Titanium Playing Card Holder (Prototype!)

Before you frantically scroll down the page

I must tell you this is still deep in the prototype phase. It’s very far from a final product.

Truth be told:

This prototype was made well over six months ago – but it’s still the concept I want to show you today.

If you can ignore the fact it’s bulky and kinda ugly – and just take a look with an open mind… ūüôā


Titanium Playing Card Holder

Titanium Playing Card Holder

Titanium Playing Card Holder


I’ve specifically not revealed the method in which the cards are held (kinda want to keep that under-wraps since it’s a very early prototype).

But, apart from that, I will almost certainly be producing this — or something similar — over the next couple of months. Oh, and it will almost certainly be a Kickstarter project too.

I welcome any thoughts you have – especially if you’re a fan of playing cards…

  • MikeM74 says:

    I really like it! I collect playing cards and think it looks amazing! I’ll take a few.

  • brad says:

    Great idea, that will be a hit on KS.

  • klyph says:

    Yes I quite like it as well. Have some carbon fiber playing cards from kickstand et that it would work well with… The thinner the plates the better.

  • Ben Watson says:

    I like the shape, but the screws are a bit too big, I collect playing cards so would definitely be interested in one or two, they would make great display as well as useable, keep at it. You have the start of an excellent product. Again….

  • Mike Gallwey says:

    Amazing.. I too collect playing cards and would be in for a couple. I like it just the way it is.. Maybe a smaller version for business cards could be an idea.

  • Michael says:

    Is there any influence from this one the wallet?

    • Hey Michael… not really. The biggest problem (or one of the biggest) on a wallet design is that it has to hold various numbers of cards – the design is more complex (at least the way I do it).

      A card holder is easier because the cards are the same thickness every time.

  • William says:

    Brilliant Magnus, I look forward to the finished product. Keep on creating.

  • Stephen says:

    Am not a card player, but have to say oustanding! Suggestion to make it standout even more: change the design of the screws. The screws are normal looking whereas the plates are not. Changing the screws to better accent / complement the plates will make it even more dramatic.

    • Yes Steve. Spot on.

      I was hoping to make the screws (if I end up going that design route) more subtle and perhaps countersunk.

      But, if not possible, you’re right …they need have a design that matches the rest of the design.

  • e-man says:

    water jet a design into the Ti plates, Ti spacers and use your planned Ti screws…You will sell many!

    don’t forget the number of magicians and amateur card players in the world….

    do you have a stylized version of your logo for Cogent Industries? a lot of real estate on the Ti plates for design and your logo….

    • Wow, great comments! Yes, you’re right about the “real estate” space available. Would most likely need to offer something on it (engraving or machining).

      I probably need to get my logo updates – so this might be the time to do it.

  • Robert says:

    I like the industrial appearance of this Magnus. Would like to see the Cogent Industries logo laser etched on there too. Also maybe personal initials as a KS stretch goal? Great design!

  • Man, thank you for providing me with your thoughts!

    I know, when I get feedback like this, it’s usually a “winner”.

    So, thanks purely to the comments you’ve provided me with so far, I’m now giving this project a LOT more priority than it had.

    Well done and thank you!

  • Meik says:

    I like the idea in general. I share the opionions of many of the comments made before, namely:
    get your logo on the stuff you produce!
    make the screws smaller, preferrable none at all.
    make the material in general as thin as possible.

    Things that I would wish for:
    some inner layer to protect cards (as I’d consider to use it with collectible cards)
    a closed container (see above, for collectible cards/collectible card games).

    I’m gonna follow this project…


  • Joe w says:

    I like it, I use playing g cards frequently so I would take 1 at least but I’m also interested in a business card holder and I would love to see some etching on the holder, similar to that of the Viperfish???

  • George G. says:

    Clear, shatter-resistant glass or plexiglass filling the front and back centers so the cards can actually be seen when in the case with just an etched titanium border all around the edges to hold it in place. And waaaaay smaller screws – countersunk is good.

  • Matt smith says:

    Did these ever get made, i want one !!

  • gawei says:

    hi magnus are you going to make the playing card holder like the one in youtube any time soon im really interested in one

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