Titanium Pill Pots (Final Prototypes)

It’s been a while since the last post

Having some time off for Christmas and New Year – oh, and on that note, Happy New Year! 😀

Let’s start 2015 off with a bang

Remember these?





Well, after an OBSCENE amount of prototyping – the final prototypes are almost ready:






There are still some more parts in the tumbling getting my “fancy pants” finish on them – but thought I’d get these out to you just now.

Comments welcome… 🙂

Oh, one more thing, these are to be launched on Kickstarter (very soon hopefully!). I’ll keep you updated.

  • Brad says:

    I think it is awesome Magnus! Don’t take this the wrong way, but that is the best thing (nicest looking) you have ever created 🙂

  • Dawn says:

    Hi Magnus, still love these but can you put something in the photos for scale?

  • Klyph says:

    I agree with Brad they look amazing. I’d like to see the grip enhancement on both parts of the body though not just the lid. Having a good purchase on only half the container could still lead to a difficult opening of the container. Though it looks like you will get some grip due to the finish.

  • Rob says:

    Nice, but I’m going to need some bigger Pill Pots.

  • Joe w says:

    Can we also get a photo of inside the pot? I’d like to gauge the size also.

    Nice one Magnus!

  • To answer most of the above questions…

    A lot more details will be coming soon as (hopefully) it will be a Kickstarter project… maybe even within a week. If I don’t get more details on the website soon – then everything will definitely be covered in the project.

    There will be two diameters: 22mm (external) and 28mm (external)

    I’m not sure what the internal diameters are yet – will get that soon.

    Now here’s an interesting thing…

    A HUGE amount of development has gone into including an o-ring on the threads. This o-ring not only makes it air/water tight… but it also makes it impossible to over-tighten.

    In other words:

    The o-ring stops you putting the lid on too tight… and so it always comes off easily (but not too easily! :-D)

    Also, the finish is fairly “grippy” – even though it’s got a nice satin-like shine to it.

    The diameters 22mm and 28mm are what I’ll be producing just now – but, hey, if the campaign goes well (and I get enough call for it)… then I can make larger or smaller pots. The “grunt” work has been done already.

    Thank you for the questions and feedback!

    I’ll try and get an ‘AA’ battery for scale soon…

    • Chimera says:

      Was going to ask about watertightness, but now I don’t have to. \o/ Depending on the height, they could make good camping/canoeing/backpacking carry-cases for things like matches that are best kept dry.

  • Klyph says:

    So question….doesn’t kickstarter have a rule in terms of use about not running a business on KS. Something about things needing to be “projects” as in having a beginning and an end. And on going business preorder in not to be done on KS. I’m just playing devils advocate because I am curious what everyone’s interpretation is. I love that titown machinists and developers have this medit availible I know you guys all need KS in its massive coin influxes for matirial purchasing and minimum orders. Looking forward to the replies I get for this one lol

    • Joe w says:

      I don’t think Magnus is running a business from it, therefore he is not breaking any TandS. Magnus had offered many new products through his website which weren’t made with kick starter and so in that sense any thing created thus far can be considered a project.

    • Yeah, I think Joe pretty much covered it above…

      I can confirm that Kickstarter pretty much works on each campaign being a “project”.

      As long as you can show the funds you are raising are for a specific project – then they seem to be fine with it.

      For what I do…

      Crowdfunding is an unbelievable platform!

      Securing that minimum all-or-nothing amount allows me to attempt projects that are otherwise too costly. It’s pretty cool… and pretty much a win:win:win (a win for Kickstarter, a win for Backers and a win for me).

  • Bob Lukach says:

    It looks great Magnus! I hope to pledge for one when your project goes live.

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