out” things really, REALLY fast.

It works well …most of the time. But sometimes, and I can’t quite figure out how, it’s a disaster. Like this:


The above are some “plates” from a wallet idea I had 18 months ago.

It seemed so good in my head. But when I got the pieces water-jet cut I quickly realized the idea wasn’t even close to working. It was way too big… and way too heavy… and way too many pieces. Quite simply: it was a pile of doggy poo!

Here’s a rough sketch of the concept:


So, yeah, carnage and nastiness!

Little known secret:

Behind every slick-looking business is chaos. Especially if it’s a successful business… then every day it’s all about putting out fires (sometimes literally if you’re in the titanium business :-D) and figuring out how to fix all the stuff that’s going wrong. Not that I’m saying my business is slick-looking …but there is a bunch of chaos.

What kind of chaos?

Just so much stuff really:

Like ordering custom-envelopes to hold products… and finding out they split-apart by the time they reach the Customer.

Or having the webserver I use for my website get a bad reputation** because it is (probably) shared with another website who were sending out spam emails …and therefor ALL my order confirmation emails to EVERY customer went to their spam/junk folder for weeks.

(** = yes, website servers have “reputations”. That’s part of the way your email account knows whether to flag emails as spam or not – by identifying the server it was sent from. This may not be the best explanation but it’s the best I can do :-P)

That kind of stuff. I don’t mind it when it’s just a “wasted money” thing like the custom-envelopes splitting. No biggie. But when it’s something that really affects the experience of a customer …that’s where it’s frustrating.

Anyway, one more this to discuss with you today – THIS:


50KG of SOLID Grade 5 Titanium loveliness! 😛

Actually, nothing to discuss …I just wanted to end on a high-note after all that depressing putting-out-fires-and-stuff-going-wrong talk.

Although I will say it’s for part of this project I talked about here.



I’m almost finished the final prototypes of both new large and small tweezers …next week is likely when the final prototypes will be finished.

It’s likely that at least one of these will be a Kickstarter project. Will keep you posted!


  • Lucas says:

    Hey mate, I never received this email. I found this update on Google Now. Does this mean that you have shelved the Ti Wallet idea? This is the most exciting idea I have heard in a long time and if you have decided not to go ahead, I will be so disappointed.

  • Hey Magnus,

    Like Lucas above me I just found this on Google Now also?!?

    I never got this email either (Just for you I will recheck my SPAM folder, it’s probably in there).

    From NZ all the way to Maryland, USA it made the trip did its job and is still telling war stories…
    We still have your INTACT Costly, Cool, Custom, Coal-Colored Cogent Industries envelope that our TiTweezers came in.

    Wifey decided It is too nice to throw away or recycle and she will most likely re-use it to Gift something in and then brag about her fancy new Tweezers (if I don’t beat her too it).

    Dang you got a BIG STiCK! You’re given me a a case of Ti envy.

    Stay motivated!

  • MagnuficenTi,
    Update: 20 Minutes ago your Email was successfully delivered at 0715 EST this morning to my InBox…
    Woo Hoo!

  • Chimera says:

    That explains why I had to keep digging these e-mails out of my spam folder for a few months. I was wondering why that kept happening.

  • >