Titanium Pens And Knives (and a 50% OFF Deal!)

​A TON of stuff to cover today - so let's jump right in...

Titanium Utility Knife Production

​If you somehow missed out on the Titanium SlideClick™, then you can still get it here right now.

Production has been going really well for that Kickstarter project. Here are some photos of the making of the fixture plates for production:

FOUR aluminium plates machined and ready to be attached to the Kitamura CNC

Plates attached to the CNC.

This is the fixture for Operation #1 of the main body of the SlideClick™.

This is one of the fixtures for the machining of the "slider" part of the SlideClick™

Titanium "V2" Capped Pen (almost 50% OFF - be quick!)

I'll be honest here...

​​On the original version of this Titanium Pen we had issues with some of the caps becoming loose over time (this was a problem we could never quite resolve fully in production ...because it seem to happen in random fashion over a period of months of the life of the pen - but we did always replace or refund whenever a Customer contacted us).

Long story short:

​We created essentially a "V2" version of this pen by milling a groove into the tip and fitted an o-ring ...and it has been working flawlessly since.

Here's what it looks like:

​We had some of the old-style tips (without the o-ring groove) and, because we've just got the new CNC Lathe up and running, we did some quick machining on them so they could be fitted with an o-ring.

These are fresh of the machine this afternoon:

​We're just waiting for the Mont Blanc refills to arrive (yes, we provide only a high quality refill when you order!).

These Titanium Capped Pens are finished and ready to ship once the refills arrive. They should be here this week and so ​we're opening up the ability to order right now. (It's almost 50% off only right now!)

​Magnatron™ Flipper Knives ​In Production

​Made a ton of progress on the Magnatron™ Knife these last two weeks by putting in solid 15 hour days (but the CNC machine has been running up to 20 hours per day ...so it totally outperforms me! 😀 ).

​There is a chance they start shipping tomorrow (oh, and I'll show you ​what we're shipping them in a future post/video ...and you'll be like, "That's awesome - how come no one has done THAT before?!".

Here's some photos of the progress (will provide a video soon):

Part-way through milling (but still a dozen hours to go...)

After milling (the top and right scales are finished ...but the middle and left still have second operation to go)

Many, MANY hours of machining here (quite a few of them overnight on the machine while I wasn't there ...which is very exciting indeed!)

Will talk more about these pocket clips and backspacers and how they're machined in a future post/video).

Scales popped out of the frames and ready to be hand-sanded (there is a ton of hand-sanding in these ...and I'm kind of thinking I didn't charge enough for them).

I currently have a load of parts sanded and ready for tumbling and assembly.

​Quick confession:

I totally did not charge enough for the Magnatron™ Knife as I had no idea how much hand-sanding was involved in each one. I definitely don't regret it ...quite the opposite actually ...I'm super-excited that everyone (hopefully) is going to be VERY pleased with what they receive. 🙂

One last thing...

​I WILL be increasing the price of the Magnatron™ Knife once I get these pre-orders ​finished and shipped (just can't justify the current price when it takes so much machining, sanding, finishing, etc.).

So now is your absolute last chance to get your Magnatron™ for the current low price by clicking here ​RIGHT NOW.

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    Is there a way to retrofit this o-ring fix on our original pens?

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