Titanium Pill “Box”…

I made a mistake

In the email I sent out recently asking for feedback about a titanium pill box – I should perhaps not have called it a “box”.

It should have been a container or a can.

So to help you visualize (and give a “sneak peak”) here’s a 3D look at the initial concept of what I’m aiming for.

But here’s the truth:

The main concept and criteria for this “pill box” (well, pill container) has been based purely on my own needs.

Pretty selfish, huh?

But, the good news is…

I’m still working my way through the boat-load of feedback I received about what you want in a pill box.

The slightly less good news is…

I’m kinda “stuck” on my own design – because, well, it’s perfect for what I personally want. But, hey, at least I’m being honest here. 🙂

Anyway – take a look:


One of the first attempts at a cap...

One of the first attempts at a cap…


Underside of pill "box" ...it's really more of a "can" than a box!

Underside of pill “box” …it’s really more of a “can” than a box!


Ah, now that's a better-looking cap...

Ah, now that’s a better-looking cap…


As always… I welcome your comments with open arms …and an open mind! 🙂

  • Ben says:

    Looks neat. The second cap design is definitely an improvement aesthetically. What is the rough size and probably price point

  • Joe w says:

    Would be nice to see what it would look like complete but I do like the second lid you created.

  • Brad says:

    Don’t forget about the machine-ability of the part. That is the difference between Designers/engineers and Designer/Machinists – what you have there would be a nightmare to produce and there is no way you could sell that for under $100 – even then all the money will go to your machinist.

  • Don Lehew says:

    Needs to have two compartments for twice a day prescriptions.

  • John tucker says:

    Wide pill cases are easily spilled. The caps would be able to cross thread. Make it longer and a bit narrower.

  • Don Lehew says:

    2nd suggestion, it’s a bulky design, should be a flat top, with machined edges for easy opening.

    • Tommy says:

      I agree. Flat top. Maybe knurled sides on top for grip.

    • Tom Anderson says:

      I also agree… lower profile is best for pocket carry. Knurled or angled sides on top for grip. And only one compartment within. Are you visioning a 1 – 1.75″ diameter? That would be the perfect size.

  • Ian Stearns says:

    It really looks a good design, I envisioned the “box” to be more of a can anyway. I really like the layout design and especially the angular look of the top. I would still like to see a set of two or three groups in the middle of the can or towards the middle top of the main body to give it more aesthetic looks. It’s a great design I really think you should run with this one!

  • Ian Stearns says:

    My last comment, it should be two or three grooves not “groups”.

    Also I like the design and ability you have built into the top to be able to hang it but it should be a lower profile top more like your first design. That would make it the best of both worlds of being low profile yet still have that ability to hang the box if needed

  • Dawn says:

    I like the pill box. The flatter lid might be better for keeping in a handbag. My tablets are all off the shelf painkillers or varying strength. I keep them in the original blister packaging and would need it to store those in

  • William says:

    HI Magnus

    Can you make one on your 3d printer to see what it may look like??

  • klyph says:

    As I said in a private email my father uses those pop top mint containers the ones with a crow top that pops it’s a sheet metal trick but the flatness of the design is very important it must work in any pocket chest or pant. Sit in a vertical way in the pocket and not have edges that will wear the pocket out. Perhaps hexagonal or octagonal for easy opening. With some texture for added grip. And yes a dual compartment for 8/6 hour doses.

  • stevep2342 says:

    Something larger would be a good travel soap container/portable shaving bowl. This is something that would be great in Titanium and water tight.

    Something very much larger in Aluminium with two caps would be the Sentinel X on Kickstarter – very nice threads design for the screw cap – requires only a single turn to open – important for pill box and other uses.

    Agree with the comments about the cap design – knurled sides.

  • Bob Lukach says:

    I think this just might be one of your toughest endeavors Magnus. But looks like you got a good “handle” on this project (lol! ). I like the design. Just need to know the size and if you would consider compartments inside (maybe 3or 4).

  • Jon says:

    why the pill box has to be the shape that could be rolling around if we accidentally drop it ?

    pill box should be easily carry and slim profile that could store in any pocket , bag, purse.

    and water proof is the key element I think.

    a better seal mint containers are what I think for pill box.

    the Surefire SC1 Battery carry case is something similar to your concept


  • Sherman says:

    Maybe you could create two different pieces…one with a bottom and one without…this way people can either stack each separate container (for multiple doses) and others can build a taller canister with the tubing w/o bottom.

    Also, possibly have two different tops, one flat and one as you have designed with a handle/hole to hang

    Either way, sign me up!

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  • Rosemary says:

    Hello! Very nice try in design with this little pill box! I want to draw a little pill box too for my school project. I had tried to found the thickness for the box, or some information but nothing. Did you know the thickness for those little pill-boxes? thank you for your time.

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