Titanium Pens And EXTREME Pen Testing

A few things for you today...

In terms of late projects - some products are still delayed (we continue to work through them though).

In terms of products that are actually shipping:

The Titanium "Click" pen should start shipping next week (they may even all ship next week - will see how it goes).

The Bolty bolt-action pen will start to ship soon after the click pen mentioned above.

Extreme Pen Testing

I've wanted to do this for some time...

While our two CNC machines have been flat-out running (late) pen parts I've been spending some of my evening and weekend time setting up a testing station for our pens (and ultimately other products).

Using a mash-up of Arduino electronics and pneumatics I've been able to create a pretty damn robust testing station for the automatic clicking of the "click" pen.

Here's a super short video:

I don't yet have any solid or consistent numbers on how long the click pen mechanism lasts until it starts to fail.


I do have some initial numbers - and, if I'm being honest, I'm a little disappointed in them.

The first pen I tried started to fail at around 20,000 clicks. I was hoping for more than that.

So I'm going to look at improving this mechanism right away (or at least before we make any more ...which will not be until early next year at the earliest).

Black Friday Deals

As you may know (because I talk about it in almost every blog post)...

We're late on a number of projects/products and catching up on these as best as we can (while at the same time making sure the business is still making sales).

Unfortunately this has meant we really don't have much in stock because most of our machining time is going to the late projects.

Our plan for this Black Friday time of year is to offer your some solid discounts on a few different products we don't currently have in stock (but keep getting asked for ... a LOT!). There will likely be (up to) a few weeks before shipping on these - but it's best we can do right now (which I think is better than nothing at all).

So keep an eye on your email over the next few days - I'll be sending out some solid deals for you.

NEW Titanium Pen On Kickstarter

As you may already know - I'm a big fan of Kickstarter (it's what allowed me to get started in this titanium business!).

We still continue to run Kickstarter crowdfunding projects (although less frequently than we used to).

The last project was for a utility blade knife back in April around 8 months ago.

We're about to launch another - which will likely be scheduled for delivery in April of this coming year.

Truthfully, I'm fairly excited about this project as it's for a NEW titanium pen that has a unique, never-before-seen mechanism.

I'm going to send out another one or two emails about this pen before we launch it (launch should be later this week).

In the meantime - here's a little preview of the internals of the mechanism:

  • Robert Ferguson says:

    Magnus, while you’re trying to get people pumped up about your new products, I am still waiting (for over 6 months) for my PillPot – Long Base + Loop Lid. Why haven’t you mentioned it?

  • Gary Ricard says:

    Really like using your erector set as a pen-click-station mounting assembly. Cool.

  • Jimbro says:

    New pen design looks very interesting!

  • Andrew says:

    I really hope your pen is thicker than your previous ones. That’s my one beef with your pens. Most of the other edc pens out there are 1cm or .375 inch diameter. The Tactile Turn pen (my personal favorite for length and thickness) is 1.1cm or .43 inches diameter.

    • Magnus says:

      Hey Andrew, yes, this pen will be thicker. Not by a lot though. It will be 9.5mm instead of 9mm thick. This is very noticeable when writing. I doubt we would ever go up to 11mm …but 10mm might be a possibility.

  • Benny says:

    The click pen arrived a while ago after a long wait. I have to say I really love it. The mechanism is simple and neat. And the size is just right for me. It will be carried with me for my everyday use.

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